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Wilfried Ellmer

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Why is opening a boardroom important

sending a serious business signal

• having time stamped and written communications (type boardroom protocol) where there is clear who said what and when, in which context.

• include other media like pictures, animations, slide shows, power point presentations, which can not be handeled in e-mail, skype, messenger, whatsapp, etc…

• have a boardroom style meeting where participant lists can be handled properly

• keep everybody who is member of the development team on a consistent information level, with a manageable “need to know” base.

• get the adequate infrastructure to syncronize a project team early so that the important initial communications do not get spread over multiple communication platforms, or disappear in random e-mail baskets in the internet cloud.

• having a boardroom does not obligate you to anything (beyond the initial USD 20 investment) you don´t need to pay to keep it going, you can delete it with all its communications without leaving trace in internet .

The boardroom package of USD 20 (4 NemoToken™) includes 20 pages of private direct communication.

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• A boardroom is a resource that allows us to have private meetings in a “invited group” to move a project forward.

It is a space (open source discourse platform) where only registered and invited people have access to. It is invisible for the rest of the Internet.

Like in any boardroom you can use picture presentations audio / video / skype conference / so it is pretty much like meeting privatly in real life.

Get a boardroom now | pay over paypal me | ( Note: my paypal account is located in Europe - Austria to facilitate sending money from any country without problems.)

Always Start a Business Relation with a Lumpsum Payment ...

• Then present a LOI ( | letter of intent (LOI) | (memorandum of understanding | (MoU ) - in form of a short 50 word writing in e-mail.

• Get your boardroom ( private space ) opened and start talking details under NDA agreement (Non Disclosure Agreement) - anything else follows in “private priviledged talks in the boardroom”.

A initial “lumpsum payment” is required to show your commitment to the project and justify the installment of the boardroom infrastructure. ( lumpsum why )

• It is not really important how much your initial payment is ( USD | 5 | 50 | 500 | 5000 | are common sums) - what sum applies depends on the | LOI | MoU | that follows …

• What is important, is to go “beyond unfunded talks” with a business project as soon as possible - to differentiate a “serious project” from “worthless internet chat” - that just consumes time and produces nothing.

We assume that - down the road - when you have experienced the quality and benefit of our service, and we enter in a “strong mutually benefitial business relation” - you will gladly pay adequate sums for products and services recieved from our side. It is simply in “mutual interest” - and needs no “upfront agreement” . It is our experience that upfront agreements are hard to get as long as mutual trust is not achieved yet, and things tend to fall in place on their own when good mutual benefitial business is going on.

So for getting started no upfront investment is required - just a will to jump the “unfunded talk” barrier with a small lumpsum payment.

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