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Skype id: | mantillaexport |
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Wilfried Ellmer

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Why is opening a boardroom important

sending a serious business signal

• having time stamped and written communications (type boardroom protocol) where there is clear who said what and when, in which context.

• include other media like pictures, animations, slide shows, power point presentations, which can not be handeled in e-mail, skype, messenger, whatsapp, etc…

• have a boardroom style meeting where participant lists can be handled properly

• keep everybody who is member of the development team on a consistent information level, with a manageable “need to know” base.

• get the adequate infrastructure to syncronize a project team early so that the important initial communications do not get spread over multiple communication platforms, or disappear in random e-mail baskets in the internet cloud.

• having a boardroom does not obligate you to anything (beyond the initial USD 20 investment) you don´t need to pay to keep it going, you can delete it with all its communications without leaving trace in internet .

The boardroom package of USD 20 (4 NemoToken™) includes 20 pages of private direct communication.

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Ocean colonization is a process of populating the Earth's oceans
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International rules at sea - who implements? - who enforce them?
The economic realities and practicability shape the concept of freedom of the oceans - not legal hairsplitting - not gunboat politics
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Exploring the business of oceanic freedom
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@nautilusmaker, Wilfried Ellmer
The freedom of the oceans is in danger
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Tolerance is not lawlessness the law of the seas is about good trade and visitor treatment customs
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Lights settlement at night
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Floating cities | technology leaders | floating concrete engineering | @nautilusmaker | actually build it
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Simple Project Management
Colombia Is Latin America's Best Country To Do Business
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Mid ocean ridge mining key to human survival
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Lalizas | Colombia | Cartagena | lanzamiento | Europe | Colombia |
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König Maschinen GmbH - Graz
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Join Colombia Business Development Key Player Network | Ellmer Group
Produkttester | Suedamerika | Kolumbien | Pilotprojekt | Expat Netzwerk
Pilotprojekt Netzwerk Coaching | Lateinamerika | Kolumbien | Österreich
Netzwerke unter Expats schaffen Vertrauen | Mittelstaendische Unternehmer | Expandieren | nach Südamerika | Unterstützung
Building the ultimate yacht | Ellmer Group | submarine yacht
Red professional | business | Latin America | get connected | yook3™ | special-agency
Ellmer construction managing director | Colombia | real estate
Assistance for maintenance work on board
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Ship repair caribbean yards options
Alfons Diekmann GmbH | Lateinamerika | Kolumbien | Cartagena
Teilnehmer | Niedersachsen - Kolumbien - Cartagena
Coins and tokens of the possessions and colonies | ocean colonization | key player network
Oceanic concrete sphere habitat
International ship repair news, caribbean
Captain Nemo submarine yacht concept
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Why would you want to invest in a marina, Cartagena marine business cluster
Seasteading project setup possible ways to go
Wilfried ellmer floating island oceanic industry development key players
Colombia territorial waters caribbean, EEZ | Seasteading | Floating Cities | ocean colonization |
Pressemitteilung: Deutscher Mittelstand weltweit unterwegs
Government Invests in Ocean Technology | get invested | ocean colonization | frontier technology
Seasteading formula seasteading ingredients
Remote island wave power supply | china |
Practical approach to a small scale cellular floating honeycomb shell building site
Strategic Investing for Impact Ocean Frontier Open Private Forum Ellmer Group
What defines a Seastead - many colors many models
Investor developer relation first round 100 k
Nautilusmaker • Ellmer Group • business development
Seasteading investor centric oceanic frontier development
Ocean colonization habitat
What needs to be done to make seasteading investment worthy
Marine business cluster transshipment hub
Treasure | caribbean | salvage | business | colombia | cartagena | galeon san jose |
Investors look for disruption factor before investing
Oceanic closed loop bio fuel industry | oceanic business | New-Atlantis™ |
New fuel cell system produces grid electricity from natural gas
Cartagena Marine Business Cluster Marine Business Development Investment
San Jose Treasure | Colombia | Cartagena | Galeon | Galleon | ship | wreck |
Building the nose of the ramform a small starting point to expand from there
Rock feature GaleriaC
Alternative investor out of the box
On the fly forming of dome, vault, bubble cluster, structures
Mykonos gallery
Velella mariculture project
Floating real estate underevaluated as investment field
Billionaire Yachts | Passe | Monaco Peddles Luxury | concrete submarine yacht |
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Effectiveness of basalt fiber in concrete
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New emerging countries
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Comercio bilateral entre la Unión Europea y Colombia
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Cartagena, Shipping and Cruise Repair Port
Oceanic funding business future ocean colonization the real frontier
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Standing out in this group of Latin America's “New Tigers,” Colombia
Bored of your superyacht? Time for a submarine
Ocean next big thing to make money
Ocean colonization investment opportunities
Foothold technology marine business
Germany, Latin America and the Caribbean
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Portal Oficial de Comercio de Colombia
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Los civets una promesa economica
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Deutsche mittelstaendische Unternehmen, Kolumbien Markteintritt Mentor Expat
What defines a Seastead - many colors many models
Gute Geschäfte in Südamerika - Wirtschaft
Maschinenbau – Deutsche Lateinamerika-Informationen
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COLOMBIA – The Next Great Fishing Frontier!
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Lumpsum filter why | time management | establish yourself as "serious contact" | go from "unfunded talk" | to "funded project" early | avoid the "cheap nonsense talker" signal | put skin into the game | get started |
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Unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) from Lockheed Martin to be upgraded for countermine warfare
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Seasteading ocean colonization solving the bottleneck
Ocean colonization market for exploration systems $15.4 billion in next decade
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Building Business in Latin America Caribbean
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Naviera logistica
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Power buoy oceanic energy
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Making it totally submersible costs too much - perception error
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Colombia, líderes mundiales en iniciativas empresariales
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Hosting the oceanic discourse, ocean business development network
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Unser Netzwerk heute schon in den Märkten von morgen aufbauen, expat, manager
Globale Partnerschaft für nachhaltiges Wachsturm, Lateinamerika, Netzwerk
Ocean business expanding on an overcrowded blue planet
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Enlightenment oceanic interference freedom subdue to nobody project investment
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Visionary Concepts for Vessels and Floating Structures, Europe, European Union, European Commission
Small ramform prictures
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Luxurious submarine-superyacht hybrid
@nautilusmaker floating structures caribbean
How to do business in latin america and not die in the intent
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Concrete in the Marine Environment (Modern Concrete Technology)
Ramform yacht concrete honeycomb shell floating island
Überdurchschnittlich wachsende Märkte Lateinamerika Vertriebsaufbau resident manager
Lateinamerika netzwerk joint venture markteintritt beratung mentoring expertise
Expertise Kolumbien Lateinamerika, beratung, joint venture, partner
Ellmer group alliance ocean business network
Deep sea treasure hunting submarine | marine salvage |
Colombia territorial waters caribbean, EEZ | Seasteading | Floating Cities | ocean colonization |
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Clusters and Regional Initiatives Colombia Latin America business development
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Fit the job in budget and timeframe, ship repair, Colombia
A-team ship repair Colombia Caribbean european resident key player network
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The quest for oceanic resources
The quest for space
Trustworthy, get the job done, ship repair, Colombia caribbean
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The four quests that lead to ocean colonization
The quest for interference freedom
The quest for mobility
Cartagena proyectos acuaticos desarrollo marino inversion infraestructura
Portable solar panels industry supply Latin America
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Ramform floating island housing solution
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Emerging marine technology @nautilusmaker
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Cartagena marine development plan, cluster network
Marktanalyse Kolumbien Solarenergie Biomasse
Floating Bitcoin global headquarter
Submarine yacht ocean colonization
#SEOcolombia #LatinAmerica
Cartagena baru area videos
#LatinAmerica #BusinessMatchmakingPortal
Top ranking flying squad ship repair network caribbean
Cargo inspecion and report Cartagena
Salvors warn of an increase in major casualties, ship salvage, ship repair
Seasteading is Marine Business Development
Warping keding moving by anchor and winch
Investments colombia advisors mentors project management
Wilfried Ellmer negocios internacionales
Colombia marine cluster network
Wilfried Ellmer Market Entry • Latin America • Lateinamerika • Germany • Mittelbetriebe • get connected • get started
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Mobilis in mobili oceanic freedom
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Stationary territorial concept of seasteading in the high seas
Specialty niche seasteading
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Business facts beat UNCLOS real world examples
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Global business key players Wilfried Ellmer
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Caribbean marine business network, colombia, cartagena, management
Red empresarial Colombia Europa
Seasteading business, homestead, state
Grupo promotor inmobiliario imulead
Lürssen Delivers Azzam, the World’s Largest Megayacht
Floating casino
Colombia on site control logistics
#floatingStructuresLeadership #Caribbean, honeycomb, shell
#CartagenaColombiaShipRepair Companies marine cluster network
Leadership and management in a fast changing world
Diversity and leadership in a changing world
Necessary management mindshifts in a fast-changing world
Highly Effective Change Leaders Latin America Euroean business network
Change management in latin america
European and Latin American Conference on Business
International Perspectives on Business Development
The key to latin american growth resident expat networking
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Latin america distribution channels european business key players
Construction key player network latin america
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Ocean colonization will change architecture and construction
Key Expert in Colombia European and Latin American Business
Lugares turisticos de Cartagena de Indias • Colombia
Floating concrete building methods | heavy methods | medium methods | light methods | freeforming | advanced |
European Latin American network to promote business and market entrance
European and Latin American business services expat network mentors
Europa Lateinamerika Geschaeft Mentoren Expats
Wo gründet man am besten in Lateinamerika?
Produktplanung Strategie Lateinamerika
Markteintrittsstrategien Lateinamerika für den Mittelstand
Lateinamerika Emerging Markets Markteintrittsstrategien
Latin america oceanic research network
Marine Studies Latin American Network Information Center
Transhumanist Technologies Ocean Colonization
Interference free stem cell research R&D oceanic platforms
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MarineTraffic Research Network
Latin American Workshop on Ocean Business
Latin america business group @nautilusmaker
Captain Nemo goes online
LATAM entrance Ellmer Group strategic markets
Latin america emerging ellmer group strategic investments
Catamaran live aboard yacht
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Deutsche Botschaft Bogotá Expat Netzwerk Firmengruendung Mentor service
Reiseveranstalter und Spezialist für Kolumbien Reisen und Südamerika
Geschäftlich erfolgreich in Kolumbien Expat Netzwerk
Marktdaten Kolumbien - Marktpotenzial, Kaufkraft
Marketing Marktanalyse Studien Unternehmen Kolumbien
#LivingUnderOcean habitat development
Schiffsreparatur Karibik, deutsches netzwerk
Business hub in a protected bay Cartagena ship repair cluster
Expat manager colombia industrial business mentor
Astilleros navales en cartagena colombia
Kolumbien Aufsteiger in Amerika
#NegociosEuropaColombia #Oportunidades
European investment bank latin america infrastructure investment
Key players in Latin America
Deutsche Firmen Kolumbienforum
Cartagena Colombia tourism investment
Fusiones eventos negocios cartagena
Colombia marine investment
Oportunidades de negocios en colombia
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Emerging technology trends and networks Latin America yook3
Predictions for Technology in Latin America yook3
Colombia Represents A New Vision in South America
Emerging technology markets south america
Next big technology boom ocean colonization honeycomb shell structures
Private Equity & Venture Capital in Latin America
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Latin America's growth and new investment opportunities
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Silent Business Investor‎ Colombia emerging infrastructure
Emergent Capital Partners‎ Colombia Business Network Opportunities
Equities Market Trends‎ Colombia CIVETS resident manager
Global Emerging Markets‎ Colombia Network
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Trends to Watch and Opportunities to Catch in Latin America
South America Infrastructure Summit Events
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Consejo Asesor Internacional Colombia Marine Cluster
Inversion extranjera directa, latinoamerica, colombia
Ip-board forum services setup
Ship assistance colombia
Negocios internacionales. Estrategias globales yook3
Asesor negocios internacionales america latina
Motorradreisen Spanien • Lateinamerika • Kolumbien • Enduro • Abenteuer • Spezial-Agentur • yook3™
Monaco breakwater real estate value determinated by the surroundings
What matters is the evolutionary line not the size and nature of the starting point
Red colombiana de negocios
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Underwater Condos
Modern day Atlantis ocean frontier development
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Kolumbien Mentor Markteintritt strategische Loesungen Ellmer Group
World map latin america business key players
Russia and China Dance Across Latin America
Confident and strong latin america
What makes latin america unique
Submarine house underwater living space
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Latin American Forum to boost business opportunities
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Underwater Facilities You Could Actually Live In
Underwater living quarters ocean sphere
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Design and implement projects to individual recipients
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Latin America | Europe | business facilitation | key player network
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Medical and Regulatory Affairs for Latin America Ellmer Group
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Para Reinventar el Mundo debes Tomar una Buena Decisión
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The World's Most Extravagant Submarine Private Yacht
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Latin America's Breakthrough Year Emerging Economy
Free trade zones directory America Latina Colombia
Concrete submarine
Entrepreneurship and commerce in Latin America
Comisión Económica para América Latina Colombia
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Making the most of our relations with Latin America
Venture Capital Private Equity in Latin America Colombia Opportunities
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Unternehmer des jahres suedamerika gruendung
Kapitalsuche - Angel Investment Netz Kolumbien Markteintritt
Deutsche Gruender Projekte in Kolumbien
Maritime Repair Services Caribbean Worldwide Networks
Caribbean trading ship repair supply outfit Colombia
Unternehmensgruendung kolumbien suedamerika netzwerk
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Geschäftstätigkeit, Organisation und Standorte, Lateinamerika
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Get a project development boardroom with @nautilusmaker
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Freight ship repair Caribbean Cartagena German
Mulberry harbour floating harbor installation
Portal network business support cartagena colombia project setup
Unser netzwerk erweitert ihre marktpraesenz nach suedamerika
Erweitern Sie Ihr Netzwerk und gewinnen Sie neue Impulse
Strategie globale Marktpräsenz gezielt auszubauen Kolumbien
Cartagena business development board room setup services
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Latin America business leadership boardroom
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Rise of Social Networking in Latin America
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Latin American economies, dominant business groups
Latin america forum meeting room market entrance mentoring expat network
How to treat your investors when you have one | business culture | Ellmer Group | Oceanic Business Alliance |
Wilfried Ellmer seasteading network | oceanic business alliance
Fuß in der tür in suedamerika deutscher expat in Kolumbien freelance advice internet board rooms
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Industrial development, emerging economies, Latin America, key player network
Cartagena de Indias Colombia Travel
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Port Investment and Container Shipping Markets Caribbean Network
Chinese Engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean Key player Network
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Business Key Latin American Network Information Center
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Ist ein markteintritt in suedamerika fuer einen deutschen mittelstaendler teuer
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Barranquilla, Cartagena de Indias y Santa Marta red industrial
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Cartagena uno de los principales polos de desarrollo industrial del país
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Erarbeitung und Umsetzung einer langfristigen Marketing und Vertriebsstrategie für Südamerika
Markteintritt in Südamerika ein wichtiges Ziel
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Projektleiter für den Markteintritt in Südamerika
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Markteintritt in Südamerika - pressrelations - get a boardroom
Ab kommenden Jahr erstmalig auch auf dem südamerikanischen Markt vertreten sein
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Poor man's floating island
@nautilusmaker | key player network | Ellmer Group | oceanic business alliance |
Russian billionaire yacht submarine | submarine yacht | Ellmer Group
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Wir helfen deutschen firmen in suedamerika
Warum viele deutsche Firmen derzeit nach Südamerika blicken
Wir unterstützen Sie dabei, neue Märkte in Suedamerika zu entdecken
Wachstums-Champion Südamerikas Kolumbien Markteintritt
Unternehmen gründen in Kolumbien
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Ellmer group | ocean colonization | open for equity investment partners
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Ocean colonization business network luxury submarine yacht
Sea vs. space: Which is the real final frontier - ocean colonization
Cartagena Colombia Cartagena Caribe Alliance Network Contact
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Sitio Oficial
Información General de Colombia, Negocios, Redes, Conexiones
Colombia facts business networking resident manager ellmer group
Setting up your Business in Colombia Issues to consider
Doing business in Colombia: Colombia trade and export advisor mentor ellmer group
Advisors and professional consultants regarding investment in Colombia
Companies and subsidiaries - business groups - colombia, key players
Colombia investment advisory expertise resident expat network
Handelsabkommen mit kolumbien
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Ship Repair en Colombia, encuentre todo lo que necesite de Ship Repair
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World Leading Marine Marketplace Ship Repair Cartagena Colombia Key Player Network
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Alliance, marine business group, caribbean cluster, key players, projects
Submarine Yacht Design, engineering, building of exclusive private submersible superyachts
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Valiant jetti ship repair floating concrete honeycomb structure
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Links to shipyards and other companies that provide shipyard services
Find the latest news, analysis reports and Fidelity insights on specific sectors or industries
Neptune palace private submarine superyacht
Submarine superyachts are a Bond villain's dream
Luxury Yacht Charter & Superyacht News
Leadership: Corporate Management - Latin America business mentoring - Expats
Astillero Líder en Soluciones Integrales Colombia Marine Cluster Ellmer Group
The International Corporate 1000 - Latin America Europe
Supplying the Die Cast Industry with Custom Trim Presses
Leading source for reliable news and updated analysis on Business
Acquire the knowledge, products, and services you need to run and grow your business
Ocean Colony Beach & Tennis Club
Ocean Colony Condominiums for Sale and Rent
Ocean colony realty
Free international lifestyle facilitated by a mobile ocean colony
Hacemos de la Tecnología su mejor aliado de negocio
Naval Architecture and Yacht Design
Great Ocean Road Real Estate and accommodation
Create and set up your project plan - Latin America opening
Latin America we facilitate international business by connecting decision makers
Marine and Industrial Complex - Caribbean Cluster
Caribbean Marine Complex: Marine Engineering, Marine supply, repair, network
Fostering international industrial logistics complex
Logistica empresarial, recursos, cartagena colombia, key player network
Activities related to your business overseas
Shipyard Industrial Complex - Colombia Marine Cluster
Steps towards a Colombian Maritime Industrial Complex
Integrated industrial facility for marine and industrial key players
Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay
Europe - Colombia High-Level Partnership Dialogue
Comprehensive business management, Global Strategy - Latin America
Unternehmen für Markteinstieg in südamerikanische CAN-Märkte
The New Rules of Customer Engagement
Kolumbien Zukunftsmarkt für deutsche Bergbauprodukte
European bilateral relations with Colombia
Specialist tourism Colombia Cartagena network
Catamaran dome combination
Cartagena muelles flotantes concreto
Peter Thiel - The Education of a Libertarian
Key technology founder investment ocean colonization ellmer group
Submarine yacht boat
Mining Motors Long Term Service Global Contact Finder Marine Propulsion
Geschäftsideen der Zukunft - Lateinamerika - Kolumbien
Industry International, Oil & Gas, Power Conversion, Energy
Industries are strategic and results-driven - Latin America - Europe
Market Strategies International - Latin America - analysis, entrance, mentoring, leadership
Identifying the Drivers of Industrial Clusters
Why We Can't Solve Big Problems
Investors & Startups Speed Dating
Ocean colonization alliance disruptive technology founder investment
Pivot - A course correction for startups based on findings in user testing and analysis
Disrupt/disruptive - product or technology that will change its marketplace
Nondisclosure agreement (NDA)
Seed Round or Seed Stage
Industry Cluster Analysis: Inspiring a Common Strategy for Latin America
Incubator - Startup incubators are groups that support chosen entrepreneurs and/or their businesses with mentorship and funding
Valuation (pre-money valuation, post-money valuation)
Venture capitalist (VC)
Vesting - The schedule under which founders and employees must remain in the company before receiving their full share of the equity
Understanding Cluster Analysis - Latin America
Cluster analysis methods in data mining
Latin American Design and Architecture
Who's Who in Latin America - Ellmer Group - Yacht services VIP
Engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs - marine network
Should the ocean be colonized - Debate - Last Resource
Marine Surveying Diploma - Lloyds, ABS, GL
PANAMA Cruising Guide - Colombia
Ocean city ocean colonization - business alliance real estate
Why haven't we colonized the oceans - oceanic business disruptive tech
Mobile Micronations: Floating Utopia & Ocean City Projects
Forum provided learning and networking ... tools and solutions for concrete manufacturing, design and construction
Innovation in Concrete Structures: Design and Construction
Concrete Technology - Portland Cement Association
Primary consideration in the selection of a floating dock system
A pier that floats on top of the water, with guide piles driven as needed to maintain its location