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• Today there are 7.500.000.000 humans on the planet.

• Among those are at least 1.000.000 who are completly nuts have a internet connection and a lot of time to waste - these are people i do no have time to communicate with and pay attention to…

• Internet connects me to all of them - that is a logistics problem - because if i even dedicate a minute to each unfundend call or talk intent - i waste all my personal time with that. Time is money and therefore a value asset a business owner needs to protect.

• This situation calls for a filter mechanism. My filter mechanism is the “lump-sum payment barrier” - i do not take any call or contact intent, seriously, before it is connected to a lumpsum payment which is a “clear indicator of seriousness” of the connecting party. It is a quest for process efficiency after all.

It is about "sending the right signal"

• Some People invest USD 5 and therefore send a “serious talk” signal. They have my ear for further conversation.

• Others don´t invest USD 5 and send a “cheap nonsense talker” signal by default - i don´t bother to pay much attention to them.

Invite me to a business lunch

See it that way: (invite me to a business lunch to send the right signal)

• If you want a serious business conversation you need to invest in a “business lunch” to have it. (it is about sending a serious business signal)

• Intercepting someone on the street (or in internet) and start a “endless talk” expecting attention is not a suitable way to start a business cooperation. (it is sending a cheap nonsense talker signal)

• a lumpsum over paypal or bitcoin is the social equivalent of a business lunch invitation…who wants to avoid this “upfront cost” - is sending a “cheap nonsense talker signal” by default.

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Average cost of a business lunch in the United States is USD 11

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The time logistics management dilemma in the era of internet…

Everybody is connected to anybody - filter mechanisms need to be installed to keep forward momentum and avoid to be drawn into "endless talk with everybody about nothing "…

If i would not find a way to block meaningless contacts and conversations with hundreds of “lunipit inmates” who try to contact, i would get crazy myself.

As a management oriented person, key player in an extensive network, - i need to filter. The best and simplest way to filter is to put a small charge on “extensive conversations” those who are only interested in “unfunded talks” eliminate themselfs from the contact list - automaticly - leaving me with the contacts who have “serious business interests” - which are the contacts i am interested in… this is what my “lump-sum filter” is all about…

If somebody is “not willing” to give me a lump-sum feedback he is automaticly giving me a “cheap nonsense talker feedback” in any case i get a clear indication how to proceed and minimize timewaste.
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