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To comply with US rules

We are not allowed to issue a token which holds “the promise of financial gain” to “the public” therefore the first single token you buy is your MEMBERSHIP TOKEN it is not subject to value increase so it can can not be expected to hold financial gain - it only makes you a club member.

All further tokens you buy DO hold the promise of gain (10% per year) - this way we do not offer "tokens with promise of gain to the public" - we only offer them to our club members.

:large_blue_circle: Golden Rule to forment investor confidence.

What ever decision is taken about the NemoToken™ by the board, it is ruled out by the club constitution, that token owners and founders are treated differently - all founders and token owners have to “sit in the same boat” and need to have “the same amount of skin in the game” - ALWAYS

🔵 Token Owner Representation

The board of token owners represents the interest of all token owners in the group - the board steers the operation to guarantee the 10% per annum token yield target.

These rules assure that our token owners have a long term high yield investment in their hands.

The token option is mostly used by two different kinds of investors.

• The small scale investor who only wants to be a "member of the oceanic business alliance club - and stay tuned and informed about the recent developments, have access to non public info sources, but does not want to be engaged beyond the USD 5 range with our projects.

• The non specific investor who is interested in spreading his investments among all our operations and get his capital yield of 10% + without specific agendas beyond that.


The NemoToken™

represents a spread investment in all our activities, and it holds the 10% yield promise backbone of our operation.

:large_blue_circle: colored tokens™ represent investment into a specific project or a specific project group with conditions that can be negociated and set apart from the classic NemoToken™ . We see those projects as corporations that are a spin off and pursue different objectives under different rulings.

The color code of the classic NemoToken™ is | gtr756pol865 |

The example of the San Jose treasure hunt token shows the principle of a colored token that has a different token agreement - it is a very specific project token | its color code is | lkm253rgh956 |

:large_blue_circle: Nemo Token as loan investment | For our group the NemoToken™ works like a micro loan investment.

The token owners give us USD 5 with the promise from our side to pay the loan back on a 10% annum interest base. Means if they buy a NemoToken™ (USD 5) today and hold it for 10 years we give them USD 10 back.
A 10% per year yield is more than most investors make with their investments.
The token owner can liquidate his tokens at any time. (only big investors who hold more than 3% of the total token pool are restricted to liquidate in a lightnig fast way, that can disrupt our business - they are offered a smooth liquidation over a certain time period by the board)
So if you would invest 1 million in NemoToken™ now, you can double your capital to 2 million in only 10 years - this is by far more than the normal financial markets offer.

We can offer interest rates exceeding the financial markets because we have a business model that produces value very fast - and constantly - we build real estate where there was non (on the water surface - in high real estate value areas - in sight of the city center . | read more | to keep our 10% per annum promise to our token owners we only need to realize 10% of the total business potential (USD1 in USD 102 return) that our business model holds. I am VERY confident that we can do that. If you look in depht it is a very moderate stake - almost a fool prove goal .

For us it makes better sense to take the capital from a pool of micro investors as we do not need to deal with lawyer texts and loan agreements, banks, and financial institutions, - tokens come as a simple straight forward agreement - you can read and understand without a lawyer.

What we want is, that EVERYBODY with any degree of budget, and confidence in our work, can participate in our exciting venture. Starting with USD 5 - and scaling up unlimited over time. If it is a few dollars or millions - in any case it is a excellent investment making the world a better place at the same time.

What value is captured by the NemoToken™ ?

ICO token | Ethereum | offering

Investors with a “specific agenda” like building a submarine yacht or a floating real estate development are better served with direct contact and the opening of a boardroom for developing a specific project.

  1. Membership
    Buying a (single) token you start to be part of our group (club) | it gives you the privilege to join our communication platforms | “ocean” | “seasteading” | “ocean colonization” | (and a dozend more) as a “club member” with priviledged access to topics that are hidden for the non members. It also grants access to discussions and insight forums the public has no acess to.

Details about membership levels

  1. Value
    A token represents a real estate value in square meters of floating structure (owning a square meter) in the measure our operation keeps to crank out floating real estate squaremeters

  1. Ownership
    Ownership percentage of the club assets - the club assets are not only the real estate squaremeters (and their intrinsic value increase) but also restaurants, marinas and their operation that come from these real estate. The token ownership in a future will also give “priviledge access” to that kind of real estate. (Vacation and timeshare packages for members only…)


  1. Investment and dividend
    Return on investment ( potential - factor 100 ) | nemo tokens yield - excellent investment - | 10% yield per year | duplication of capital in 10 years | Compare S&P 500 yield 2,09%

  1. Access
    To non public forums (club members only) - like any club we have info online that is for club members only. Owning one of our tokens gives you access to the spaces where you can contact our experts get their advise, we hear your proposals and communicate what we plan to do in a near future

Club Ticket | submarine tour |

  1. Seat in the boardroom
    limited - board of experts - owners of big percentages - golden token - for club members with a signifficant investment in our venture.

  1. Get invested
    Fields of ocean colonization that a investment in our tokens will get you invested in

  1. Weight in
    Use tokens to weight in on decision making. The more tokens you own, the more weight you have in our decision and management process.

  1. Ownership apart

Split the ownership of your floating house completly apart - own a floating platform in the bay of Cartagena - you buy the tokens - we build it for you. Many models many options. Get pictures and reports of the construction process on a dayly base over internet.

get started (with a set apart project) at USD 50 K - build at a general cost level of USD 200 per square meter… the tokens you purchase the squaremeter we build and document over internet.

floating house on “ownership apart base” get started with USD 50K (delivers 250 squaremeter floating house) escrow plan, tip your toe in start, dayly building site control in pictures.

go to token botton

ICO | initial coin offer | Oceanic-Business-Alliance™ |

In general our tokens are designed as a “crowd funding style micro investment” that allows you to express support to our operations and at the same time be part of our business success.

The token solution allows Wilfried Ellmer to run the company aligned with the company values and goals without risking hostile takeovers and interference by investors.

Therefore the token solution is a way to suit both the founder and the investors and integrate interests in harmony.

context: | Token List | all tokens | all token agreements |

Background Token Economics - What is a Token?

What value is captured by the NemoToken™

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Market Revolution in Latin America: Beyond
Vintage design | Marcela Mancilla | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
Vintage Design Network | Creative Market | Marcela Mancilla
#SolucionesNauticas #DelCaribeCom, soluciones, yates, servicios
Dimensions of Organizational Behavior | Latin America
Latin American region with special focus on Alianza Pacífico countries
Floating event design | Cartagena Colombia | marine platform
Intercultural Business Challenges in Latin America
Large companies of Latin America have become increasingly international
Business, Latin America business, development, network, manager, expat
Featuring the most important people in the design world | Marcela Mancilla | Cartagena Colombia
Cartagena | industry | leadership | market entry |
Facilitation in business, organizational development | Latin America
Latin America news, business analysis, commentary, long-form features, polling
Market entry strategy framework | Colombia
International Centre for Co-operative Inquiry | Latin America
Business Facilitation Service | latin america business development
Business facilitation services | business facilitation | Latin America
Foreign Market Entry Modes | Latin America | business facilitation
The Role of Facilitation in Business Communication
Services facilitating international trade
Agency for companies, organisations and entrepreneurs | Latin America
Colombia and Peru are more liberal, and open for business | Latin America
Gruas para Cartagena | Contecar | business development | key player network
Data, news, analysis and events to identify job opportunities, projects, companies
Fact Sheet: Latin America | business facilitation | Latin America
Colombia | fertile source of business opportunities | business facilitation | Latin America
Ocean colonization highrise building skyscrapper floating platform
Underwater observatory window glass bottom boat
Strategies and programs for Latin America | Colombia | Europe
Eventos | Marcela Mancilla | Diseñadora | Cartagena |
Matrimonio en Cartagena | Marcela Mancilla | Diseñadora | Cartagena |
Frontier Markets Latin America and Caribbean | key player network | Ellmer Group
Where Cultures Meet: Frontiers in Latin America
Si esta pensando en casarse, cartagena
Ellmer Group | business facilitation | Latin America | leading information and advisory services
Frontier development | ocean colonization | business frontier | Ellmer Group | Latin America
Celebrar tu boda en Cartagena | Marcela Mancilla | Diseñadora | Cartagena |
Frontier markets news and analysis from the Wall Street
Successful Market Economies in Latin America. Latin America As an overall market
Hotel Spa Cartagena frente a las playas del Caribe | Marcela Mancilla | Diseñadora | Cartagena |
Gründe die für Kolumbien sprechen - Immobilien | Ellmer Group | Kolumbien Markteintritt
Realizamos eventos, ceremonias frente al mejor atardecer | Marcela Mancilla | Diseñadora | Cartagena |
Toda la oferta de Bodas Cartagena | Marcela Mancilla | Diseñadora | Cartagena |
Floating Google server center outside jurisdiction and interference of anybody
Plataforma especializada en Matrimonio en Cartagena
Bodas, Matrimonios en Cartagena de Indias
Matrimonio en Cartagena de Indias, paquete
Boda en Cartagena, matrimonio y evento | Marcela Mancilla | Diseñadora | Cartagena |
Conserving the Blue Economy | business development network
Maritime business development caribbean colombia marine cluster
Gestores y Facilitadores | ship repair | Cartagena Colombia
Drifting in ocean currents moving from continent to continent
Colombia cartagena marina yacht club development
Colombia manager, international business development, Europa
Dog Beds Colombia
Business research and facilitation services | Ellmer Group | Cartagena
Seeking to invest and settle in the city. Cartagena | Ellmer Group
Underwater habitats secured to the ocean floor, or in an intermediate position
Growth in the travel and tourism industry expected to increase | Latin America
Negotiating the Free Trade Area of the Americas | Ellmer Group | business facilitation | Latin America
Juegos de mascotas
The Caribbean, destination of excellence | business development | tourism network
Customs-Related Business Facilitation Measures | business facilitation | Latin America
Beyond Conventional Wisdom in Development Policy
Information | travel, accommodation | travel companies | maps | Colombia
Commission on Enterprise, Business Facilitation and Development
Wer ist schon auf dem Markt in Suedamerika und kann mich beraten
Housing space mass fabrication island
Latin American and Caribbean Trade Agreements | Latin America
Principales paises de latinoamerica | Colombia
Business Facilitation | Ministerial Declaration of Cartagena | Ellmer Group
Series of business facilitation measures were approved | Cartagena Colombia
Technology | Transhumanism | Silicon Valley |
Trade Facilitation as an element of competitiveness | Latin America
Independent business organizations business facilitation | Latin America
Organización bodas Cartagena. Plataforma especializada en Organización bodas en Cartagena
Sculpture network
E-Commerce Environment and Trade Promotion | Latin America
Colombia business development key player network, wilfried ellmer
E-finance for Business Facilitation | Latin America
Arreglos florales modernos | Colombia
Astilleros Cartagena Colombia ship repair network
The value of seasteading is to provide a blank sheet for creative people
Latin America: Addressing High Logistics Costs
New Frontiers in Asia-Latin America Integration
The quest for interference freedom, the quest for mobility, the quest for resources, the quest for space on the planet,
Entrepreneur & Business Facilitator profiles | Ellmer Group
Google floating server center
Arquitectura flotante | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
C-shell floating house design for protected bays
Trade Facilitation and Logistics in Latin America
Offering services around oceangoing vessels, import | Latin America | business facilitation |
Honeycomb | Dome Home | Crowdfunding | floating structures | dome cluster | ocean colonization | key player network
Vintage Market And Design Furniture Paint & Decorative Finish Products | Marcela Mancilla
Ship repair, shipbuilding, ship conversions, rig building | Cartagena Colombia | business facilitation | Latin America
Ocean colonization technology | dome houses | floating infrastructure
Asociación | Colombia | Red de Diseño | Marcela Mancilla | mykonos | GaleriaC
Floating Dome Cluster | Plan | ocean colonization
Mykonos design | Marcela Mancilla | Productos | Colombia
Buy dog products from Pets at Home
Submarine yacht price similar to surface yachts
Repair and maintenance, modifications | business facilitation | Latin America | Cartagena Colombia
Economic Co-operation among Latin American and Caribbean | ship repair | business facilitation | Latin America
Global Competition in Shipbuilding: Trends | ship repair | business facilitation | Latin America
What does a facilitator do? | Data and Process Advantage
Marine | things relating to the sea | marine biology | marine ecology | marine geology | marine key player network
Production, transportation of ship construction, ship maintenance and repair
Decoracion de cajas decoradas para regalos | Colombia
Container ship oceanic trade
The logical location for a maintenance and repair centre for fleets | Cartagena Colombia
What Is a Facilitator in a Business? - Definition & Role
Suministros de Servicio, Consiga información sobre nuevos productos canastas
Business facilitators work in business, and other formal organisations
Business correspondent / Facilitator
See more about Latin America, Cartagena Colombia and Vintage Textiles
Worldwide ship repair key player network caribbean
Executive Coaching & Mentoring for ambitious business people
Trade - Inter-American Development Bank
Engineering & construction services and solutions, Latin America, Colombia, Ellmer Group
Training sessions, networking opportunities, and business matchmaking
Real estate cartagena colombia
International Business Facilitator | Colombia | Latin America | Ellmer Group
Latin America, particularly in the areas of trade facilitation, production networks
Latin American companies and political risk | business facilitation | Latin America
Trade promotion organisations | business facilitation | Latin America
Business | significance of frontiers | thesis | ocean colonization | Ellmer Group
Human presence in the ocean • oceanic business alliance
Corporate Relations Director, Latin America and Caribbean
Sectors to thrive and businesses to expand their transactions network
Tu boda en Cartagena Colombia, wedding planning cartagena
Cajas decoradas para bebe
Customer Experience Managment Project | Ellmer Group
Private Equity Latin America Forum | Colombia emerging economy
Business Writing | Structure Your Proposal | Latin America business development network
Cases and projects on management and economic issues in Latin America
Captain nemo feasible, personal submarine yacht, mobilis in mobili
South American Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference
Research: Industry Research & Data | Emerging
Capital Flow in Emerging Economies | Colombia emerging economy | Latin America
CIVETS business club | business facilitation | Latin America
Potentially a key player for a new phase of development in the region | Colombia
Colombia is a rising star in the Latin American economy
Colombia recognized as one of the top achievers in Latin America
Ship repair services | business facilitation | Latin America
New growth frontiers opening up in Latin America
Strategic Alliances and Process Redesign | Latin America | business development
Association of american chambers of commerce in latin america
Dokumentation über die landschaftlichen und kulturellen Schönheiten Kolumbiens
Kolumbien liegt im Nordwesten Südamerikas
Kolumbien - Auswärtiges Amt | business facilitation | Latin America
Informationen zu Kolumbien, Kolumbien-Reisen und Urlaub in Kolumbien business facilitation | Latin America
Port investment container shipping logistics strategic support Cartagena Colombia
Ramform floating island ocean colonization
Yacht pictures caribbean
Der Open Source Reiseführer für Kolumbien mit aktuellen Informationen und Tipps über Hotels, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Gastronomie, das Nachtleben und mehr
Latin America: A business opportunity | Colombia Rising
Events Management: An International Approach | European Network |
Wirtschaftsdaten kompakt: Kolumbien | business facilitation | Latin America
Digital product placement Colombia
Thiel Hayek Award
Das Wirtschaftswachstum in Kolumbien bleibt auf hohem Niveau
Latin America: The Next Great Offshore Frontier
Entscheidung über den Markteintritt das Stärken-Schwächen-Profil | Kolumbien
Freight ship companies | freight_ship_companies
Cartagena yacht video
Chemische Industrie Kolumbien Markteintritt
The Ocean's Biggest Shipping Companies
Advance the study of oceanography, marine biology and life-saving technology | ocean colonization | Ellmer Group
Bauwirtschaft Kolumbien Markteintritt
Manufacturer of underwater communications systems for sport divers, military diving, and the movie industry
Nahrungs- und Genussmittel, allgemein business facilitation | Latin America
Infrastrukturprojekte bieten interessante Geschäftschancen für deutsche Unternehmen
Oceans - Natural Resources Council
Cartagena de Indias posee muchos lugares interesantes
Bauwirtschaft und Konsum | Wachstum | Kolumbien
Kolumbien bleibt eines der dynamischsten Länder Lateinamerikas
Things to Do in Ocean City | ocean colonization
Seasteading Business | Investor Context | Exploring Opportunity | Challenge ocean frontier
Astilleros en colombia | business facilitation | project management | Ellmer Group
Seasteading | ocean colonization | opening humanities next frontier
Astilleros en colombia | business facilitation | project management | Ellmer Group
Dedicada a organizar las mejores bodas y eventos de todo tipo en Cartagena
Companies active in Shipbuilding and repair | Cartagena Colombia | ship repair
Strengthened network in Latin America | Ellmer Group | key player
Bergbau / Rohstoffe Kolumbien Markteintritt Ellmer Group
Medizintechnik Markteintritt Kolumbien | business facilitation | Latin America
Caribbean Yacht Web Portal | Caribbean | Cartagena Colombia
Autonomy for a seastead different types of autonomy dose of autonomy
Latin America marine business alliance
Marine networking | oceanic business alliance
Microsoft underwater oceanic data center
Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Kolumbien Markteintritt
Mercados orgánicos a domicilio en Colombia
Colombia: anchetas y regalos, canasta de mimbre para picnic, canastas
Colombia's best designers on show in Bogota's fashion
Majors & Programs - Fashion Studies
Latino Fashion Designers
Galeria | cajas | decoradas | colombia
Colombia Fashion Week highlights
Colombian talent in New York Fashion Week
Business Review America Latina
Colombia has been a touchstone of what good design and enlightened politics can do for cities
For all those involved in fashion, whether by trade or as an enthusiast
Colombia - design agencies and freelances
GaleriaC | cajas decorativas | vintage | Colombia |
Fabricamos Cajas | Recordatorios Personalizados | Bodas | Eventos | VIP
Fabricamos Cajas para Recordatorios Personalizados en Colombia
Colombia | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation
Art. Design Uniformes en Medellín, Colombia
Cajas para Recordatorios Personalizados | Fabricamos | Colombia | eventos Corporativos
Culture Art & Design Bogotá Modern
German Colombian business facilitation key player network | Ellmer Group
selección de cajas decoradas | Colombia | fabricamos | Marcela Mancilla
Transformadores siemens colombia
Scientists test underwater Wi-Fi network
Colombia's contemporary art scene
Best Colombian Artists and Where to Find Them
Strategic Business Development connections -> ocean colonization technology
Fiestas | Fabricamos Cajas | Recordatorios Personalizados | Colombia
Cajas decoradas decoupage | Colombia | Caribbean | Cartagena Colombia
Colombian visual arts and design
Cajas decoradas para regalos | Colombia |
Ship repair handling | cartagena repair network | german management
Leading Marine Marketplace | Latin America | Cartagena Marine Cluster
Juego Caja Decorada | joyería | arte floral | mercería | decoración
Cajas decoradas para regalos baby shower
Cajas decoradas para regalos fiestas infantiles | Colombia
Imagenes de cajas decoradas para regalos
Boat manufacturers | Caribbean | Cartagena Colombia | manager network | marine cluster
Wilfried Ellmer deutsche manager in Kolumbien
The Best Events in Cartagena
Cajas para meter regalos decoradas | Colombia | VIP
Folk Art home decor wall decor Vintage Cartagena | Marcela Mancilla
What's Happening in Cartagena, Colombia | VIP Events
Cartagena Guides | How To Rent A Yacht
DogStyle picture
Dedicated to ship repair and its constant evolution | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Sailing in Cartagena | Colombia Travel
Lining the ancient walls of Cartagena, Colombia | vintage | Designer Marcela Mancilla
Marcela mancilla
Zwischen Deutschland und Kolumbien bestehen seit langem freundschaftliche und zunehmend enge Beziehungen
Ländervergleich Kolumbien : Deutschland
Deutsche Konzerne investieren und kaufen in Kolumbien
Latinindustry.biz ermöglicht kolumbianischen Unternehmen sich mit Betrieben aus Deutschland zu vernetzen
Interkulturell kompetente Geschäftskorrespondenz
Wenn Ihr Unternehmen deutsche Unternehmen kontaktieren möchte
Kolumbiens Aufbruch | Wachstum stabil | verstärkt Anfragen deutscher Unternehmen | rohstoff Kolumbien
Cartagena marine network
Beziehungen Kolumbien Deutschland | seit langem freundschaftlich |
Dedicated to ship repair and its constant evolution | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Submarine yachts wilfried ellmer caribbean alliance construction
Deutsche | Bogotá | Wirtschaft |
Ocean sphere technology leadership wilfried ellmer caribbean
Marine construction engineering project support caribbean key player
Oceanic habitat, concrete shell honeycomb structures
Marina real estate caribbean cartagena
Der Wirtschaftsstandort Kolumbien | Chance | deutsche Unternehmen
Akkulturation, Führungsstil, Gruppenerfolg | Die Lateinamerikapräsenz deutscher Unternehmen
Cartagena marine business cluster, afloat repair, marina development, maritime industry
Deutsche Immobilieninvestitionen in Lateinamerika | ‎Business & Economics
Kolumbien | Geschäftsführer Kolumbien | Zugang zu Pazifik und Atlantik |
Cartagena de Indias in Kolumbien | Deutsch | Ellmer Group
Offshore Companies in More Depth
Markterschließung Kolumbien LATAM | Neue Geschäftschancen |
Tourism key player network | The Guide to Cartagena: Cartagena Info - Portal
Leben und Arbeiten in Kolumbien | Archives | Expat News |
Marine business and commerce, caribbean, management
Transhumanism ocean colonization marine business cluster oceanic future
Submarine yacht technology ocean business development
Oceanic business caribbean key player network asset investment
Major disruptive technology gains - Ocean Colonization Founders investment
Infrastructure investment Colombia Cartagena
Oceanic business alliance submarine robotics mining and salvage
Unternehmerreise | Kolumbien | Wirtschaftliche Potenziale für deutsche Unternehmen
Das Handelsabkommen birgt große Chancen | Deutschland Kolumbien |
Mentor, counselor, european, resident manager, business opening colombia
Exportmärkte | Neue Perspektiven für Mittelstand | markt und mittelstand |
Markteintritt in Lateinamerika | markteintritt-in-lateinamerika
Markteintritt Lateinamerika Archives
Business in | kolumbien | Lateinamerika Archives
Internationales Management in Lateinamerika | Besonderheiten
Mission Vision | Intercultural Business | Lateinamerika
Strategie, Markteintritt & Wachstum | strategie-markteintritt
Erfolg vorbereiten | Professionals
Interkulturelles Management & Markteintritt | Kolumbien
Mega Yacht Submarine Design, leadership, prototypes tested
Hottest Startups In South America | Business Insider
South American Business Forum | Colombia
Convention & Tourism
Growing start-up cities in South America | Cartagena
Nautilus oceanic discourse business alliance network maker hosting
Latin America's Business News, Information | business intelligence tool
Wilfried ellmer yacht network caribbean
The best countries to invest in South America | Colombia
Colombia emerging | Most Innovative Companies in South America
Emerging business trends ocean colonization technology
South America | The Economist | south-america | Business & finance |
Startups Surge In South America
Private equity south america | angel investor south america
Overall market | Latin America Business Opportunities
Submarine yachting, luxury, oceanic alliance, business headquarters
The complex maritime environment demands solutions
Sustainable Business | Golden Opportunity for Latin America
Latin America - Regional Outlook - Intensifying Asset Allocation in Emerging Markets
Colombia meets the criteria of an emerging market economy
Latin America Monitor | analysis, risk appraisals, latest market data and forecasts for Latin America / Colombia
Key ready floating homes caribbean 50K seasteading
Forget BRICS, here are the new 7 best emerging markets | Colombia
Kolumbien Netzwerk | Wirtschaftstrends Kolumbien - Germany Trade
Logistik im Kontext des ausländischen Markteintritts
Business facilitator | Latin America Wirtschaftsdaten | Kolumbien
Ocean Resources | Marine Conservation Program
Deep sea colonization habitat tubular structures - torus, sphere, base
The Innovation Biosphere | Planet and Brains in the Digital Era | ‎Technology & Engineering
Floating island concrete honeycomb shell building
Earth Science Made Simple | Ocean Colonization
Products & Services · Freight Forwarding · Supply Chain Solutions
Maritime Magazin | Information Source
Provide oceanographic surveys, environmental & geoscience surveys
Complete Environmental Solutions
Oceanic portal network alliance marine cluster development caribbean
Instrumentation For Oceanography Companies
Oceanographic Companies and Suppliers for Monitoring
Kolumbien – Chancen für den Mittelstand - Unternehmer
Netzwerk Mittelstand — Deutscher Industrie | Lateinamerika | Kolumbien
Efforts Underway to Colonize the Sea | big five of ocean colonization, transport, energy, aquaculture, mining, real estate
Industrie- und Handelskammer | Köln | Netzwerk Mittelstand | Lateinamerika
Colombia | Doing Business | Regional Profile | Latin America
Bunker service, cartagena colombia, marine cluster, ship repair and service network
Colombia magia salvaje | tourism | business development | key player network
Kolumbien entdecken: Kolumbien- Experten
Ocean Business Development Authority
Ocean Careers - Ocean Business
San Jose Treasure | Colombia | Cartagena | Galeon | Galleon | ship | wreck |
New developments in precise offshore positioning
Frontier Development | Doing Business | Fact Sheet: Latin America and the Caribbean
Doing Business Fact Sheet: Latin America | Colombia made the greatest progress in improving
Regional Profile | Latin America and the Caribbean | Colombia made starting a business easier
Assessing Colombia's Distribution Landscape | Ellmer Group
Strategy and Competitiveness in Latin American Markets
ROI focused digital marketing
Latin America News - Frontier Markets News - Emerging
Business History in Latin America | Experience
Improvements in Business Regulatory Climate Continue | Colombia
Latin America: the new frontier - Risk Solutions | Ellmer Group
Facilities and Office Services Manager | Colombia
Business Development in Latin America: The Very Best Cases | Colombia
Specialty Tourism | Official travel guide of Colombia | Portal
Industry, Business and Tourism - International Cooperation
Humanities next frontier the ocean | frontier investment | key player network
Colombian City of Cartagena de Indias On Track | next big thing
Partnership for Supply Chain Management | Colombia
Analyst | Supply Chain Management | Latin America
Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference | events | Cartagena
Logistics Analyst | Results-Driven | Logistics Operations
Business facilitation | Latin America | repair and maintenance projects for the marine industry
Business facilitation | Latin America | Latin American Travel Association
Floating cities | Is the ocean humanity's next frontier | Ellmer Group | key player network
Colombia sailing | marine | Adventure activities | water | Colombia Travel
Ocean Colony Real Estate | floating real estate | oceanic business alliance
Getting Around Big Government | The Seastead Revolution
Openings | Opportunities | Pharmaceuticals | Latin America
Challenges for Global Value Chain Interventions in Latin America
Build floating city | ocean colonization | Caribbean | oceanic business alliance
Global Business Law and Governance | Latin America
BPM - Business Process Management | Latin America
Colombia | BPM Process Accelerators | Business Process Management
Ship repair accelerator cartagena colombia management services
Ship repair | accelerator | integrator | coordinator | ground handling | Colombia Business
Marine Engineering | Diving Services | Cartagena Colombia
Marine Engineering, Energy | Caribbean Colombia
Seasteading movement | next frontier | floating Cities | Business | Economist | Reason
Cartagena, Colombia - tourism Network | Caribbean Coast
Design Store en Cartagena | Marcela Mancilla
Top Luxury Vacation designer in Cartagena | Marcela Mancilla
Ellmer Group Marine - Ship Repair Colombia
Naval Ship Design, Construction, System | Ellmer Group
Offshore Vessels - Sponsors & Exhibitors | Ellmer Group | Cartagena Colombia
Seasteading | Cities on the ocean | The Economist | ocean colonization
Islas en cartagena para visitar
Cabotage in the Andean Group | Comisión Económica
Network Ellmer Group | Latin America | Colombia | logistics integration
Business network international | Latin America | Ellmer Group
Seasteading Business | Context, Opportunity and Challenge
Worldwide Networks | European Business Network - Latin America
How Local Business Networking Groups Can Help | Latin America
Retro Design | Vintage Concept | Designer Marcela Mancilla | Cartagena Colombia
Latin America Trade Forum - European Exporters Association
Ellmer Group | Latin American Trade and Investment Association
Which country is top for trade in Latin America? | Colombia
Trade and Industrial Policy Reform in Latin America
Europe - Latin America Trade: Recent Trends and Policy Issues
Naval engineering network colombia
Global Trade Policy: Made in Latin America
Business alliance network group | Latin America
Significantly increasing presence in Latin America
Enhancing customer proposition in Latin America
Strategic Network Expansion in Latin America | business group | key player
Commerce | Common Sense Networking Group | Latin America | Ellmer Group
Sophisticated networking | new alliances | Ellmer Group
Accelerated Transformation and Closer Alliances Are Critical | Latin America | emerging
Sustainability, growth, ocean colonization | oceanic business alliance
Entrepreneurs in Cartagena highlight Colombia's potential | Investment News in Colombia
Nemo token invest | ocean colonization technology | investor network
Alliances by adopting more sophisticated alliance models | Latin America | business development
Ability to explore, exploit new resources, outcompete | alliance | Ellmer Group | Latin America | business development
How investors think Thiel interview
Forging alliances | exploiting increasingly sophisticated new markets | Ellmer Group | Latin America | business
Integrador de negocios | Ellmer Group
Business, by necessity of the market's expectations | Latin America | business development | Ellmer Group
Alliances: Strategies for Building Integrated Delivery Systems | business facilitation | Latin America
Very sophisticated and specialized component market | Latin America
Lens shell pictures | oceanic business alliance | @nautilusmaker | floating homes caribbean |
The development of business angel networks
Inter firm alliances management | Latin America | network building |
Investment & Portfolio Management | Ellmer Group | Colombia emerging economy
Strategic alliances in emerging Latin America | business facilitation | south america
Interfirm Alliances: International Analysis and Design
The private sector is a key player within the system | Latin America business development network
Concrete submarine design leadership projects ocean colonization
Light conditions in a submerged shell
Social Enterprise Knowledge Network Established
Investment & Portfolio Management | Ellmer Group | Colombia emerging economy
Strategic alliances | models of collaboration | key player network
Technology leadership ramform floating homes business alliance
Strategic alliance management | Latin America business group | integration network
Floating honeycomb structures
Interfirm Networks: Theory, Strategy, and Behavior
Viviendas permanentes en el mar | ocean colonization
Colombia's Rise: A Primer for International Investors
Seasteading | living in international waters indefinitely
Higher Education in Latin America: The International Dimension
Social Business Leaders | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
Business administrator | business facilitation | Latin America
Join a community of leaders building a world that works for everyone
We help organizers create successful events by empowering them
Event social network and conference community
Google-Led Consortium to Build Submarine Cable Linking the Americas with Africa
More exposure, more leads, more meetings, more business | Marcela Mancilla
Competing is overrated find niches is key, Thiel
Event Communities and Conference Social Networks
Colombia german manager
About social media event marketing | Marcela Mancilla Group
Several networking events taking place | key player network | Cartagena Colombia
Tips To Survive Your Next Networking Event | Marcela Mancilla Group
Weekly business networking happy hours in a relaxed environment | Marcela Mancilla Group
Joint venture, partnership, colombia, german expat advisory
Business event planning from start | Marcela Mancilla Group | Cartagena Colombia
Cartagena en alianza con el sector de Oil
Petrochemical and plastics chain are to form a specialized industrial cluster in Cartagena
Sustainable Business Social Media in Latin America | Ellmer Group
Encadenamientos productivos | Clusters | Ellmer Group | key player network
La ruta competitiva Cartagena Náutica busca reforzar la competitividad de las empresas del sector de la industria náutica en Cartagena
Understanding for overall business environment in Colombia
Personal submarine | marine engineering | Ellmer Group | deep sea
Marine engineering | luxury submarine yacht | business freedom | frontier development
Private Sector Economic Ties between Latin America and Europe
Ocean technology | private submarine yacht | http://concretesubmarine.com
Ocean frontier | luxury submarine yacht | quest for interferece freedom
Recursos proyectos soluciones logistica colombia
Marine Technology | submarine yacht | ocean robotics | deep sea
Get invested | Latin America | alliance network infrastructure
Industrial infrastructure investor advisory networking, emerging, LATAM, countries
Building The Human Network in Latin America | Development | alliance network infrastructure
Concrete submarine | find out | ultra-lux submarine
Network ocean frontier | submarine yacht | ocean colonization | design | engineering
Investing latin america | business development | Colombia emerging economy
Concrete submarine | current submarine designs | private yacht
Submarine yacht | deep sea investigation | oceanic frontier exploration
Gas Sector Business & Investment Opportunities
Doing Business | Regional Profile: Latin America
Concrete submarine | luxury yacht | ocean colonization | mega yacht
Get invested | concrete submarine | luxury yacht | business development | founder shares
Business group | Latin America | business development
Deep sea robotics | ocean frontier | business development | submarine yacht | marine engineering
Business ocean frontier | key player network | concrete submarine technology
Colombia best performer | Latin America - South America - Central America Business
Disruptive technology | submarine yacht | ocean colonization | marine engineering
Designers build latest toy for the super-rich | submarine yacht | mega yacht
Diploma in VIP Service Management | Marcela Mancilla Group | Cartagena Colombia
Latin America Trade Forum | umbrella group bringing Germany and Latin America focused companies
Pioneer institution in Event Management sector | Marcela Mancilla Group | Cartagena Colombia
The tourism industry has continued to grow and diversify | Marcela Mancilla Group | Cartagena Colombia |
Intuitive event management platform | Cartagena Colombia | Marcela Mancilla Group
Assessing the strategy of firms that compete globally
Grupo Integrador de Negocios | Ellmer Group | key player network
Evaluación del modelo de negocios | Ellmer Group
Ship repair consulting group | Cartagena Colombia | marine engineering
Ship repair | Agente Marítimo Colombia | consulting group | key player network
Control de contenedores y operadores | Cartagena Colombia
Latin America regional forum
Small firms have less of a disadvantage and in some respects even an advantage, compared to large firms
Turistas internacionales, nacionales | red de negocios | portal industrial cartagena
Cartagena Colombia | The Guide to Cartagena | Cartagena Info | Cartagena Colombia Turismo
Lifeboat & Life Raft Repair Services in Colombia | Ellmer Group | Cartagena Colombia
Ready to use | Latin America | business development network | get started |
Latin America's main business centers
Submarine yacht ellmer group | marine engineering | luxury yacht | business development
Submarine yacht ellmer group | marine engineering | luxury yacht | business development
Qué ver y qué hacer en Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
World's Leading Source for the Supply Chain Profession | Latin America | Colombia emerging economy
The Globalization of the Colombian Economy | Colombia emerging economy | business facilitation | Latin America
Shoreside attendance | marine business | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
VIP attendance | tourism management | Marcela Mancilla | Marcela Mancilla Group
European and Latin American network to promote the co-generation and development | technology based | business opportunities
Project Manager profiles at Vip Tourism | Cartagena Colombia | tourism management
Submarine | submarine yacht | watercraft capable of independent operation underwater
Submersible | limited underwater capability | ocean colonization | marine engineering
Expand with new alliances | business development | Latin America
Mejores cosas que hacer en Cartagena
Sitios de interés y turísticos en Cartagena
Ship repair companies | business facilitation | Latin America
Managing the Inter-firm Corporation Process: Exploratory Case Studies
VIP Tourism MICE | Cartagena Colombia | Event Management | Marcela Mancilla Group
Information about the proper business proposal format | Latin America | Cartagena de Indias
Cartagena de Indias se caracteriza por sus múltiples plazas
Business key | business facilitation | Latin America
Construction Diving, Subsea Engineering | Cartagena Colombia | marine cluster |
International Timeshares and Vacation Rentals and Resales | Cartagena Colombia | business development
Pre-Engineering Survey for retrofit | ship repair | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Direct Investment | Investment Advisory Service | Colombia emerging economy | Ellmer Group
Cathodic Protection, Anode Removal / Replacement / Retrofit Installation | ship repair | Cartagena Colombia | marine engineering
Cultural heritage tourism | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
World Tourism rankings | Cartagena Colombia | VIP services, VIP tourism services, VIP business services, Cartagena Colombia VIP, marine services VIP,
Culinary tourism | food tourism | exploration of food | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
Domestic tourism | tourism involving residents | Cartagena Colombia | tourism board
World Tourism Organization | Cartagena Colombia | network, Latin America, business network
Popular ecotourist destinations | Cartagena Colombia
Der Mittelstand in Deutschland - Unternehmen & Markt | Deutschland Kolumbien | http://latinindustry.biz
Cartagena is also a destination for sun and beach, water sports and crafts | Cartagena Colombia
National Natural Park in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta | Colombia | tourism network
Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Colombia resource
Deutschlands heimliche Weltmarktführer - Der Mittelstand | Deutschland Kolumbien | Latin America
Markteintritt & Marktchancen | Deutsche Mittelstand Unternehmen | Lateinamerika | Kolumbien
Management implications of doing business in Latin America
Markteintritt in neue Länder | Link Deutschland | Deutsche Mittelstand Unternehmen | Lateinamerika
Empresas astilleros colombia | reparacion | soldadura | metal | electrico
Ellmer Group | new social network for Latin American small and medium businesses
Marine Services and Ship Repair - Ellmer Metal Management
VIP Tourism MICE | Cartagena Colombia | Event Management | Marcela Mancilla Group
Construction Diving, Subsea Engineering | Cartagena Colombia | marine cluster |
Pre-Engineering Survey for retrofit | ship repair | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Cathodic Protection, Anode Removal / Replacement / Retrofit Installation | ship repair | Cartagena Colombia | marine engineering
Plástico, Metalmecánico y Astilleros, el Logístico Portuario y la Construcción
Cultural heritage tourism | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
World Tourism rankings | Cartagena Colombia | VIP services, VIP tourism services, VIP business services, Cartagena Colombia VIP, marine services VIP,
Domestic tourism | tourism involving residents | Cartagena Colombia | tourism board
Submarine yacht boat
Culinary tourism | food tourism | exploration of food | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
Petroquímico, Plástico, Metalmecánico, Astilleros, Construcción
World Tourism Organization | Cartagena Colombia | network, Latin America, business network
Jobmotor Mittelstand - Der Mittelstand in Deutschland | Lateinamerika | Deutschland Kolumbien
Industria del metal servicio en Cartagena | Portal Industrial Cartagena
Neugründung oder Joint-Venture | Lateinamerika | key player network | Expats
Einzigartige Spezialisierung auf Markteintritte & Produkteinführung | Deutsches Expat Manager Netzwerk | Lateinamerika
Investieren in Lateinamerika | Markt und Mittelstand | Deutsches Expat Manager Netzwerk
Business Exchange Programm | Kolumbien Markteintritt | development network
Kompetenzen | Beratungsleistungen | Projektbeispiele | Referenzen | Deutsches Expat Manager Netzwerk | Lateinamerika
Metal Designs en Cartagena, Colombia | Portal Industrial Cartagena
Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain | business info
Strabag | Markteintritt in Kolumbien als Kurstreiber | Lateinamerika
Map of industrial centers in South America shows location of industries like heavy metal, engineering, chemicals, textiles
Steuerliche Rahmenbedingungen für den Markteintritt | Kolumbien | Lateinamerika
Spezifische Anforderungen für den Markteintritt | Kolumbien | Lateinamerika, Latin America
Provides skilled, high-calibre personnel for metal and engineering-based operations
Geschäftschancen und Rahmenbedingungen | Kolumbien Markteintritt
Strabag baut Autobahn in Kolumbien | Kolumbien Markteintritt | Ellmer Group
Understand ship repair in cartagena, caribbean ship repair
Fallstudien zum Internationalen Management | Kolumbien Markteintritt | business facilitation | Latin America | Ellmer Group
Marine Maintenance | Fitter and Ship Repair Technology | Cartagena Colombia ship repair
Markt-Eintritt | Business-Chancen und Interkulturelle Tipps | Kolumbien | Vom Problemfall zum Wachstumswunder
Evaluierung der Erfolgsaussichten | Markteintritt Kolumbien | Ellmer Group
Network of ship repair & conversion yards | Caribbean | ship repair experts
Vertrieb und Handelsvertretersuche - Kolumbien - Germany
Cruise ship repair & refits | Offshore vessels | Caribbean ship repair key player network
Information Systems Project Management | Ellmer Group
Auftrag | Markteintritt in Kolumbien | Infrastrukturspezialist | Expat Manager Network
Ship Repair · Shipbuilding · Diving Services · Afloat - Port Repairs · Marine Manpower Supply | Cartagena Colombia | marine service | Ellmer Group
Estrategias y Tacticas de Comunicacion Integradora | Ellmer Group | business development
Strabag baut Autobahn in Kolumbien | Kolumbien | business development
Designer | manufacturer | personal luxury submarines | superyacht owners | ocean colonization
Ship repair on a seastead today - ship repair on a seastead tomorrow
Project Management: Tools for an Age of Rapid Change
The world's first affordable recreational submarine | submarine yacht
Submarine yacht | exterior design, interior design, layout | ocean colonization
Submarine yachts take the concept of privacy to a whole other level | http://concretesubmarine.com
World's largest submersible superyacht | concretesubmarine.com
Get the good life at a great price | concretesubmarine.com
Submarine yacht | Diving Deep With Luxury Submarines | concretesubmarine.com
Very much like the luxury yachts, the submarines are catching the fetish of the billionaires of the society
In Latin America, some countries have steadily improved their business regulations
An unlikely business opportunity in Latin America
Join our network to Connect, Serve, and Change Lives in the Americas
How businesses are changing the world | Colombia emerging economy
Businesses and investors from overseas have identified South America as next big to come
Discuss how the greatest challenges facing Latin America also present opportunities
El Dorado International Airport, for domestic flights | tourism network
Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Pereira | VIP Lounges | tourism network
Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo | Colombia | tourism network
Organized special VIP services | celebrities | Cartagena Colombia
Hotel and Tourism Marketing | Cartagena Colombia | business facilitation | Latin America
Turismo Hotelería & Gastronomía | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
International joint venture - ‎Joint venture broker | Colombia
Cartagena vacations - Las Mejores Opciones en Cartagena‎
Cruise Lines International Association | Cartagena Colombia Turismo
Caribbean Tourism Conference | Cartagena de Indias | key player network
Caribbean Tourism Organisation | Cartagena Colombia | Cartagena de Indias |
Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias | Cartagena Colombia
Challenges to doing business in Caribbean countries
The Caribbean city of old and new charms | Cartagena de Indias
Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide
Cartagena espera aumento de pasajeros
International Travel and Tourism Exhibition | Cartagena Colombia
International Tourism Trade Fair | Cartagena Colombia | business development
Tourism Organization | Annual Conference and Trade Show | Cartagena Colombia
Eventos Marcela Mancilla | Opiniones | diseño | business facilitation | Latin America
Fashion designer, wedding designer, wedding planner, artist. Marcela Mancilla. Wedding
Global Research Business Network | Latin America
Urban Lab Global Cities | Marcela Mancilla | design network
Infrastructure will be based on concrete honeycomb technology instead of steel | ocean colonization
Shipment industry, opportunities in caribbean tourism and yachting development
Upcoming Events | Marine Technology News
Companies listed own and/or operate bulk carriers, car carriers, container ships
Marine companies directory | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group | business network
Marine companies list | Cartagena Colombia | manager network | European Expats
Consultants companies | manager network | Cartagena Colombia | get invested
Leading oilfield services company providing marine and engineering solutions to the global energy industry
Besonderheiten der Erklärung von Marktbearbeitung und Markteintritt in Lateinamerika
General manager latin america | european companies | resources network
Market Entry | Business Development in Latin America | The Very Best Cases
Mystery and excitement of exploring the deep ocean for valuable treasures has captured imaginations and inspired
Business School Portal: Gateway
Business News Headlines from Latin America
Maritime Shipping - Shipyards, Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Services | Cartagena Colombia
Ship repair | effective services, Ellmer Group Marine has a network
Caribbean for maintenance, repair and overhaul services of luxury vessels | ship repair | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
Shipbuilding and repair industry, from shipyards to all associated services | Cartagena Colombia | marine cluster
Ellmer Group | provides engineering services in both shore and offshore infrastructure markets
Ship repair | experience in the troubleshooting and repair | networks | Cartagena Colombia
Private sector development program
Full range of engineering services | supporting operators | ship repair | Cartagena Colombia
Technical experts | Support vessels | real time | ship repair Cartagena Colombia
Partner / Trade Links - B2B Marketplace
Markteintritt in Lateinamerika. Marktrecherche; Adressrecherche; Erstellung von Firmenprofilen; Geschäfts- und Kooperationspartnersuche
Ellmer group construction executive experience
Foreign markets at favorable international rates | Latin America business development network
Großunternehmen und leistungsstarken Familienunternehmen in allen Bereichen der Wirtschaft eroeffnen in Lateinamerika
Ellmer Group verhilft europäischen Firmen zum erfolgreichen Markteintritt und langfristigem Wachstum in Lateinamerika
Ihr Partner für erfolgreiche Kommunikation und Business in Spanien, & Lateinamerika
Die richtigen Kontakte sind das A & O im Lateinamerika-Geschäft, wir knüpfen sie
Marktüberblick | tatsächlichen Markteintritt | Lateinamerika
Erneuerbare Energien in Lateinamerika | nachhaltige internationalisierung
Unternehmensnetzwerk | Informationsplattform | deutsche Wirtschaft mit Interessen an und in Lateinamerika
International business facilitation | Latin America
Interkulturelles Management | Markteintritt | Spanien und Lateinamerika | Ellmer Group
Colombia leadership business
LATAM Team | sichere und umfassende Begleitung für Ihren Markteintritt
Deep Value And Event-Driven Investment
Leading ship repair key player network caribbean cartagena
Internationalisierung, Audit, Compliance, Gesellschaftsgründung, Markteintritt, Marktstudie
Ausgangspunkt für den Markteintritt in Südamerika
International - Markteintritt und Vertrieb - Arbeitskreise und Netzwerk
Ocean Business | Offshore Survey Technical Conference | oceanic business alliance
Investitionen in Lateinamerika | eine der aufstrebenden Wirtschaftsregionen
Unsere Experten garantieren Ihnen einen reibungslosen Markteintritt
Survey of deficiencies and damages of hull and machinery
Ein Markteintritt bringt nicht nur Chancen | Leadership and Management in Lateinamerika
Kolumbien | zahlreiche deutsche Unternehmen vertreten | Kongress zum Markteinstieg in Kolumbien
So gelingt Ihnen ein starker Markteinstieg in Kolumbien | Ellmer Group
Clear cost structure ship repair caribbean wilfried ellmer colombia
Chancen für den deutschen Mittelstand in Kolumbien
Interessierte Unternehmen | Markteinstieg in südamerikanische Märkte
World Leader In Ocean Technology | ocean colonization | key player network | Ellmer Group
Neue Chancen in Lateinamerika | Kolumbien
Private opportunity to invest in Cartagena
Kollektiver Markteinstieg in Kolumbien | deutsche mittelstaendische Unternehmen
Regional economía y negocios, Colombia,
Another League Under the Sea: Tomorrows Research Subs Open Earths Final Frontier
Kollektiver Markteinstieg in Kolumbien | deutsche mittelstaendische Unternehmen
América Latina y la Globalización
ECA's Roving Bat ROV
Wertvolle Expertentipps für den Markteinstieg in | Kolumbien
Geschäftschancen und Rahmenbedingungen | Kolumbien | manager network
Market Entry, Marktzutritt, Markteinstieg, Vermarktung, Marktzutrittsstrategie
Markteintritt Kolumbien | Archives | Expat News | Ellmer Group
Carrefour verkauft Kolumbien-Geschäft für zwei Milliarden
Markteintritt in Suedamerika | Erfolgsrezepte für deutsche Unternehmer
Business frontier | ocean colonization | floating real estate | key player network
Beratung deutscher und kolumbianische Unternehmen zum Markteinstieg
Drehkreuz Kolumbien | Markteintritt | Kolumbien, Lateinamerika, Berater | expat manager
Beratung zum Markteinstieg | Repräsenanz vor Ort in Kolumbien aufzubauen
Drehkreuz Kolumbien | Markteintritt | Kolumbien, Lateinamerika, Berater | expat manager
Submarine yacht | some of these amazing creations are in a category of their own
Marine Traffic displays real time AIS vessels information, ship movements throughout the seas and ports over Google maps
Market Entry in the Presence of Network Effects
Private Submersible Yacht, conceptualized
Marine engineers | builds hydraulics for ROV, Submersible, and custom system applications
Metal Cutting Mechanics, fundamentals of metal cutting
Wireless underwater networking | ocean colonization | ocean technology | Ellmer Group
Luxury submarine manufacturer | concretesubmarine.com
Build an artificial island in international waters | get invested | key player network
Ocean thermal energy conversion | oceanic energy | submarine yacht | current turbine
Extravagant ways rich tech execs spend their fortunes | submarine yacht | get invested
We humans are getting awfully sophisticated in technological ways
Investments include real estate, technology, media | Ellmer Group
Joint Venture Consulting‎ Colombia
Global Ecologies and the Environmental Humanities
Private Submarines Gain Popularity with Millionaires
A new class of private submarines has become the latest plaything for the super rich
Schiffstechnik und maritime Produktionstechnik Projekte Karibik Ellmer Group
A personal submarine is a submarine, usually privately funded and constructed
Concretesubmarine.com | Coolest Submarines, best submarines, greatest
Principles of safety, service excellence and protection of the environment and property
A practical, cost effective approach for a 1000m, work capable, classed submersible
Power systems | submarine supply | lithium batteries | deep manned dive
Private Subs Take You Into the Deeps | personal submarine
Event production | Ellmer Group | get invested
Seasteading | oceanic business alliance | get connected | get started
Business & Economics In the event production activity
Best Investment Solution | Looking for Business investment | Colombia emerging economy
Event production checklist | Marcela Mancilla Events | key player network
Vendo negocio cartagena
Evaluating capital investment decisions | get invested | Colombia emerging economy
Understand how to manage people and budgets | Colombia emerging economy
International Hospitality and Tourism Management
Opportunities to interact with senior industry figures
Civets: a guide to the countries bearing the world's hopes for growth - Colombia
Ship repair manager Cartagena Colombia resident European
Sound, Lighting, Video. Professional audio visual design and installation
Special Event Production: The Process | Latin America | Colombia
Asset Management - business development Expertise in LATAM markets
Productos exportados por colombia a europa
Strategic LATAM investor relations ellmer group
How to Form an Event Management Company | Latin America | key player network
Awesome Infographics About Event Management | Colombia | key player network
Directory of Event Production Groups | Cartagena, Colombia, Caribe |
International cooperation - Germany, Latin America
Best Investment Return | Invest in Sustainable | Colombia emerging economy
Endeavor Entrepreneurship | Colombia | key player network |
Seasteading...allow the next generation of pioneers to peacefully test
Deutsche Latin America Equity Fund | Cartagena Colombia
Event Management and Sustainability | business development | get invested
High conviction strategy | investment | Latin America | business facilitation | infrastructure development
Accredited tourism management Institute
Exciting and growing global tourism industry | Latin America | turismo Cartagena, Caribbean
Specialist marketing | travel business | key player network | Cartagena Colombia
Focus commercial management | Cartagena Colombia | tourism management
Ship Locations Map | Ship traffic worldwide | Tall ship tracker · Oceanographic research ships
The ocean and its inestimable pool of resources represents a new economic frontier for growth
Researching People and Places | Colombia | key player network
Tourism is a truly international industry and plays a key economic role
Cross cultural tourism companies | Colombia tourism | business development
Investments | middle-market private equity investment firm | Latin America | market entry
Knowledge base | tourism-specific | Colombia tourism | business development | key player network
Ocean colonization | investment worthy | Ellmer Group
High conviction investing | frontier investment | oceanic frontier | Ellmer Group
Colombia tourism | investment in infrastructure | key challenge | business alliance
Marketing, business evaluation, strategy and applied research | Colombia tourism
Vessel tracking system | vessel tracking in real time | Android | iOs
Hospitality business management | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group | key player network
Servicio seo colombia | key player network
Ocean Business - The international hands-on ocean technology event | network | technology |
World Ocean, which covers almost 71% of its surface
Ocean technology, business development, key player network | Ellmer Group
Brazil outlines $65bn infrastructure package
CIA Cover Story Gives Birth to Deep Ocean Mining | submarine salvage
Ocean Mining Logistics | @nautilusmaker
What is wicker made out of | canastas colombia | Marcela Mancilla
Como hacer canastas de mimbre | canastas colombia | key player network
Canastas de mimbre Oferta | canastas con forros | canastas colombia
Comercializamos artículos para hogar, floristerías y tiendas de decoración
International container shipping and ocean freight
Category:Colombian fashion designers
Ocean Logistics | marine shipping services and logistics | @nautilusmaker
Exhibition with 300 companies specialising in oceanography, offshore survey | oceanic business alliance
Ocean City has clean beaches, a world famous boardwalk, and events
Fabricantes de canastas y muebles en mimbre, Informes y Ventas
Marine specialists offer a wide range of services | Ellmer Group | Cartagena Colombia
Race to the Bottom | ocean colonization | deep sea exploration
Leading expert on marina construction and dock system manufacturing. Boat Docks, Dock Systems, Marina
Hardware, software, networking, and Internet media
The Ocean Technology Industry in Latin America | ocean colonization | key player network | marine cluster | get invested
Shipping companies, Maritime Business Directory | Ellmer Group Marine
Catálogo de canastas y canastos de mimbre natural
Extensive professional, hands-on fashion experience | vintage design | Marcela Mancilla | Cartagena Colombia
Ship managers, ship and yacht crew | Cartagena Colombia | Latin America
Ocean - Marine Brokerage Services | Marine Brokerage Service
Canastas colombia | modelos se pueden adaptar en tamaño, color y forma a sus necesidades
Productos en mimbre, canastos | canastas colombia
Canasta tejida con periódicos reciclados, al estilo de los clásicos diseños de las canastas de mimbre
Seasteading businesses, and experimental technologies
Blue Economy Network | Development
Ocean Colonization, Submarine Yacht, Concrete Shell | Ellmer Group
Starting a business partnership | Ellmer Group | key player network
Latin America Business Communication Network | key players | Colombia
Las cestas o canastos de mimbre son ideales para decorar algún rincón del hogar
Encuentra aquí Canastas De Mimbre
Colombia | Old Vintage Antique Postcard | Cartagena
Trade Shows Worldwide - Decoration, Home & Office
Incorporating a limited company
Get business partner | forge alliance | Colombia | Latin America
Armarios multiuso biblioteca, canasta de mimbre
Artesanias tipicas de colombia | mykonos | design | Marcela Mancilla
Business firms as agents of economic or business connections
Colombian Retreat | Architectural Design | cross-cultural decor
Cartagena, Colombia Decor & Design
Paths to Progress in Modern Latin America
International Latin America manager | get started | business development resources
Cartagena Design | Hotel Design | vintage design | Marcela Mancilla
Art Deco Weekend Festival | Cartagena Colombia | Marcela Mancilla | vintage design
Upcoming Furniture Exhibition, trade Fairs
Diseño Interior, Decoracion, Muebles en Colombia
Canastas decoradas para Baby Shower | Colombia
Cestas para ocasiones especiales
Cartagena, CO Interior Designers & Decorators
Powerful Businesspeople in Latin America | Colombia
Sources to solve key business issues
Zen design | colombia
Colombian Designers Are Big in Bogota
Go oceanic | next big thing to come | get connected | get started
Generalist and strategic business partner | Colombia | business development
Vintage Industrial furniture - Vintage, retro, furniture replicas‎
Marcela Mancilla | Vintage Industrial Furniture Design | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
Ships at sea: positions and weather observations
The Case for Increasing Ocean Exploration
Lugar con estilo para tu mascota
Tazabulakz.net | cooperation | credit line | loan | joint venture |
Presentación Plan de Negocios del Sector Metalmecánico
Classic Style Ropa | para Mascotas | DogStyle | Marcela Mancilla
Shopping for Pet Apparel & Accessories
Colombia business opportunities, international expat network
The metal-mechanic sector is diverse and specific due to its experience in the region
Metaljet adding metal
Experiencia Cartagena con Marcela Mancilla | VIP service
Nautilusmaker private submersible yacht
Cuidados de perros. Cuidados de mascotas | DogStyle
Colonize the sea | ocean colonization | oceanic business alliance
Alimentación, Cuidados e Higiene del Perro | DogStyle
Business key player marine development wilfried ellmer
Caribbean marine service providers ellmer group colombia
Leading business-to-business market research companies
Educación y cuidados para su perro | DogStyle
Permanent human settlement of ocean | permanent dwellings | oceanic business alliance
Should we put more money in colonizing the deep seas
Cuidados básicos de las mascotas | DogStyle | Marcela Mancilla
Alianzas estrategicas joint venture
Business brokers | business cluster | business facilitation | Latin America
Cuidados para cachorros | DogStyle | Cartagena Colombia
Canastas decoradas Beautiful | Marcela Mancilla | Colombia
Business network | international | Colombia | Europe
Offshore Survey | Business Conference | Ocean Business | next big to come | business alliance | get invested
Developing a Personal Leadership Brand | Global Business | business development | Latin American | European | Business
Como decorar una canasta para ceremonias | Colombia | miscanastas.com
What is the difference between a Business Coach a Business Mentor and a Business Adviser
Cestas decoradas | vintage design | miscanastas.com
Imagenes de canastas decoradas para boda | Marcela Mancilla | Colombia
Business Accelerator, Business Incubator, Business Network, Colombia, Latin America
Canastas decoradas recuerdo | canastas vintage | Colombia | miscanastas.com
Key Management | Submarine Surveys | San Jose | Cartagena Colombia
Business network | business social network | Colombia | Europe | expat network
Manualidades canastas decoradas | miscanastas.com | Colombia, Bogota
Canastas Decoradas Para Repartir Recuerdos
How Leaders Create and Use Networks | Ellmer Group
Canastas Decoradas Para Bautizo
Develop your leaders with hands-on executive advisors
Canastas decoradas para Souvenirs o Recuerdos
Successful leaders have a nose for opportunity and a knack for knowing whom to trust
Underwater technology services | Cartagena Colombia | Latin America
Humans Colonized the World by Boat
Ramform picture, floating island, Ellmer Group, ocean colonization, @nautilusmaker
Leadership development | Latin America | marine business | European Network | expat manager
Key players in the development agenda | Latin America | CIVETS | get invested
Transformation Leaders Network | Colombia | Europe
The old business team and the new business team
Senior practitioners and experts | Latin America | business development
Erfolgreich investieren in Kolumbien
Kolumbien verstärkt Fuss fassen | business development | expat manager
Portal, Business to Business cooperation, B2B, Business opportunities, Suppliers
Emerging Leaders Network | Colombia emerging economy | business development
Developing Network Perspective Latin America business development
Leader Development Roadmap | Latin America business development
Convergence and a changing landscape | Latin America business development network
Social network analysis and the evaluation of leadership
Erfreulicherweise trauen sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten auch immer mehr Ausländer in Kolumbien zu investieren
Product management and marketing communications resources
Vom Sorgenkind zum Musterschüler | Kolumbien
Experiencia | VIP | high quality | turismo | tourism | Europe | Colombia | Caribbean
Kooperation-International: Investieren in Kolumbien
Investieren in Lateinamerika: Investitionsbedingungen | Kolumbien
Business in the Community | Responsible Business | Latin America | business development |
Business Growth Resources - Find what you need
Immobilien in Kolumbien kaufen - In die Zukunft investieren
Business mentoring, implementation, business setup, Colombia
Business | ocean colonization institute | research priorities | identifying the best onboard businesses
Mini submarine boat as a tender for super yachts, Monaco Yacht Show
Freihandelszonen bewilligt | Unternehmen investieren | Kolumbien
In Kolumbien wird vor allem im Bergbau und im Erdölsektor kräftig investiert
Resumen | datos | Doing Business | Latin America | Colombia
Rohstoffreichtum, eine unternehmensfreundliche Politik sowie eine günstige geographische Lage | Kolumbien
Cutting edge technology founder investment ocean colonization ellmer group
Living under ocean
Zunehmende Präsenz deutscher Firmen, die erfolgreich in dem lateinamerikanischen Land Fuß fassen | Kolumbien
Interkulturell kompetente Geschäftskorrespondenz | Kolumbien | Netzwerk German
Neue Märkte: Kolumbien - Lateinamerikas Aufsteiger | key player network
Business joint venture agreement | Colombia | Latin America
Latam emerging markets and trends, colombia, business leadership
Markterschließung Kolumbien: Geschäftschancen | Lateinamerika
Hermosas cestas para bebes | Colombia | Marcela Mancilla
Canastas Para Regalos | vintage design | key player network
Canastas decoradas | Canasteria | Gift Baskets | miscanastas.com
There are hundreds of thousands of sensors in the ocean | ocean frontier development
Ocean colonization definition
Floating event platform picture
Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business | ocean colonization | ocean frontier
Latest and breaking business news and top updates from the world of business, finance and forex market | ocean colonization | next big to come
International hands-on ocean technology event | ocean colonization | next big to come
State-of-the-Art Repair and Refit Yacht Yard, Indoor Dry Storage Facility, and Marina Complex
Sandblasting, caribbean ship repair services, management
Das Windenergiepotential in Kolumbien gilt als eines der besten in Südamerika
Lateinamerika: Chile, Peru & Kolumbien: Die Aufsteiger
Chancen und Info zum Thema "Markterschließung Kolumbien - Geschäftschancen
Daimler baut Busgeschäft in Lateinamerika aus | Ellmer Group | business facilitation | Latin America
Germany's Mittelstand, encompassing companies with up to 500 employees
Cartagena no es sólo turismo, también inversión | get invested
How economies in Latin America rank on the ease of doing business | Colombia emerging economy
Generate, mature and grow business opportunities based on technology
Kolumbien als Investitionsmarkt - Lateinamerika - Märkte
German lessons | The Economist
How economies in Latin America rank on the ease of doing business | Colombia emerging economy
Information about local hotels, restaurants, attractions, festivals and services for the tourism industry | Cartagena Colombia
Most Successful Latin American Entrepreneurs | Colombia
Alle wichtigen Nachrichten aus Kolumbien | business development
Form business alliances, and develop professional networks with leading LATAM experts | Ellmer Group | expat manager network
Colombia emerging economy | Business Opportunities and Challenges | latinindustry.biz
Latin America Economic Outlook | investment advisor | infrastructure | marine
A network open to investors interested in business facilitation | Latin America
Educate and inspire young people
Rankings, data for key regulations and comparisons with other economies
Can Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) be inspired by the the German “Mittelstand”?
Colombia emerging economy | Business Opportunities and Challenges | latinindustry.biz
The German Mittelstand: Slow and Steady Wins the Race
7 Emerging FinTech Players In Top Latin American Markets
Latin American tech industry | business integrator | Ellmer Group
Entrepreneurship and innovation- Latin America - latinindustry.biz
Project Management: Key Players in a Matrix Environment
Stakeholder Analysis - Key Players - Stakeholder mapping
Colombia tourism | markets such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany
Who are the key players in project management
Project management training – identify the key players
People issues in project management
Successful Project Management: Applied Tried and Tested
Project Management Role and Duties
Latin America travel winners revealed in magical Bogotá
Identify the principal roles of all the key players in the business and their responsibilities
Travel Market Research, Industry Analysis, Market Share | Latin America
Project Management: The Players and the Ground
Global Business Frontiers | International Business Development
Colombia throughout the value chain including hospitality
Hospitality and Tourism Infrastructure | Cartagena Colombia
Make friends and professional networks in Latin America | Colombia tourism
Floating dome building | ocean colonization
World Economic Forum on Latin America | the Travel & Tourism Summit
Containerization has revolutionized global cargo shipping
Captain nemo nautilus submarine | @nautilusmaker
Entrepreneurship is the trend in Latin America | World Bank
Brazil presalt floating oil extraction | 250 miles offshore
Latin American countries by number of International tourists
Investment Event | Global Asset Management | Ellmer Group | key player network
Review of Maritime Transport | Latin America
Extensive experience and knowledge of doing business in the region | Latin America
Regional facilitator for latin america and the caribbean
Change marine shipping | frontier business development | ocean colonization
Ocean Marine Service | reputed Ship Supplier | Latin America
Expanding the knowledge of the ocean frontier; enhancing
President's Panel for Ocean Exploration
Stock Market Quotes & Financial News | Latin America
Entrepreneur, business | Latin America | Colombia | expat | network
Exploring advanced technologies in Latin America | Colombia | ocean colonization
Quotes, portfolio, streaming charts, financial news, live stock market data
Investment is time, energy, or matter spent in the hope of future benefits actualized within a specified date or time frame
Investing Information and Investing News | Latin America | Colombia
Portales | industria | inversion | Colombia | Caribbean | Cartagena
Powerful business networking | colombia | latin america
Most powerful business network resources Latin America
Places on the Business Frontiers | ocean colonization | disruptive startups
Tourism Business Frontiers | Latin America | Colombia
The New Frontiers - Latin America Business Review
Business advice and mentor, sound practical business help
Latin American Private Equity and Venture Capital | network
Latin America - Colombia Overseas Investments
Global Business Frontiers Network | Latin America | business facilitation
Peer Networks and Group Formation | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group | portal industrial cartagena
New business frontiers on the Internet | Latin America | ocean colonization
Potential Sectors; Success Stories; Free Trade Zone. Investment Map | Colombia
Latin America Equity Fund, Asset Management
Floating real estate startup investment business opportunities
Fundición Metalmecanica de Colombia
Latin America's economic growth has exceeded the expectations
Do Humans Have a Future in Deep Sea Exploration | ocean colonization | next big to come
Industrial partnership network | Latin America | Colombia
Industrial parks, science and technology parks, special economic zones
Exploring advanced technologies in Latin America | Colombia | ocean colonization
Robots Explore the World's Deepest Ocean Trenches
Manned submersible named Cyclops is being built to dive nearly 2 miles
The Selfish, Robot-Centric Case Against Manned Exploration
Extraordinary Diversity in the Deep Sea | ocean colonization | key player network
Forget the space race, China dips into the deep-sea
Marine tourism Cartagena
The New Frontier in Sustainability. The Business Opportunity in Tackling Sustainable Consumption
Business Opportunities - Free & Powerful | subdue to nobody
Mittelstand überarbeitet globale Strategie
America's New Frontier For Business Opportunity
Distance to Frontier - Doing Business - World Bank Group | Latin America
The New Green Business Frontier | successful business development
Deutsche unternehmen lateinamerika | Kolumbien | Lateinamerika
Lateinamerikanische unternehmen | Kolumbien | Ellmer Group
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit | Ellmer Group | Lateinamerika
Marine Engineers and Naval Architects
From frontier market to emerging market | Colombia | get invested
Ocean key player ramform selection floating platform
Specialists in submarine design | ocean colonization | submarine yacht
Marine and Maritime Industries | ocean colonization technology | concrete light shell honeycomb
Seizing the Opportunities of Global Urbanization | ocean colonization | floating structures
Ellmer Group | Naval Architecture | Marine Engineering | ocean colonization | key player network
Economic frontier opportunities will remain vibrant in the coming decade | ocean frontier
Industria | comercio | cartagena | portal industrial cartagena | Ellmer Group
The rise of capital markets in emerging and frontier economics | ocean colonization
Private equity roundup for Latin America
Industrial infrastructure investment | Latin American Private Equity | Venture Capital |
Key player network | Investment Funds | Latin American Equity
Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms Generate Record Investments in Latin America | Colombia
Latin America | Regions | Colombia emerging economy | key player network
Marketing | destination | experience development | major events | agency | Cartagena Colombia
Find things to do, places to stay, places to eat and more | Cartagena Colombia
Ropa Para Perritas Dog Style
Tourism Promotion Board | Cartagena Colombia | Colombia Emerging
Travel planning, maps, vacations, parks, accommodations, fishing, Cartagena Colombia
Types of tourism | Cartagena Colombia | tourism development network | Ellmer Group
Vacation activities, lodging and more online | Cartagena Colombia
3D printing with algae
International coaching consulting and training | Europe | Colombia | expat network
Dog Style - Ropa, Zapatos y Accesorios
Correa "Dog Style" Jareta Roja y Blanca en para Perro
Deutsche firmen in lateinamerika | Ellmer Group | markteintritt netzwerk
Tienda para peluqueros caninos :: Style and Dog
Accesorios Para Perros Pequeños
Industrial consulting group | business facilitation | Cartagena Colombia
Group of professionals with interest to facilitate business development | Latin America
Latin American Analysis‎ | German business network
How will you achieve your business goals and grow your company in a Latin America
Internationalized networks are more capable of developing relationships
Business development | Promoting Silicon Valleys in Latin America | Ellmer Group
Entregar canastas navideñas a los trabajadores | miscanastas.com
Latin America General Management Program | expat manager network
Over the decades, tourism has experienced continued growth | Colombia
International coaching group | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Empresa | especializada | consultoría | negocios | Ellmer Group
Latin America and the Caribbean make more and better business
Sustainable tourism management | Cartagena Colombia VIP
Canastas Navideñas a Colombia
Estetica canina dog style | Cartagena Colombia
Fabricante de canastas de mimbre. Catálogo e información de contacto
Regalos para navidad en Colombia, Anchetas
Canasta de Regalos a Colombia, Envio de Cestas
Trade and investment relations | countries have enjoyed | ocean frontier
Establishing and Managing Network Accounts | Latin America | latinindustry.biz
Ocean Frontier: International Law, Military Force and National Development
Marine Minerals: Exploring Our New Ocean Frontier
Taking Charge of a New Frontier | ocean frontier | business alliance | Ellmer Group
Global Law Firm Networks - Chambers and Partners | Latin America
Social network of the Americas | business | Colombia | connection
Global networks of clusters of innovation
Deutsche Immobilieninvestitionen in Lateinamerika
Innovation | global connections established among networks | Ellmer Group
Multidisciplinary professional services networks | Latin America
Enviar ancheta bogota, enviar ancheta cali
Empresa canastas navideñas | Colombia
Canastas de regalo colombia, anchetas
Canastas Navidenas en Medellín, Colombia | encuentre
Venta canastas navideñas
Blogs de diseño | sigue lista de objetos vintage | Colombia
Hacer canastas navideñas | Colombia
Cuadro Decorativo Vintage Design | Colombia
Canastas de regalo colombia, anchetas
Serving the needs of the global maritime industry, Caribbean, key player network
Blogs de diseño | sigue lista de objetos vintage | Colombia
Empresa canastas navideñas | Colombia
Establishing the Foundation of Collaborative Networks | Latin America
Marcela Mancilla | vintage design | key player network | Cartagena Colombia
Venta canastas navideñas
Enviar ancheta bogota, enviar ancheta cali
Canastas Navidenas en Medellín, Colombia | encuentre
Luxury submarine yacht for sale, project setup, ocean colonizaton technology
Marine powers in human history
Minimum building site one square meter per day
Conozca todos los países donde podrá exportar su producto con el apoyo de nuestro portal
El Portal de Negocios para America Latina y Europa
Colombia tendrá nuevo portal de negocios | key player network - Ellmer Group
Portales de negocios - International trade import, export sites
Portal de negocios y gerencia - key player network - LATAM - Ellmer group
El Portal de negocios, noticias de negocios, key player, Ellmer Group
Bienvenido a Negocios en Línea, Portal Ellmer Group
Portal Aliados de Negocios Colombia, red de expat managers, LATAM
Comercio Internacional - Wilfried Ellmer Group - business network
Programa de Finanzas y Comercio Internacional
Arancel - ‎Librecambismo - ‎Comercio internacional - ‎Federación de Asociaciones
Funciones Gerenciales › Negocios Internacionales
Noticias de Comercio Exterior de Colombia
Semana del Comercio Internacional - key player network LATAM
Licenciatura en comercio internacional
Maritime Business Management Caribbean Project Controling
Leak repair and industrial leak sealing ship repair caribbean
Definicion comercio internacional
Caracteristicas del comercio internacional
Maritime industry professionals with wide-ranging experience
Maritime Business & Management, Caribbean Key Players, Group, Cartagena de Indias
Importancia del comercio internacional
Maritime Business and Logistics - Cartagena Caribbean network group
Maritime Business and Management, Project Survey, Caribbean Network
Hacer canastas navideñas | Colombia
Global Maritime Business & International Logistics, Caribbean Key Players
Get a discourse boardroom in latin america business expert
Yacht attendance pipe repair caribbean
Concrete submarine yacht discourse leadership key player network
Attending surveyor requires repairs or replacement of system, component or item
Integrated refit & repair center caribbean key player network ship repair
Technology has redefined how we prospect for jobs, meet business contacts
Comercio Internacional, Financiamiento, asistencia internacional, Inversión extranjera directa
Knowledge and skills needed to manage a business in the international maritime industry
Removing and replacing old metal seacock pipes
Cuadro Decorativo Vintage Design | Colombia
Yacht Club attending the social events
Finest boat yard in the Caribbean
Marine repairs including sandblasting, hull repair (wood, glass, and metal)
Emergency Repairs- Propeller Removal with Vessel in Service
Analyse und Begleitung beim Markteintritt; Vertragsgestaltung Latein Amerika
Marine Supply Ship Repair Maritime Service Network Caribbean
Professional expert advice in Latin America
Ellmer group cartagena colombia marine construction network
Wilfried Ellmer Oesterreich Kolumbien Expat
Repair and conversion yards worldwide
In-depth analysis of Ship Repair
Gunboat diplomacy
Hull Cleaning Ship Repair Cartagena Colombia Caribbean
Ship Repair & Facility Services Cartagena de Indias
The heart of the caribbean shipping industry
The worldwide shiprepair, conversion and maintenance industries
Management and financial key figures for Ship Repair Network Group
Caribbean consolidated ship repairers group
Líderes en el mercado y expertos en ofrecer soluciones de negocio
Marcela Mancilla | vintage design | key player network | Cartagena Colombia
Becoming even more global | expanding the presence of brands and networks
Creating special academic and cultural ties | global networks | Latin America
Professional advice or services to companies Colombia opening
Mexico and Colombia join emerging markets
Emerging Markets Latin America Index | Colombia Network
Massive open ocean aquaculture projects human survival
Casa flotante | finca raiz flotante | marinas | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Emprendimiento, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor | Colombia | emerging economy
Ofrecer una proyección y visión cosmopolita en negocios Europa Colombia
Challenging responsibilities, broad business exposure and unrivaled insight
Do you see seasteading as the next big thing?
Three phase plan for developing a seastead | oceanic business alliance | New-Atlantis™ | New-VENICE™ | oceanic business alliance™ | nautilusmaker® |
Project management and construction services industry, Caribbean, LATAM, Colombia
Latin america distribution colombia boardroom expat german
Conozca toda la información de LATIN AMERICA DISTRIBUTION COLOMBIA
Water taxi caribbean network
Medical Device Channels in Latin America - Colombia
Puppies and kittens dog style
Collar Antiladrido Perros Mascota
Founding investor shareholder opportunity submarine yacht network @nautilusmaker
Navigating Latin American Distribution Channels, Colombia
Latin American market offers the most attractive asset-gathering opportunity
Latin Distribution Services providing Export opportunities
Special Latin America Emerging Insight
Latin American retail markets are developing rapidly
Está de moda lo vintage, lo retro. Nos gusta todo | cartagena, colombia
Innovative pet supplies range
Enter Into Latin American Distribution Agreement
Business Wire's Latin America network
Operating Considerations. How is Latin American Healthcare Different
Dog Coats and Clothing
Emerging Markets: Colombia Represents A New Vision
‎Dog Collars and Leads
Network • design • marcela mancilla • event
International marine experts, ship attendance caribbean, ellmer, german group
Curiosidades, animales y mascotas
Leading technical organization that provides marine surveying and consulting services
Establishing global networks of experts | Ellmer Group | Latin America
Tools for Establishing Referral Networks | Latin America | business development
Encuentra los Perros más lindos y divertidos
Ropa Para Perros - Tienda de Mascotas Online Cartagena
Organización de servicio global servicios a la comunidad marítima
International Marine Experts (IME), leverage your professional network
Ramform seismic vessel in operation
Why is Having a Business Advisor or Mentor So Important - Latin America emerging market
Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Advisor - Business CoPilot - LATAM entrance
What are the roles of Coach, Mentor and Adviser
Captain Nemo would lust after this amazing ultra-luxury submarine yacht
Project development submarine yacht, caribbean, Nemo, Ellmer
Voyage to the bottom of the sea, submarine super yachts
@nautilusmaker private submersible yacht - Ellmer Group
Business intelligence tool for Latin America
Cartagena colombia ship repair yacht submarine - Ellmer Group
Global Networks: Computers and International Communication
Concretesubmarine.com presents private submarine for sale
Consulting - Business Coach, Consultant, Latin America emerging market entry network
If you have your own business, hire business help in the form of a coach, mentor, advisor - LATAM - market
Business Coach Colombia - Mentor, Advisor & Consultant - Emerging Market Entry
Alianza empresarial internacional que promueve el comercio Europa - LATAM
Business Alliance and Business Technology - increase opportunities - LATAM
When Do Business Alliances Make Sense - LATAM market entrance - Colombia
Mentorship and business advice may be general or specific depending on your company's needs and requirements
Business alliance, agreement between businesses, LATAM, Colombia, markets
Arrangement among independent businesses with corresponding goals in Latin America
How to Build Business Alliances - Colombia - Europe - Business Advisors
Businesses and business leaders committed to fast track LATAM entry
Latin America fertile source of business opportunities
Best Latin American companies lists including the top small and medium businesses
Latin America Presents Growing Opportunities for European Firms
The Latin Business Index, a measure of overall conditions
Pictures DogStyle
Business Partner Consulting en Bogotá, Colombia
From a business perspective, Latin America makes an inviting destination
Export opportunities in Latin America - Europe
To start a business in South America - Nomad Capitalist
Concrete submarine yacht leadership construction management
Business Unit Manager drive, motivate, exercise, leadership, LATAM markets
Submersible yacht construction global leadership
Super-luxurious yacht - submarine headquarters - nemo style - @nautilusmaker
Luxury submarine with pool - nemo style - @nautilusmaker
Ocean colonization, solve bottleneck, technology, investment
Negocios entre colombia y europa
Submarine Yacht Is Perfect for James Bond
Corporate Social Responsibility | global networks
Submarine super-yacht construction expert @nautilusmaker
Submarine yacht with helipad and toys technology leaders
E-Commerce in Latin America: Legal and Business
New partnership in trade and investment | Latin America | Colombia
Südamerika - Die Unternehmensdatenbank | Ellmer Group
Google for Entrepreneur de Latinoamérica
Underwater technology construction key players
Underwater Construction: Development and Potential
Underwater Concrete Construction Technologies - Submarine Yacht - @nautilusmaker
Underwater Technology Seminars Caribbean Network
Personal submarines make a splash
Establishing Marine Protected Area Networks | Latin America
Civil Engineering / Diving and Underwater Technology
Underwater Construction Paper Abstracts
Dynamics of International Business: Asia-Pacific Business
Business & Economics Innovation, Geography and Internationalization | Latin America | latinindustry.biz
Underwater Construction Tech Makes a Splash
Marine Construction, Engineering & Technology - @nautilusmaker - Ellmer Group
Wilfried ellmer vip tourism board latin america
Trade organization that promotes travel and tourism in Latin America
Globalization and Transnational Capitalism | Latin America
Establishing a Global Knowledge Network | key player network | business development
Latin America Business | Entrepreneurship Network | frontier development
Trade Facilitation, Production Networks | Ellmer Group
Offshore Wind: the 21st Century Frontier | ocean colonization | business alliance
Economía y Comercio Internacional· Ingeniería Ambiental, Industrial
Bored of your superyacht? Time for a submarine - technology leaders
Luxury Personal Submarines for Yachts - Shipbuilder technology leader - (http://concretesubmarine.com)
Luxury submarine hotel, marine concrete shell technology leader
Central & South America - Travel - Key Player Network
Global Networks and Local Values | Latin America business development network
Impulsando sectores como Petroquímico-plástico, Turístico, Logístico, Astilleros, Agroindustria y Construcción
Caribbean Marine Suppliers of Ship Repair Services
Animales y Mascotas Acessorios
Fotos de perros y artículos de interés
Marine concrete technology leadership alliance network caribbean LATAM
Luxury Submarine-Yacht Pictures - Business Insider - technology leadership
New and Used Yachts submarines for sale - Sub Finder, constructor
Fotos de perros y artículos de interés
Tienda de Mascotas Cartagena
Online shopping for pet supplies, cats, dogs
Evidently, there are 100 personal, luxury submarines flitting around the Seven Seas
Check out this ultra-lux submarine
Directorio de empresas que comercializan productos, insumos y servicios en la industria
Sector Comercio, Industria y Turismo, Portal Industrial
5 person private submersible offers exceptional field of views and represents the latest in PERSONAL LUXURY SUBMARINE
Branding Latin America - Market Entry - Mentoring
SUPERYACHT HYBRID: Transformation of current submarine designs into a private yacht which offers state-of-the-art luxury experience
Forget the Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, Ferraris and private jets and cast your beady eyes at some of the most popular luxury submarines
World Travel Market Latin America
Boat living in London
Establishing and Managing a Global Business Network | Latin America | Europe
Designer and manufacturer of personal luxury submarines for superyacht owners
Personal submarines are the latest must-have accessories for super rich yacht owners looking for exciting yacht options
Submarine yacht underwater living space
Hotels in Latin America - Luxury Cultural Tourism
consultoría gerencial | Colombia | Europa | Ellmer Group
Entrepreneur | Coach Latinoamérica
Swiss Management Center | Colombia | Caribbean | Cartagena
Doing Business in Colombia | Bogota, Colombia
Doing business in Colombia? We can help | expat manager network | Europe
Economy on the Ocean > Economy on Land, or How Seasteading Can Revolutionize the World
Emerging networks Latin America | business development | Colombia
Media Networks Latin America | business network | key player network
Ship Repair & Refit - Colombia Yards
Offshore Shipbuilding & Ship Repair
Ship Repair - Solutions - Marine Engineering - Ellmer
San Jose Treasure | Colombia | Cartagena | Galeon | Galleon | ship | wreck |
Managing Groups and Teams | Latin America business development network
Captain Nemo submarine yacht concept
Punto de acceso integrado a la información y servicios que ofrecen entidades industriales
Ship Repair & Dry Dock Company, Cartagena Bay Area
Offshore oil and gas structures include ramform floating platforms
Our Company - Caribbean International Ship Repair & drydock, Network
#ColombiaTourism #BusinessDevelopment
Enrich the poor seasteading
Submarine yacht for sale
Platform, offshore platform
Offshore Production Platforms, floating platforms concrete honeycomb technology
Caribbean business alliance, marine business
Oceanic real estate business
Investor boardroom colombia infrastructure find and match investors
Structures That Could Help Us Build Civilizations on the Ocean
Marine colonization network business architecture ellmer group
Oceanic living space concepts business alliance
Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information
Connect expert from a remote location to customers - get connected
Mobility, Security, Research, Latin America
China's oceanic living space concept, floating structures, alliance
Latin america boardroom network get connected
Governance in Latin America - Business Boardroom
Worlds largest yacht brokerage firms | ocean colonization | Ellmer Group
Colombia trade networks business resources
Empowered Network focuses on the challenges and opportunities
Getting Communications a Seat at the Boardroom Table
Mission of stimulating sustainable development
LATAM boardroom table, greatly impacts corporate success
Supply chain as a way to better connect and deliver
Get Connected with Latin America & Grow - Ellmer Group - alliance
Boardroom suggestion Latin America explorer
Explore South America! | South American Explorers - Business development group
Boardroom offices in Latin America
Ground rules established in the formation of a group | Latin America | business development
Look to the Future - long-term potential for growth - Latin America
Gather information from a diverse group of potential stakeholders | Latin America
Latin America distribution platform | business development | Ellmer Group
Latin America's corporate elites transnationally connected | latinindustry.biz
Oceanic freedom subdue to nobody
Economic cost base, explore the opportunities, LATAM opening
What suggestions and advice do you offer to international clients
Connect with the LATAM key player boardroom, get resident mentors, informed decisions
Inside the International Boardroom - Latin America - business strategy
International boardroom latin america operations
World Retail Congress Global Series, the Retail Congress Latin America
As more global brands enter the Latin American markets
Latin boardroom cafe
Latin American & Caribbean Solidarity Network Boardroom
Learn, network, and build relationships, Latin America strategy boardroom
Salas de negocios europa colombia red de
Human Development Report for Latin America
Connect with Boardroom Café Latin America key player network
All about business connections, resident manager advise, LATAM Boardroom experts
Find Boardroom Executives in Latin America
Research project on the feasibility of establishing global networks | Latin America | business development
Entrepreneurial boardroom, founder social network, Latin America
The reason our political system doesn't innovate anymore is that there's no place to try out new things
El despertar de Colombia y las oportunidades de negocios
European | Latin American | Business Services | global networks
Submarine living space bubble frontier development key player network
Centros de negocios Colombia, wi-fi, salas de video comunicaciones
Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is a vast and diverse market
Motor del desarrollo del negocio europa - colombia, america latina
Main Circuit Breaker Testing and Repair Services
Metal, Steel & Rubber Supplies
Marine Ship Yard New Buildings
Unbeatable services | Latin America | business communication | networking | Ellmer Group
Latin American Network facilitates the interaction | Latin America | Europe
Technical Consulting Services
Inspection Services Marine Cluster Caribbean Alliance
Leading technical contracting, installation and service company
Design & Engineering Services Marine Cluster Cartagena
Marine, shipyard, and offshore industries
Latin America Initiative | Center For Global Development
Networks Latin America | company research | investing information | Ellmer Group
World Oil & Gas Week‎ | Ellmer Group | Colombia
Marine sales, service, engineering and vessel Management Company
Incisive consulting, technical services and spare parts supply for the Marine- and Power Industry
Low operational costs and optimal vessel life cycle management are key to success
Inter-American Development Bank, project development
Business Development Opportunities and Market Entry | Latin America | Colombia
Caras Nuevas en los Negocios - America Latina
Latin American Development Bank - Project Management, Network
Desarrollo humano integral
Desarrollo integral y sustentable - America Latina
Valuable benefits for companies associated with the ship repair industry
Dimensión humana del desarrollo
Naval auxiliary ship designed to provide maintenance support
Second to none for one stop shop at Ship Repair
Ship and Offshore Repair key player network
Place providing support for the foot in climbing or standing - foothold in Latin America
Strong network of experienced business people | Ellmer Group | Latin America | market entry
Establishing a foothold in a new market - Latin America
Using Market Footholds to Confuse the Competition
European business summit colombia
Business foothold Latin America emerging tiger markets, boardroom, strategy, advisor
Company has secured a foothold in the latin american market
The narrowness of foothold markets makes them powerful
European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurships and SMEs
Conference of business leaders and policy makers - Latin America - Europa
Mercado Interior, Industria, Emprendimiento y Pymes
European Business Summit, around the theme "Industry 4.0" - Latin America
Industry, Research and Energy - Draft agenda - European - Latin America Entry
European industry agenda - Latin America
Global biodiversity conservation strategies | key player network | oceanic business alliance | ellmer group
Establishing a New Global Cluster | key player network | Latin America
Successful knowledge networks | key player network | Latin America
Industry accounts for over 80% of Europe's exports and 80% of private research
Developing Relationships in Business Networks | Latin America business development network
Business leaders from a wide range of sectors across the region
Digitising European industries and enterprises - LATAM key player network
Centrality Approach to Identify Sets of Key Players - Latin America Business
Fracking industry setting the agenda - Latin America
Industry Agenda. Agriculture, Food & Beverage · Automotive · Aviation
Blueprint for an industrial renaissance in Latin America
Fact-Finding Visits and Reports Business Colombia
Many structures have explored the concept of submerged living space
Formation of the Global Ocean Business Alliance
Frontier development business alliance network group, strategic planning boardroom
Ocean tech companies, world-leading companies focused on ocean technology
Ocean Rim Association to push for stronger economic ties
Oceanic industry platform network concrete honeycomb shell
Leading ocean technology company
Become a global leader in ocean technology - oceanic business alliance
Network of companies who have been at the leading edge of research and commercial development of advanced ocean technologies
Business alliance Europe is leading in ocean technology
Futurist - looks at Ocean Habitation
World class-leading products and solutions in ocean tech
Ocean colonization (or Ocean colonisation) - underwater habitats
Interest in sending humans underwater
Underwater hotel dubai - hotel under water - undersea hotel
Lohnstückkosten der Industrie im internationalen Vergleich
Ocean technology companies promote
Ocean Technology Co-Location Program
An underwater habitat has to meet the needs of human physiology
Globally networked risks and how to respond | Latin America business development network
Establish a reputation as a global reference point | key player network | Latin America
Sphere habitat most economic living space feasible for ocean colonization
Largest underwater habitat for humans | ocean sphere | New-Atlantis™ | nautilusmaker® |
Underwater Facilities You Could Actually Live In - Ocean Colonization
Unsustainable fishing is the largest threat to ocean life and habitats
Underwater habitat for humans, oceanic living space, real estate
All American Marine Industry Tour
Measurement Standards Require Social Networks | Latin America business development network
Leverage your professional network | Latin America | Europe | key player network
An underwater habitat is a physical structure to help people live and work
Floating city project seasteading
Stay current on news and events from The Maritime Alliance
Marine Industries Alliance is bringing together all aspects
Permanent floating concrete structures have various uses
Focus Group on Future Networks | Latin America business development network
Facilitator offering business services and solutions to domestic and foreign companies | Ellmer Group
#JointVentureBusinessStructure #Colombia
Seasteads will not compete with Iowa in crop farming
Base condition for oceanic real estate, simple, long lasting, can take any sea condition
Floating disney land
Building capacities and leveraging resources | Latin America | key player network
Building global partnerships and international networks | Latin America | Europe
Exodus of the rich, opt out,
Inside America's Boardrooms - Latin Connection - business development
We help companies around the world connect and collaborate in Latin America
Multi-connection boardroom solution - Latin America - Expat Network
The Elephant in the Boardroom: Speaking the Unspoken - Latin America Business
Business Connection offers business networking services
Global partnership for development | Latin America | Europe | key player network
Interest in maintaining and expanding trade
Building A Platform For Business Success - Latin America Boardroom
Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually benefitial relations
Networking is a socioeconomic business activity
Latin America Connection assists states by maximizing the Small Business
Complex world of global business and leadership | Latin America | Europe |
Global Business Development | Latin America | Europe | key player network
Leading and inspiring a team of global business development professionals
The personal development component | Latin America | Europe | business development
Information in business is the key to being able to make the right decisions at the right time
Meet weekly at several location and times for networking and Meeting
Engagement, global Inclusion | corporate | Latin America | Europe
Unbeatable services in Latin America for business communication
Our network offers many services to facilitate the business connections between Europe and Latin America
Südamerika Forum über südamerikanische Länder: Reisen, Business, Market
Personal growth and development environment | international | Latin America | Europe |
Soak up knowledge from industry experts and network with executives
Strategy & Business Development | Latin America | Europe |
Ellmer Group Business Solutions | Latin America | Europe |
Global Network, representing major business groups | Latin America | key player network
US-Colombia Business Partnership | Colombia | Europe | alliance
Starting a business in a foreign country will always bring challenges
Colombia Hub | Partnering Initiative | Europa | business development
Latin America Business Manager | International | Europe | expat | German
Develop a holistic view of organisations and the global business environment
Global network, business development programs | entrepreneurs | build lasting business relationships | Latin America | Europe |
In the business world, a first mover is a company that gains an advantageous and perhaps insurmountable market position
Latin American Business Conference | key player network | latinindustry.biz
Yachting Nemo style ocean alliance network
Business support alliance working across Latin America
Caribbean VIP event business network
Ship repair companies, marine engineering, colombia, cartagena, caribbean
Latin Business Association Professional Networking | latinindustry.biz
Ship management caribbean german network
Floating wastewater treatment island assisting shore cities
Mobile seasteading nomadic seasteading
Cartagena colombia marine infrastructure investment
Specialist business advisors skilled in - Latin America, Expat Network
In the business world, a first mover is a company that gains an advantageous and perhaps insurmountable market position
Regular guidance and mentoring | Latin America | Europe | business development | expat manager network
Strategies for personal and professional success | Latin America | Europe | key player network
Latinindustry.biz | global development professionals network | Latin America | Europe |
Boardroom experience - activity stream
Audiovisual equipment for a new headquarters boardroom
Ship repair logistics key player cartagena colombia
Provides services to businesses at an affordable price with measurable results
Global Business Environment | Latin America | Europe | business opportunities
Personal experience of entrepreneurship | Latin America | Europe | business development
Personal global leadership development | Latin America | Europe | key player network
Specialty VIP Yacht tourism Cartagena
Pharma in Latin America strategic investment Ellmer Group
Business advisory service advises current and future businesses prospects
Organization whose members volunteer their time and expertise to provide solid business advice
Business & Economics | Latin America | Europe | key player network | market entry
Kolumbien – der Aufsteiger in Amerika | latinindustry.biz
James Cameron back on surface after deepest ocean dive
Submerged protection wave hazards
Wir bauen ihr lateinamerika netzwerk auf
Langjährige Projekterfahrung in Lateinamerika
International multilingual B2B marketplace
Improve business performance management, cash flow management & business process
Have a presence and work in Latin America or with Latin American business partners
Optimize Business Performance with Premium Enterprise Network Service
Efficient logistics, network of extension officers, capacity of quality assurance
Ihr Kompass in Lateinamerika
Wir realisieren Nachhaltigkeitsprojekte mit der Privatwirtschaft
Lateinamerika gewinnen Sie neue Impulse
Forum über Südamerika, Mittelamerika, Lateinamerika
Personal case study and one-on-one coaching
Chancen und Risiken in Emerging Markets: Kolumbien
Get enabled to become a better global leader | key player network | Latin America |
Diskussionen und Beiträge über südamerikanischen Länder, wie Kolumbien
Als Marktforschungsinstitut führen wir Marktforschung in Südamerika und weltweit durch
Marktforschung in Lateinamerika - International Research
Geschäfte in Südamerika stellen komplexe Anforderungen
Marktforscher nehmen sich Südamerika vor - DIE WELT
Business-Knigge Südamerika
Lateinamerika info aus erster hand
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Personal social media business strategy | Latin America | Europe | key player network
Business treiben in Südamerika Expat Netzwerk
Südamerika Business Class Specials ... Fact finding mission
Thema Sicherheit. In Suedamerika/Lateinamerika
Südamerika aus erster Hand - Geschichte und Gegenwart Lateinamerikas
Aktuelle Informationen aus erster Hand zum Markteinstieg
Emerging Markets & Business Development | business development | Latin America | Europe |
Wachstumsregionen mit rund 1 Milliarde Einwohnern
Insiderwissen aus erster Hand auch viel Zeit zu persönlichen Gespächen
Die Angst vor einem Wirtschaftsabschwung - Lateinamerika Markteintritt
Wirtschaftsnachrichten aus den 20 Ländern Lateinamerikas
Lateinamerikanische Handelskammer in der Schweiz
EU: 118 Millionen Euro für Lateinamerika
Global Institute for Leadership Development | Latin America | Europe |
Aktuelle Wirtschaftsnachrichten, Verbrauchsinformationen und Unternehmensberichte aus der Finanzwelt
Die Bundesregierung empfiehlt dem Mittelstand auch in Kolumbien
Kolumbien und Ghana sind Top-Exportmärkte
Plattform zu Fragen um Tourismus, Auswandern, Eigentumserwerb, Politik
Nachrichten der Wirtschaft über Börse und Finanzen. News von Industrie und Unternehmen
Lesen Sie jetzt Nachrichten aktuell aus dem online News-Room
Visionary Leadership Global Business Excellence | Latin America | Europe |
Die grosse Kolumbien-Community der Freunde Kolumbiens
With very moderate investment, wave energy has been exploited | ocean colonization
Revitalized Financing in Marine Fisheries Management and Conservation
Kolumbien Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten - Expat Netzwerk
Colombia frontier development opening industrial infrastructure investment
Coastal and Marine Resources Management in Latin America
Skills, network thinking, and intellectual stimulation | Latin America | Europe |
Marine traffic management latin america
Strategy for Coastal and Marine Resources Management
Global Human Resources Development | business development | Latin America | Europe |
Liner Shipping Markets, Networks and Strategies
Human Development Initiative | Global Footprint | business development | Latin America | Europe |
System development and maintenance | Latin America | Europe |
Be competitive in the global economy | businesses must incorporate integrated strategic business planning
Global network of life-long business contacts and friends | Latin American | European | Business Network
Tanka, Moken, Uru, no transcendence into powerful floating city
Integrated maritime-coastal and port environmental management
Changes in the global marine landscape, and their implications
Management in businesses and organizations, all over Latin America
Personal and business coaches | Latin America | Europe | business development
La estrategia del océano azul
Proteger los océanos, un negocio millonario sin explotar
Explotación de los fondos marinos, ¿un negocio rentable?
Política Marina examina los aspectos económicos, legales, políticos y sociales del océano mundial
Facultad de Tierra, Océano y Medio Ambiente
Business Forum on Ocean Policy and Planning
Personal Development | Global Oil and Gas Industry
Ocean business council
CEO-led organization of forward-thinking companies that galvanizes the global business community
Colombia negocios internacionales, inversion extranjera directa
Empresas soldadura cartagena
Positive impact on innovation in business | empowering people | business development | Latin America | Europe |
Leadership development company | Latin American | European | Business | Colombia
World Ocean Council is an unprecedented international, cross-sectoral industry leadership alliance
Business Advisory Council - National Marine Sanctuaries
Ocean and Coastal Resources Committee
Global Ocean Business Community Will Meet to Advance Corporate Ocean Responsibility
Coaching Gurus | Latin American | European | Business development network | Ellmer Group
Finding a customer or partner | Colombia | Latin America | business development
Global Partnership for Effective Cooperation | Colombia | Europe | business facilitation
Drummond Company Enters Into Partnership With Itochu
Business Etiquette | Languages | Culture | Colombia
Maquinaria para soldadura cartagena
Ocean Technology Sector | Latin America | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Floating Business Cluster | made up of concrete shells, work barges, ships, boats
Key players executive search boardroom meetings
Maquinaria para soldadura cartagena
Global Mobility: a win-win for you and andybody | business development | Latin America | Europe |
Partnership between business, government and international development
Contratos, subvenciones | acuerdos | Europe | Germany | Colombia
Talleres De Soldadura recomendados en Cartagena
Prevailing ideas in business and academia about global leadership | business development | Latin America | Europe |
International network | business development | key player network | Latin America | Europe |
Oceans of the world | ocean colonization
Picture ramform context
Set up ship repair projects cartagena colombia
Propuesta de planeación estrategica para la empresa
Land Salzburg Lateinamerika Beratung
Nordrhein-Westfalen Lateinamerika Eintritt Mittelstand Berater
Digital challenges in newspaper newsrooms and boardrooms
Latin American Studies Association
Latin America, Chile and the Global Internet
Socio-political and cultural position in Latin America
Latin America and Caribbean Agriculture, Construction, Engineering
Ocean conservancy marine debris
Achieve sustainable global business development | expat manager network | Latin American | European | Business
Latin America | Europe | business development | expat manager network | latinindustry.biz
Executive Director Colombia Business Partnership
Colombia Business Setups‎ | market entry | business facilitation | mentoring
Political Risk Analysis - Business Environment
Worldwide Marine Services, Transportation and Logistics
Science-based solutions to tackle the biggest threats to our ocean
Future - Ocean living: A step closer to reality
Handbook of Business Discourse
Business Regulation and Non-State Actors
Ocean city hotels oceanfront
Concrete drilling platform could extend exploration season offshore
Información necesaria para tomar decisiones
Inteligencia de Negocios (Business Intelligence - BI)
High impact | leadership development | Personal branding | expat manager network | Latin American | European | Business
Ocean City, Maryland Convention and Visitors Bureau
Ocean drilling project platform support development logistics
Business intelligence (BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information
The deep sea is the largest habitat on earth and is largely unexplored | oceanic business alliance
Maritime Companies - Maritime Connector | business development
Applications to help business users make more informed decisions
Industry leader in Latin America | Latin America | Europe | network
Business Partnership Manager | joint venture | Germany
What is business intelligence
Business intelligence open source
Business intelligence definicion
Overall conditions for conducting business in Latin America
Meaningful Latin America business information
Business intelligence tool for Latin America with data, news, analysis and events
Quickly become a key player in Latin America's vibrant social scene
We provide marine support and look for business improvement initiatives
Business development | The Rise of Social Networking in Latin America | Ellmer Group
Business development | The Rise of Social Networking in Latin America | Ellmer Group
Marine Industry Insurance for Business in Latin America
Unilever Sales Beat Estimates in Latin America
Nomination Inspirational Latin Awards
Latin America - South America - Central America Business
Meaningful introductions and innovative business opportunities
China's Pivot to Latin America - Bloomberg
Experts on Latin American business and trade to help
Both regional and country specific information
Business insider boardroom Latin America
Computer products in Latin America and Europe
Cuatro diques flotantes, una troja de 700 toneladas
Have you ever analyzed the possibility to enter the Latin American market
Newly formed network | organizing international meetings | business development | Latin America | Europe |
Growing Startups | Cartagena Colombia | key player network |
Need a Business Partner? | find business partners | Europe | Colombia
Latin America's superrich, multiplying faster than anywhere in the world
Latin American Investment Trust plc Portfolio Holdings
Companies around the world connect and collaborate more effectively
Conexiones con más de 432 puertos en 114 países y servicios, Cartagena
Professional Consulting Services Business Solutions
Deliver business, risk, financial, organization and process-related advisory
Network of entrepreneurs | combine knowledge | expertise | Latin America
Firma internacional de consultoría, centrada en el asesoramiento de negocio, finanzas, riesgos, organización, tecnología
Proceso selección management solutions
América Latina y el Caribe | Organización de las Naciones
Salud y seguridad en trabajo en América Latina y el Caribe
Seguridad laboral en América Latina
Estudio sobre legislación comparada sobre riesgo
Coyuntura laboral en América Latina y el Caribe
Submarine network solutions use the latest optical transmission technologies and network architectures
Legislación y control de riesgos de salud en américa latina
Seguro social obligatorio contra riesgos de accidentes del trabajo y enfermedades profesionales
Manual para la formación de nivel superior en prevención
América Latina. Aldea Global. Economía mundial. Estabilidad macroeconómica
Professionals with networking skills across the Latin America region
America latina y la globalizacion ventajas
Se espera que América Latina y el Caribe en promedio crezca
We provide marine support and look for business improvement initiatives
Offshoring IBC international Business Corporation
New regional centre for Latin America | Colombia, Bogota, Cartagena
Accelerate Your Startup | Latin America | Europe | business development
Colombia Investors | start up network | German Colombian
Los pequeños estados insulares en desarrollo del Caribe
Latin American Network Information Center Business Resources
LATAM business | The Mobile Economy Latin America
Accelerators in Colombia that help your startup grow | Colombia
Promoting Networks of Small Enterprises in Latin America
Continuous network improvement has implied very high levels of investment for the region
Latin American Business & Entrepreneurship Network | Colombia
South America is slowly making moves in the tech world
El Caribe, América Central, América del Sur, América del Norte, Organizaciones Regionales
AMÉRICA LATINA Y EL CARIBE. Un producto conjunto del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
Modelo agroexportador en america latina y el caribe
America latina y el caribe economia
Mark Zuckerberg Investing In Colombia's Startup
Emprendedores colombianos e inversionistas nacionales e internacionales
Colombia Nurtures a Hub for Tech Start-ups
Submarine Networks World is the largest annual conference for the leaders in subsea communications
World's major submarine cable systems and landing stations
Submarine networks that provide the essential infrastructure for global communications
Network in establishing and sustaining high value-added industries in Latin America
Submarine yacht price per ton of displacement compare
Diving Deep With Luxury Submarines - TheRichest
Luxurious Submarine - Super Yacht for the Richest - Bornrich
For billionaires only - Most popular luxury submarines
Deutsche Bank – Globales Netzwerk
Infraestructura flotante cartagena colombia
Co-investing in startups with top-tier local investors based in emerging markets | Latin America | Europe |
Colombia Is One Of Latin America's Most Promising Markets | business facilitation | Latin America | Europe |
Floating Business Cluster | made up of concrete shells, work barges, ships, boats
Ocean Engineering | Marine Energy | deep sea robotics | key player network
Get invested | key player network | Latin America | business development
Key factor to determine the success of a business partnership
Ship repair floating island cartagena marine
Strategische Partnerschaften und Thematische Netzwerke
Ellmer Ventures Creates Startups in Colombia
La población flotante de Cartagena
Is Latin America Open for Business?
Business facilitation experience to your unique business issues | Latin America
Personal submarines are the latest must-have accessories for super rich yacht owners
Look south: Startup opportunities in Latin America | Colombia | market entry |
Critical Growth and Business Development Strategies in Latin America
Infraestructura - Sociedad Portuaria Regional Cartagena
El acueducto en Cartagena Colombia utiliza una bomba flotante
Adecuada infraestructura aprobada por la autoridad marítima Colombiana
Infraestructura logística - Colombia Trade
Cultivo de cobia en jaulas flotantes de Antillana, en Tierrabomba
Trade Facilitation through Border Integration in Central America
Venido con la idea desde hace mas de 10 años de construir unas casas flotantes
Contecar cuenta con un muelle marginal de 700 metros
Responsabilidad Social. Infraestructura. Seguridad y Protección
Competitividad e infraestructura portuaria de la costa atlántica Colombiana
Las frecuencias para exportaciones desde el puerto de Cartagena de Indias son amplias
Consortium of business facilitation specialists | Latin America
La infraestructura, ventajas y eficiencia del puerto de Cartagena
Infraestructura de las Sociedades Portuarias. Regionales
Firmen netzwerk berater suedamerika
Intergovernmental Scientific Networks | Latin America | Europe |
Sociedad Portuaria Regional Cartagena. Extensión del puerto. 40 Hectáreas
Más infraestructura portuaria en Cartagena | Puerto Bahía
Colombia Startup & Investor Summit | business development | key player network
Colombia's investment in infrastructure jumps over 25%
Umfangreiches Netzwerk von Beratern und Entwicklern
Infrastructure Investment Guide | Cartagena Colombia
Servicios. Construcción y Montaje de: Naves Industriales; Bodegas; Muelles Fijos y Flotantes
Zugriff auf eine große Anzahl außereuropäischer Berater
Weitreichendes Portfolio an hoch qualifizierten Beratern
Jegliche gewünschte Expertise in kürzester Zeit liefern können
Nord- und Südamerika sowie Asien
Wir fuehren Firmen und Institutionen nachhaltig zum Erfolg
Top 25 der IT-Berater und Systemintegratoren in Deutschland
Marine Logistics | Global ship spares & marine parts | ship owners and management companies | global “door-to-deck” delivery service | ship spares and marine parts
Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft KG
Weltweit verfügen wir über ein umfangreiches Netzwerk von Beratern und Entwicklern
Dabei differenzieren wir uns am Markt indem wir uns Zeit nehmen
Verlässlichkeit, Sprache und Branchenerfahrung
Fundraising for Colombian infrastructure | Latin America | Europe |
Hochqualifiziertes Netzwerk an Beratern, Partnern und Firmen
Hinterlegen Sie einfach eine kurze Projektbeschreibung
Sourcing und Consulting Unternehmen
Consortium of business facilitation specialists | Latin America
Ruf von Verlässlichkeit und Serviceorientierung
Ocean colonization, concrete honeycomb shell construction
Hydroblasting caribbean ship repair services cartagena
Aufgrund des kontinuierlichen Wachstums haben wir regen Zulauf
Europäische Consultants bzw. Entwickler
Alle Berater sprechen fließend Englisch sowie weitere Sprachen wie Deutsch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch,
Floating event platform, cartagena, colombia, concrete honeycomb
Try fast, learn fast, fail cheap, seasteading phase1
Mehrere Tausend Berater und Entwickler aus allen Bereichen
Colombia gained investment grade given by the three main risk rating agencies
Colombia prioritises infrastructure plans | Ellmer Group | key player network
La situación de la infraestructura portuaria en Colombia
Forging business and partnerships, Cartagena Colombia
Unternehmen aller Branchen und Größen - zuverlässiger Partner
Tendon anchor oceanic industry development ramform ocean sphere platform
Profitieren von integrierten, innovativen und bedienerfreundlichen Lösungen
Effizienz, Flexibilität und Transparenz in Geschäftsprozessen LATAM Markt
Branchenübergreifend, Schwerpunkte auf Hightech/Elektro, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
Financial Times: big plans to transform Colombia | key player network
Colombian government has to transform the country's road infrastructure | Colombia investment
Switzerland Global Enterprise – Colombia Infrastructure
Leading global infrastructure investment group | | Latin America | Europe |
Eines der profiliertesten Beratungsunternehmen für die Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft
Ergebnisorientierung und Qualität
Innovatives Consulting, Coaching und Programmierung
Worldwide reputation for prompt, efficient, quality service, ship repair
Lösungsanbieter, der IT-Consulting, Strategie-, Organisations- und Prozessberatung
Empresa de Asesoría y Consultaría Empresarial
Berthing space with support services on site
Boosting Global Competitiveness by Investing in Infrastructure | Colombia, Bogota, Cartagena, emerging economy, latin tiger
Deep ocean base near the port of Qingdao is under construction
Beratungsunternehmen, Einführung, Beratung, Schulung und Betreuung
Submarine section german sub ww2
Repair capabilities, conversion capabilities, colombia caribbean, european group
Government's infrastructure investment program | Latin America | Europe | Colombia
Ideally located for vessels trading in the southeastern U.S., Central America, South America and the Caribbean
Quick access to main shipping routes
Enjoy a guided city tour of Cartagena and explore Colombia's most-visited city
Number of operational drydocks, bay of Cartagena
Fast-track large steel replacement capabilities
Keeping ships out of dock and moving in the water where they belong
Repair jobs are completed on time
Repairs on time on budget, and with superior craftsmanship
Most respected leaders in the business
Ejecución estratégica para la creación del portal online de moda
Submarine yacht
Best of Cartagena, Colombia | Latin America | Europe | turismo | tourism | caribbean
Marine engineering, fabrication and marine repair projects
Comprehensive team of specialist marine fabricators
Brand Manager in Colombia who will be responsible for the analysis and execution
Projecting a solid industry of corporate prestige and pride
Experience servicing the maritime community, in south america
Business network
Companies engaged in, or supporting, the ship repair industry
Focus and coordinate member resources on issues, challenges, and opportunities
Providing information affecting the industry
Coordinating industry workforce development programs
Coastal & Ocean Resources | Marine Geological
Cartagena | Colombia's Caribbean coast | excellent beaches | historic old town
Tourist Information for Cartagena Colombia | Cartagena Colombia Turismo
Cartagena Colombia Tourism | Tips on travel safely in Cartagena | key player network
Our guide to Cartagena gives you expert recommendations | Cartagena Colombia Tourism
Singapur y Colombia, los mejores países para hacer negocios
Leading facility for ship-repairs and ship-building in the Caribbean Region
Logistical, technological and human resources
Specialized services in ship-repairs and ship-building
At home fast money in cartagena
Facilitating connections to international business | Latin America business development network
Leader Business Advisors en Bogotá, Colombia, Mentoring, Market entrance, Business Accelerator
US income tax for mars colonists
Información General de Colombia, Noticias, Negocios
Cartagena is Colombia's most famous tourist destination on the Caribbean coast
Quest for new trade routes and colonies | ocean colonization
Colombia: Increased infrastructure investment still not enough
Economic Relations Between Europe and the World | oceanic network | key player network
Global Partnerships | Oceans | caribbean | network | oceanic business alliance
Blue frontier | oceanic network | Sea vs. space | Which is the real final frontier
Healthy ocean | sustainable fisheries | oceanic network | key player network
Guia de viajes oficial de Colombia
Departamentos de colombia
Colombia lugares de interés
Countries in Latin America & the Caribbean, Business Networks, Trade options
Latin america power house emerging economies
News and commentary about economics and politics in Latin America
Latin America: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News
Latin America News Headlines
Repairing ocean going vessels
Ship Repair & Conversion Technology
Cartagena Colombia | visit the tourist attraction of Colombia | Latin America | Europe | turismo | tourism
Repair, conversion, refit and/or maintenance needs
Full Service Top Side Ship Repair Yard
Red de negocios más grande del mundo
Ausbildung, berufliche Laufbahn und Portfolio
Egg shell, concrete shell
Treten Sie mit Wilfried Ellmer in Kontakt
Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and services
Netting, Mesh and Screens for Industry
Net Profit-Business Risk Reports, Profitability, Industry
Pharmaceutical industry net worth
Engineering | original research and development | ocean colonization
Oceanic Engineering Society | Research | Development | Operations
Extractive Industries in Latin America | key player network | Ellmer Group
Comercio bilateral entre Colombia y la Unión Europea
Empresa conjunta o joint venture es un tipo de acuerdo comercial de inversión conjunta a largo plazo
Juntarse o asociarse dos o más empresas
'joint venture' entre empresas nacionales y extranjeras están creciendo cada vez más
En lo últimos años, Colombia ha sobresalido en América Latina y el mundo
Center for Ocean Engineering | key player network | Latin America business development network
Planear, implementar y controlar efectiva y eficientemente el flujo de aprovisionamiento
Inteligencia empresarial, America Latina
Honeycomb truss structure, yurt shell
El sitio de los negocios globales de América Latina
Industria alimenticia colombia Negocios Colombia Europa Cluster
Directorio especializado de proveedores para el sector logístico
Gestión de la Cadena de Abastecimiento
Until the 1990s, Germany was the leading country in the marine business
La logística (del inglés logistics) es definida por la RAE como el conjunto de medios y métodos necesarios para llevar a cabo la organización de una empresa
Temas relacionados con Logistica - ‎Artículos de Logistica - ‎Noticias sobre Logistica
Hoy en día el tema de la logística es un asunto tan importante que las empresas crean áreas específicas para su tratamiento
International Impact Engineering | ocean engineering | disruptive technology | deep sea robotics
Offshore construction | offshore engineering | ocean engineering | maritime engineering | ocean colonization | get invested | next big to come
Infrastructure | Industry | Investing in Latin America | Colombia | emerging industry |
Oceanic Engineering Society | disruptive technology | get invested | deep sea robotics | floating concrete structure | light honeycomb
Sound social and environmental development in Latin America
Bearing Bad News About Bearer Shares
Latin America is becoming a global arena for green innovation | latinindustry.biz
Brindamos acompañamiento y asesoría personalizada a las empresas en expansión
Outshine the competition - Latin America
Located along major shipping routes - ship repair network
Panama incorporation
Business development | World Economic Forum | Latin America | Colombia summit
Shipbuilding production is sourced mainly across the European network
Shipbuilding Industry Investment and Business Guide
Prominent public and private sector leaders | Latin America | key player network
Demand for fossil fuels and minerals has exploded globally | latinindustry.biz | Latin America
Submarine yacht | migaloo | price | get started | get connected | seasteading
Providing ship survey, ship repair and refit service
América Latina o Latinoamérica es un concepto étnico-geográfico
Administración de Empresas · Contaduría Pública · Derecho · Economía
Noticias sobre Latinoamérica: artículos, videos, fotos
Negocios cartagena | negocios colombia | Ellmer Group | business facilitation | Latin America
Enfoque global sobre negocios y empresas líderes en América Latina
Introducción a Negocios en Latinoamérica
Corporate Governance in Latin America
Governance Guidelines · Code of Conduct · Annual Shareholders Meeeting
Oportunidades de negocios en América Central
Éxito, nuevo líder de retail en Latinoamérica
Centro para los Negocios en América Latina
Latin America IBA Conference: Shareholder Activism Today
Development bank committed to improving the quality of life for Latin Americans
Governance structures and shareholder protections
Links to shipyards and other companies that provide shipyard services
Shipyards Group offers a network of repair and conversion yards worldwide
Ship repair and conversion service. News, company profile and dry dock locations
Business cluster, also known as an industry cluster - Latin America - Europe
Extensive portfolio of services that can accommodate all ship repair requirements
Ships and Industrials Repairs include topside ship repair and maintenance, inspection, welding, mechanics
Industry cluster Michael Porter in The Competitive Advantage of Nations
Manufacturing Industry Best Practices & Analysis
Data records on industry clusters and regional business environments
Increasingly, the competitiveness of metropolitan regions relies on the development of industrial clusters
Policymakers and industry leaders on strategies for economic development
Clusters are groups of interconnected firms, suppliers, related industries
Oceanic Investor general business proposal list
Types of Industry Infrastructures - LATAM portal
European Commission - Enterprise and Industry
European Commission - PRESS RELEASES
Industry cluster is different from the classic definition of industry sectors
Industry cluster data tool helps the practitioner see networks of businesses
Industry cluster analysis methodology
Línea de transparencia · Informe de gestión anual · Consejo directivo
Latin America and the oil, gas and mining industries | latinindustry.biz | key player network
Largest, oldest and best ship building, located in Cartagena
Licensed shipyard situated in Cartagena, Colombia and owned by an international investment group
Industry classification - ‎Information industry - ‎Outline of industry
Business activities. In modern economies
Industries, sectors and categories profiles section
Industries including basic materials, conglomerates, consumer goods, financial, healthcare
Neptune palace private submarine superyacht
Government industrial policy, regulating industrial placement
Four Categories of the Economy - Latin America
Geography on the classification and identifiable characteristics of industry
Find the latest news, analysis reports and Fidelity insights on specific sectors or industries
Luxury Yacht Charter & Superyacht News
Leadership: Corporate Management - Latin America business mentoring - Expats
Interference freedom scale 1-10 for seasteading start up
Real estate fundamental driver of seasteading
Astillero Líder en Soluciones Integrales Colombia Marine Cluster Ellmer Group
The International Corporate 1000 - Latin America Europe
Supplying the Die Cast Industry with Custom Trim Presses
Submarine superyachts are a Bond villain's dream
Acquire the knowledge, products, and services you need to run and grow your business
Latin America Manufacturing Outlook | Colombia Emerging | Ellmer Group
Mi negocio es la facilitacion de sus negocios | Europa | Colombia
Leading source for reliable news and updated analysis on Business
Una adecuada infraestructura aprobada por la autoridad marítima Colombiana (DIMAR)
Metal casting, spare parts, order tracking
Metal Mechanics, professional, courteous and knowledgeable service, repair and installation
National Society of Metal Mechanics
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Manufacturing automation metal cutting mechanics machine tool
Refrigeracion Industrial en Cartagena
Primera ciudad industrial del Caribe Colombiano
Representatives from the European Union and Latin America
Foreign Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean
Ocean Colony Beach & Tennis Club
Cartagena: Touristic and Industrial center Caribbean Latin America
European industry expansion latin america
EU - Latin-America Cooperation - European Commission
European Commission launches an EU - Latin America survey
Business, also known as an enterprise or a firm, is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services
Business News: breaking personal finance, company, financial and economic news
A business network is a complex network of companies
Latin America: a guide to economic history, business network
Guía Turística Cartagena de Indias, encuentra sus Museos, Islas, Playas
Ocean Colony Condominiums for Sale and Rent
Ocean colony realty
Free international lifestyle facilitated by a mobile ocean colony
One of the worlds' leading yacht design studios
World's largest business networking organization, learn from the experts
Hacemos de la Tecnología su mejor aliado de negocio
Latest trends in selected manufacturing industries in Latin America | latinindustry.biz
Oceanic trade superhighway picture it
Naval Architecture and Yacht Design
Trade liberalization, deregulation of economic activity | colombia business services | latinindustry.biz
Control Inspections and Surveys Services Companies | Cartagena Colombia | marine service
Great Ocean Road Real Estate and accommodation
Create and set up your project plan - Latin America opening
Latin America we facilitate international business by connecting decision makers
Yacht Design, Naval Architecture and Engineering
Group gives life to your ideas with a full range of services
Nautilusmaker Design conceives on their own all the preliminary project of a yacht. This is the phase when the "look" of the yacht is born: from the initial concept
Mission is the colonization of the oceans - sustainablility
Industrial Support Cartagena, Contract Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication Services
Industrial support & accesories - Latin America - Europe
Consulting group globalization Latin America Ellmer Group - Europe - LATAM
Experience the new Industry Online Support
Industrial Support Systems, Ellmer Group, Cartagena Colombia, Latin America
Ocean Colonies As the Next Frontier in Business and Real Estate
Colonization of the ocean floor is imminent
Colombia business services | market analysis latin america | latinindustry.biz
Corporate Field Support; Emissions; Heat Treat
Ocean colonization on a large scale, ramform, ocean sphere, last frontier
Latin American startups focusing on European companies
Brochure Project Information Latin America Network
Lens cluster, concrete shell
Ocean colonisation is the theory and practice of permanent human settlement of ocean
Ocean colonization, populating the Earth's oceans, core technology, network
Project management goal - Latin America - Europe
Caribbean Marine Complex: Marine Engineering, Marine supply, repair, network
Fostering international industrial logistics complex
Logistica empresarial, recursos, cartagena colombia, key player network
Building globally competitive cities: The key to Latin America
Shipyard Industrial Complex - Colombia Marine Cluster
Steps towards a Colombian Maritime Industrial Complex
Europe - Colombia High-Level Partnership Dialogue
Relaciones ue colombia
Marine and Industrial Complex - Caribbean Cluster
Integrated industrial facility for marine and industrial key players
Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay
Industries in Latin America and the Caribbean | business network | Ellmer Group
Industry Report | Latin America | Colombia Emerging | business network | latinindustry.biz
Latest Industry News | Latin American Private Equity
Activities related to your business overseas
Comprehensive business management, Global Strategy - Latin America
Engineering challenges of building underwater
Stability and growth colombia
Joint venture business structure colombia
Ocean colonization technology, concrete honeycomb, shell
Assisted living community pension plan
Concrete submarine yacht built tested
Find business solutions cartagena colombia
Yacht, oceanic travel, captain nemo style, submarine, concrete
Zukunftsmärkte: Autoindustrie sucht ihr Heil in Kolumbien
Unternehmen für Markteinstieg in südamerikanische CAN-Märkte
The Castle - Authority Handling
Key player network
The New Rules of Customer Engagement
Posicionamiento web colombia
Marine business cluster cartagena
Die wachsende Mittelschicht prägt Zukunftsmärkte
Rechtsberatung Lateinamerika; Kolumbien; Marktzugang Geschäftskontakte
Marine business cartagena colombia
Kolumbien Zukunftsmarkt für deutsche Bergbauprodukte
European bilateral relations with Colombia
Specialist tourism Colombia Cartagena network
Catamaran dome combination
Cartagena muelles flotantes concreto
Peter Thiel - The Education of a Libertarian
Key technology founder investment ocean colonization ellmer group
Geschäftsideen der Zukunft - Lateinamerika - Kolumbien
Latin America has been growing at a strong pace over the last years | latinindustry.biz
The Industrial Revolution and Latin America | latinindustry.biz
Sabmiller floating industry following resources and markets around the globe
Mining Motors Long Term Service Global Contact Finder Marine Propulsion
Industry International, Oil & Gas, Power Conversion, Energy
Industries are strategic and results-driven - Latin America - Europe
Market Strategies International - Latin America - analysis, entrance, mentoring, leadership
Oceanic real estate for 5 billion new earthlings 40 squaremeter each
Honeycomb dome solutions
Potential and vision make a seastead
Developers offer products investors choose it is a market
Apply Seasteading Concrete Shell Structures
Marine business group cartagena colombia wilfried ellmer
Go oceanic, marine business development, floating real estate, caribbean, alliance
Ocean colonization, floating structures, next big thing to come, emerging trend
Offshore construction, installation of structures and facilities
Oceanic construction network ocean colonization real estate
Businessknigge Mittel- und Südamerika - Gründer Welt
Why We Can't Solve Big Problems
Oceanic cluster networks
Dome Construction, leverage your professional network
Gründerszene in Lateinamerika für deutsche Unternehmen
Concrete Dome Solutions, floating dome structures ocean colonization
So heiß ist Lateinamerikas Start-up-Szene - Wirtschaft
Economic growth in the Latin American region is expected to recover | latinindustry.biz
Quote deutscher Start-ups vergleichsweise gering - Lateinamerika
Gründungsnetzwerk Düsseldorf - Lateinamerika
Skype cofounder Niklas Zennström is an avid sailor and owns several yachts
International business company colombia
Cartagena Colombia key player network
Wie deutsche Risiko-Gründer denken - Lateinamerika
Honeycomb shell building, ocean colonization, core technology
Wohin sollte man als Gründer gehen, um sein Start-up hochzuziehen - Lateinamerika Netzwerk
International industry consultants european colombian industrial mentor developer expat multicultural
Ship chandler in colombia cartagena - Caribbean ship repair, supply, attendance
Ship supplies, services, management, alliance, network, partnership
Ship repair in colombia, international management, close monitoring, resident manager
Today's leaders should start investing in the next generation's vision
Mission is the colonization of the oceans and space
Single Family Baysteading Dome
Colombia business leadership network
Startup Secrets: Game Changing Business Models
Anchor design for fish farms
Undersea colonization - Science & Technology of the Future
Ocean Colonization, Extropy article
Bioengineer aspires to colonize the sea
Deep Sea Fish Farming in Geodesic Domes
Floating geodesic domes of concrete
Technology startups ocean colonization network founder investment
Exercises and Solutions in Statistical Theory
Establishing offshore autonomous business entities
Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Looks For ‘Disruption’ Before Investing
Key player network | EU - Latin-America Cooperation | European Commission
Interested in building start-up countries in the far off, open ocean - ocean colonization
Draper Fisher Jurvetson, disruptive ocean colonization investment
Investors & Startups Speed Dating
Identifying the Drivers of Industrial Clusters
SpaceX has moved from a spunky start-up with a seemingly outlandish goal of colonizing Mars to disruptive competitor that has remade the rocket
Ocean colonization alliance disruptive technology founder investment
Pivot - A course correction for startups based on findings in user testing and analysis
Chinese innovation is going to disrupt the U.S. from the outside in and the inside out
Represent truly disruptive technologies to oil
Goal of ocean colonization alliance is to catalyse technological progress
Lessons from History Frontiers and Enlightenment
Get a foothold in Latin America
Ocean sphere habitat
Disruptive ocean business investor core business startup investment
Gates to business model profitability for startups
Convertible note - A note is worth a percentage of equity ownership in a company
Focus on early-stage investing in three core sectors – IT, Biotech and Cleantech
Startup terms you need to learn before you get funding
Burn rate - The amount of cash you are spending each month in relation to your capital
Making Sense of Corporate Venture Capital
Andreessen Horowitz Leads $20M Investment In Soylent
Acqui-hired - purchased for its staff
Angel investor oceanic business alliance
Disrupt/disruptive - product or technology that will change its marketplace
Nondisclosure agreement (NDA)
Seed Round or Seed Stage
Industry Cluster Analysis: Inspiring a Common Strategy for Latin America
Incubator - Startup incubators are groups that support chosen entrepreneurs and/or their businesses with mentorship and funding
Economic transformation drives Latin America | Colombia Emerging | latinindustry.biz
The United States and Latin America | Colombia Emerging | latinindustry.biz
Exit strategy - The way you envision getting money out of your company
Going public - A company’s IPO, or initial public offering
Examining the Latin American industry | Colombia Emerging | latinindustry.biz
Latin america business opportunities
Cartagena colombia business opportunities
Valuation (pre-money valuation, post-money valuation)
Venture capitalist (VC)
Vesting - The schedule under which founders and employees must remain in the company before receiving their full share of the equity
Understanding Cluster Analysis - Latin America
Cluster analysis methods in data mining
Latin America Conference - Biotechnology Industry
Latin American Design and Architecture
Emerging trends disruptive technologies
The future of search and SEM also lies outside of Google
The Internet of Things is a hot and beautiful mess until it becomes the Internet of Everything
Predictions for the Most Disruptive Tech Trends - Ocean Colonization
The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies - Ocean Colonization - Key Players
Space colonization - Ocean colonization - encyclopedia - alliance, network
Building floating real estate square meters on a floating production line
Crowd capitalization accelerates disruption…everywhere
Bitcoin and other cyrptocurrencies lose value but teach us about how to think differently about money
Mass personalization and full funnel marketing suites reset vendor landscape and change how brands “think” and work
Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life
Growth versus development | Latin America | colombia business services | business facilitation
Latin american industry | Colombia business | network development | invest
Economic Development of Latin America | Colombia Emerging | latinindustry.biz
Top disruptive technologies to watch
Game-Changing Technology Trends - Ocean Colonization
Emerging trends and technologies business people and technology tomorrow
Marine minerals : exploring our new ocean frontier - disruptive technology
Who's Who in Latin America - Ellmer Group - Yacht services VIP
Engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs - marine network
Should the ocean be colonized - Debate - Last Resource
La industria naval en Colombia se afianza
Regional Industry Cluster Analysis - Latin America
Marine Surveying Diploma - Lloyds, ABS, GL
Oceanic economy | marine development | key player network |
Meet the Entrepreneurs at the Forefront of the Space Race - Ocean Colonization
Plan de Negocio para el sector siderúrgico, metalmecánico
Directorio de empresas y capacidades - Colombia
Yacht Clubs of South America
PANAMA Cruising Guide - Colombia
Ocean city ocean colonization - business alliance real estate
Why haven't we colonized the oceans - oceanic business disruptive tech
Latin american industry | Colombia business | network development | invest
Mobile Micronations: Floating Utopia & Ocean City Projects
Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering - Latin America
Marine consulting and engineering cartagena bay
Naval Engineers, Inspectors, Supervisors, Crane operators, Stevedores, Tally men
Pacific Ocean Alliance Launched
Ocean alliance business club
World Bank Launches Global Oceans Alliance
Industry forms Ocean Business Alliance
Communicating the value of your product, to customers in Latin America
Latin American Marketing Association - Portal Network - Key Players
Opportunity for Technology Funding. Enter Technology Challenge - Ocean Colonization
Promoting your company, product, service, in Latin America
Ocean colonization key technology disruptive development investment
Disruptive technologies to enhance and expand exploration capabilities
Why Floating Ocean Cities Will Change The World
Marketing management - ‎Marketing strategy - ‎Digital marketing
Mercadotecnia - ‎Marketing 2.0 - ‎Mezcla de mercadotecnia - ‎Telemarketing
The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer
Companies interact with consumers to create relationships that are beneficial to both parties
Business network | latin america business | Colombia Emerging | Ellmer Group
Industry players in the liner, cruise, tramp, project cargo and offshore sectors
The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Marketing
Forum provided learning and networking ... tools and solutions for concrete manufacturing, design and construction
Latin American Industrial Competitiveness | business facilitation | Latin America
Floating city models realistic approach
Innovation in Concrete Structures: Design and Construction
Concrete Technology - Portland Cement Association
Primary consideration in the selection of a floating dock system
Floating city on water - ocean colonization technology
Floating Cities, Islands and States - ocean colonization - civilization
Very Large Floating Structures - concrete honeycomb cluster shell structures
A pier that floats on top of the water, with guide piles driven as needed to maintain its location
Captain Nemo Oceanic Business | oceanic business alliance™ | yook3™ |
The Other Final Frontier - The New York Times
Maritime Cluster - Development of Maritime Clusters - global marine cluster portal
Human Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Latin America and Europe
A strategy for growth for the Marine Industries, Latin America, Caribbean, Cartagena
Support activities for the development of maritime clusters in the Caribbean
The Challenge of Globalization | latin america business development | Colombia Emerging
Marine business key players cartagena colombia
Commercial Service Marine Technology | Caribbean | key player | business facilitation
Maritime Strategy to strengthen Colombias top position in marine business
Breakthrough Leadership‎ Marine Network Caribbean
Entrepreneurial leader with a track record of breakthrough scientific research
Caribbean, Caribbean Basin and Gulf of Mexico, Business Leadership Marine
Ship management business caribbean - german european network portal
Global Ship Management Services - Ellmer Group
Elon Musk Is Right: Colonizing the Solar System
Committed team and visionary leadership, marine cluster portal network
Protect Planet Ocean, Sustainable Marine Cluster, Business Development
Reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Caribbean Ship Management
Futuristic mega-projects oceanic key player network - Ellmer Group
Investigating international ship management companies - service quality caribbean
Proposed Marina Expansion Plan - City of Cartagena Marine Cluster
Explore the innovation and partnering opportunities in Latin America | latinindustry.biz
Cartagena de Indias and Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast | tourism
Technical Ship Management Services - Caribbean Key Player Network
Caribbean Maritime Institute, key player network - Caribbean Europe
Concrete mix design latin america technology network
Nomadic floating cities on the oceans
International Concrete Technology Forum
Floating marina project is an investment in sustaining the capacity of the region
Floating Marina - Autonomous Floating Mooring System, Marine Cluster
Conferences explore innovations of science and technology
Mega engineering projects floating concrete honeycomb shell structures
MegaFloat Project in Japan
The Fastest Growing Latin American Industries | emerging industry | Colombia
Economic activities include maritime and petrochemicals industry | key player network
Will Robots Help Build Mega-Engineering Projects on the Ocean - Oceanic Real Estate
Relevant SIMC Plans policies regarding Marinas and Floating Homes
The dome seastead idea - realistic aproach
Anchor the world's largest floating offshore structure
Ellmer Group, Cartagena Marine Cluster, repairing ocean going vessels, Caribbean
Magellan Network; Ambassadors; Social Media; Contests; Events
Colombia targets a first-class marina
SMIM IMPIANTI has consolidated Subsidiary in Colombia
Emerging technologies of interest to transhumanists - Ocean Sphere
Connecting Submarine & Terrestrial Networks
LAMP COLOMBIA, new LAMP subsidiary in Latin America
Ship Repair Pre-Hire Course Enrollment Requirements
Service organization, with core competencies in the marine and offshore repair and conversion disciplines
Capable of independent operation underwater
Ikusi reinforces its presence in Latin America opening
Doing Business in Colombia - Baker & McKenzie
Colombia No.1 property site for real estate
Tourism Website of the Caribbean | business development | key player network
Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association | Caribbean Tourism | key player network
Government and private sector operatives in the tourism industry | key player network
Property consisting of land and the buildings on it
Drydocking Tugs, Barges, Cartagena Metal Works Machine Shop, Steel Fabrication, Tailshafts
Naval Architects, Shiprepair & Conversion Technology, Caribbean
All our yards carry out ship repairs and conversions. We have high-quality facilities with slipways and docking capacities
Megascale Engineering in space and on the oceans
Leading ISO 9002 accredited company providing afloat repairs, maintenance and installations on a worldwide basis
Ocean colonization singularity - oceanic business alliance
Ellmer Group, Cartagena, Industry development, valuable benefits for companies associated with the ship repair industry
Our network been leading the general ship repairs field in the Caribbean
Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit | latinindustry.biz
General Ship Repair, Marine Support, Engineering, Portal, Caribbean, European, Ellmer Group
The quickest, most efficient way to put a ship back out ready for action is to visit the cartagena ship repair cluster
Hundreds of artefacts recovered from the ocean floor
Marine and ship repair, Caribbean Network, Industrial Support, Management, Projects, Ellmer Group, key players
We have the upgraded network to do ship repair but still open to partnership agreements
Ocean colonization equity crowdfunding, disruptive developments
Fiestas infantiles | cajas decoradas | regalos | Colombia | vintage
Crowdfunding, shares, equity, ocean colonization, disruptive technology projects
Top Ten Transhumanist Technologies - Ocean Colonization
Creating self-ruling floating cities - ocean colonization key player network
Marine business will lead to seasteading, disruptive core technology, marine concrete honeycomb shell building
Latin america at caribbean, tourism, VIP, key player network, Ellmer Group, board room, advisory, alliance
Designing the Worlds First Floating City - Oceanic Business Alliance
Emerging ocean technology sector, key investment
Ocean technologies are one of the largest advanced technology industries
Investment Encourages Ocean Technology Entrepreneurship
Honeycomb shell construction ocean colonization disruptive technology emerging trend key players
Construction, maintenance, replacement and expansion, honeycomb shell, structures, ocean colonization technology
Marina investment caribbean honeycomb shell building core technology ocean colonization
Fast business funding, Latin America key players, frontier development
Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest
Asset Management Company, private sector development, development finance, LATAM
Early growth, Spain, Palma de Mallorca, Worldwide / Global, Latin America, Western Europe
Strategies for putting money to work in a fast-growing continent
Blended Finance Network - United Nations Economic Forum
Analyse the way the organisation operates and the key players involved in it
Repair and maintenance projects for the marine industry and other industrial projects
Caribbean's regional tourism development agency
Ride the next wave of Virtualization
Colombia emerging economy | The new world of business - Fortune
Marine Engineering Division is a premier ship repair company operating from the Caribbean
Is crowdfunding real estate the next big disruptor - oceanic real estate - ocean colonization
Clean technology investments development venture capital - ocean colonization - frontier development
Post-Capitalism: Rise Of The Collaborative Commons - Ocean Colonization
Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations - Latin America
Crowdfunding platforms from an expert technology team - ocean colonization
Oficinas en Bogota Aeropuerto Business Hub
Expat LATAM business leadership program
Latin American Accelerator Programs You Should Know
As the disruptive capacities of technological innovations continue to advance
Caribbean Development Bank | infrastructure development | Cartagena Colombia | international network
Business Growth Hub, Support for new businesses trading in Latin America
Learn powerful business skills and get connected to the local business community
Business Hubs in the most important LATAM markets
Join leading companies that are achieving bottom-line impacts by valuing nature's assets
Dedicated platform for businesses from around the world to connect, showcase good practices and exchange expertise
Ship repair centres, with Cartagena being one of the main repair countries
How to drive innovation and business growth - Latin America - Europe
Colombia Marine Network, Shipbuilding Industry Investment and Business Guide
Connect to ellmer group oceanic business alliance
Get started in LATAM emerging countries, ellmer group oceanic business alliance
Resources and answers to your small business and midsize venture in Latin America
Business hub of the world - emerging economies - Latin America
Ocean technology business hub - ocean colonization - disruptive investment
Ocean colonization wilfried ellmer oceanic engineering floating honeycomb shells
List of Latin American countries and dependent territories by population - business opportunities
Share buyer interest ocean colonization key player network
Economic interest ocean colonization key player network solve technology bottleneck
Making Colombia a global player in shipbuilding/ship repairing
The coverage of Latin America is key for the U.S. audience
Caribbean, Central & North America, South America, Regional Organizations - Business Network
Access Latin America and Caribbean's economy - Key Player Network - Business
Strategic market entry latin america and south america
Development of sustainable tourism for the economic and social benefit of the Caribbean
Get the latest Latin American and Caribbean news - Business Entry
Fast track Business Resources - Latin American Network Information Center
Learn about: ocean colonization key player network
Founder investment ocean colonization key player network
Now, Colombia may be Latin America's best comeback story
Ship repair and conversion The strong growth of the world fleet
Leadership Information and Leadership News - Latin America - Europe
Providing sound practical business advice | business facilitation | Latin America
Our vision is to become a key player concerning environmental solutions for ships and the shipbuilding industry
Capabilities for the shipbuilding and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market
Colombia Joins Top Three Smartphone Markets in Latin America
Developing Colombia as a Shipbuilding and Repair Hub
Traits Of Great Business Leaders - Forbes
Managing - ‎Sales Leadership - ‎Leadership At The Top - ‎Leadership Genius
Portal network | latin america | business development | Colombia | strategy | economy
Introducing Teamwork Projects | Ellmer Group | Latin America | Colombia | key player
Colombia and Peru: The Rising Stars of Latin America
Journey latin america colombia
The Greatest Living Business Leaders Today - Latin America - Europe
Develop the offshore engineering and ship repair industry, merge
The ship repair and conversion sector contributed to Cartagenas industrial development
Wilfried Ellmer Discourse Latin America - Index Business - Networking
Human Resources: search & staffing, assessment, training & coaching
Make Better Business Decisions With Expert Analysis
Why Latin America is a fertile ground for green tech industries
Business Development Active Board Network Latin America Strategic Resources Emerging Opportunities
Providing an unrivaled network of seasoned business leaders
Set course of Business Units - Vision and Strategies - and assigned resources (people, assets, brands)
Active role in governance, and - in the areas of strategic and business planning, product and operations development
Largest companies in latin america
Secrets of Business Leaders Who Built Hugely Successful - Latin America Industry
International Council of Tourism Partners | oceanic business alliance | key player network
Latin American Economic Outlook | business development | Latin America
Our management team executes strategies to adapt our products and services for the company's global Agent network
Strategic development of the company - responsible for ICT related projects with focus on North and Latin America
Headhunters across Latin America are tapping Venezuela for low-cost professionals as a deepening economic crisis has left many skilled workers earning less
Latin America having second largest share of the world's oil
Thousands of amazing projects | Latin America | emerging economy | get started | get invested
Meet this year's most influential business leaders who are shaping their companies and industries
Emerging Markets | The Unsung Gems of Latin America | Colombia
Changes in the industrial development of Latin America
This week, the World Economic Forum's Community of Global Growth Companies is welcoming new members from among Latin America
Major industries in latin america
Business leadership management fundamentals
Emerging business leadership qualities - Latin America
Business leaders must do more - Latin America - emerging trends
Marine steel repair network business leadership management fundamentals
Analysis of the main ocean technology subsectors | ocean colonization | Ellmer Group
Marine steel repair network business leadership management fundamentals
Bolivar - Cartagena: Touristic and Industrial center
Colombia's Most Efficient Investment Portal
Colombia commits itself to cacao The first two ICA-registered cacao clone
First hand business networking Colombia - Latin America
Network Orchestrators outperform companies with other business models
Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch
Attention to emerging markets, profitable trade lanes and new business models
Thanks to new and improved networks, the Internet is fast emerging into vehicle
The growing importance of business model innovation - Latin America
Facilitate new and valuable user experiences will be a key factor
Kolumbien • Netzwerk • Hafen • Infrastruktur • Investment | Wilfried-Ellmer
Project governance | ‎Project management | ‎Project planning | ‎Megaproject | Latin America
Project governance | ‎Project management | ‎Project planning | ‎Megaproject | Latin America
Even the best technology can't deliver success without focus on business strategy
Floating artificial reef snorkel area
Portal business model was born with the Internet. The number and use of these portals is growing along with the number of products they offer
Regional Leadership Forum on Ports and Goods Movement - Ports Caribbean
Major ports on the Caribbean Sea | portal network | Ellmer Group | latinindustry.biz
Portal products provide enterprise web portals that help companies deliver a highly-personalized, social experience for their customers
Feature a more modern design philosophy | vintage design | Marcela Mancilla Cartagena Colombia
Prototype Vintage Design, Charm School Vintage | Marcela Mancilla Cartagena Colombia
Learn about ship repair key players and markets caribbean
Fast emerging business - Latin America - Europe - key player network analysis
Revenue Models and Key Players - Integrators Pharma companies working the network
Credit Constraints and Investment in Latin America
Annual Global Development Conference
Lateinamerika-spezifische Institutionen/Gesellschaften
Investment accelerator Latin America
The Latin American startup movement gaining momentum
An “accelerator” for Latin American angel investors
Development Centre Studies Capital Flows and Investment
The Ultimate List of Startup Resources in Latin America
The Key to Raising Business Investment: Keep Pushing
Join the network event key players in Latin Americas emerging economic cluster
A key attraction of co-investments is the ability to participate
Celebration Of Vintage and Retro Design | Marcela Mancilla Cartagena Colombia | vintage design
Co-investing in startups with top-tier local investors based in emerging markets
Equity or co-investment - Latin America - startups
Invest operating company, alongside a financial sponsor, private equity investor
Dedicated investment vehicle for international investors wishing to pursue opportunities in Colombia
organización independiente, móvil | business development | Latin America
Our network has been co-investing alongside fund managers in portfolio companies that we judge to be especially attractive
Private Equity Co-Investments - Ellmer Group - Latin America
Private equity co-investment - Latin America - key players
Check out the regional profile with key industry figures
Latin America has become a business hub where creativity and innovation is key
Join the rest of the industry as they come together - Latin America
A terrific opportunity to network with the business leaders of Latin America
Bridges, wharves and piers, offshore platforms, ocean-going concrete vessels
The major players in the Latin American business community attend this event
Empowering the Connected Generation in Latin America
Leading organizer of conferences in Latin America - Ellmer Group - key player network
South America brings the biggest suppliers of raw materials, key players and emerging opportunities
CEM in Telecoms Latin America Summit
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to discuss with senior figures from across the globe
Globaler Konzern mit globalen Kompetenzen - latinindustry.biz
Business Latin America - delivers a unique and personal setting to build networks, facilitate getting connected
Latin America Conference for Deans and Directors
This year the conference will focus on the key theme Internationalisation
Retro and Vintage In Modern Web Design | Marcela Mancilla | SEO | Cartagena Colombia
Why Attend? - Bett Latin America Leadership Summit
Advantages in floating concrete vessel technology
Mini Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Platform
New Pontoon Technology Favors All Concrete Construction
Underwater Concrete Technologies in Marine Construction
Learning - Global Development Learning Network - latinindustry.biz
Global Voices auf Deutsch - latinindustry.biz
Integrated Design and Environmental Issues in Concrete
Latin American Private Equity and Venture - latinindustry.biz
Deutsche Bank – Global Transaction Banking - Latin America
Ihr Rechtsanwalt im Ausland - Lateinamerika
Latinindustry.biz gives globalization a face and shows how people are coping with the opportunities and risks
Globale Geschäfte - Globale Verantwortung - Lateinamerika - latinindustry.biz
Bereich Capital Markets und Institutional Sales in Lateinamerika - Beratung latinindustry.biz
Cartagena colombia, vintage designer | Marcela Mancilla | key player network
Kunden und Geschäfte - Latein Amerika - latinindustry.biz
Themen Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur in Lateinamerika - latinindustry.biz
Herausforderungen für die deutsche Wirtschaft auf den globalen Märkten - latinindustry.biz
Lalizas | Colombia | Cartagena | lanzamiento | Europe | Colombia | www.lalizas.com
Seasteading • investor deck • elevator pitch • oceanic business alliance • wilfried ellmer •
Industry:Investing in Latin America - latinindustry.biz
Global Development - partners worldwide - latinindustry.biz
Global development network - Latin America - latinindustry.biz
International Organization that builds research capacity in development globally
Knowledge services portal, supports researchers, latinindustry.biz
Very elegant hotel, decorated by vintage designer Marcela Mancilla | Cartagena Colombia
Craft & Design | Digital Fabrication | Drones & Vehicles | Home | Science | Technology
Latinindustry.biz is a worldwide network of research and policy institutes working to provide new perspectives to the development
Global Network for Rights and Development - latinindustry.biz
Global Development Learning Network - latinindustry.biz
Global Development Professionals Network - latinindustry.biz
Exportdialog Lateinamerika - Latinindustry.biz Global Enterprise
Lateinamerika - eine Region im Aufbruch - latinindustry.biz
Marine Netzwerk ist ein eigenständiges, Netzwerk
Deutsches Maritimes Kompetenz Netz
Very elegant hotel, decorated by vintage designer Marcela Mancilla | Cartagena Colombia
Portal de Negocios, Business Portal, Red de Negocios, Ellmer Group, International
Latin America and Caribbean Projects & Programs | management | Ellmer Group
Beiträge führender Experten aus der Maritimen Sicherheit und Maritimen Wirtschaft
Ein funktionierendes Netzwerk ist im täglichen Geschäft unentbehrlich
Project manager latin america | business facilitation | get started | management resources | market opening | regional manager | emerging markets | Colombia
Deutsch-Kolumbianische Industrie Netzwerk Platform - latinindustry.biz
Bogotá ist wirtschaftliches und kulturelles Zentrum Kolumbiens
Deutsche Einrichtungen in Kolumbien - latinindustry.biz - Industrie Netzwerk
Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions
Creative Tourism Network | caribbean | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
Create an Ornate, Vintage, Poster Design | Marcela Mancilla
Engineering and construction group | field development | Ellmer Group | ocean colonization | oceanic business alliance
Das erste weltweite Netzwerk deutschsprachiger expat Manager - latinindustry.biz
Yachtcharter auf den Turks und Caicos - Windward Islands
Anbieter Yachtfotografie in der Karibik und weltweit
Normalerweise werden Yachten für das Mittelmeer im Frühling, Yachten für die Karibik im Herbst geliefert
Authentic designer (vintage) clothes, shoes, bags and more
Providing technical services in business and manufacturing systems
Latinindustry.biz offers customers a distinctive blend of information technology capabilities, education and training services
Global Business Solutions: Labour Law and HR Consultancy
Intercambio global latinoamerica
Why did life crawl out of the oceans and colonize land
Concrete Building - Commercial Construction Concrete
Bienvenido a Global Solutions Latinoamérica
Engineering Advisory Network - Internal Members
The Science and Engineering Advisory Council - Latin America
Global Business Solution Cloud Surveillance Services
Harvard business latinoamerica
Industry Advisory Network - University of Technology
Concrete Homes - Building Systems - Portland Cement
Concrete Homes - Design Ideas, Energy Benefits
Concrete Forms Construction of Reinforced Concrete Walls
How to Build an Affordable Concrete Home - Concrete
From the Margins to the Mainstream Assessment
Concrete Frame Structures - Understand Building
New Fastest Way to Build Concrete House
Seasteading is the concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea - Ellmer Group
Sea vs. space: Which is the real final frontier - concretesubmarine.com
Ocean Concrete - ocean colonization technology - business network - latinindustry.biz
Ocean Building and Construction Supplies - Oceanic Alliance
Concierge- und Marine Agenturservice in der Superyacht-Industrie
Worldwide port sources map of ports in Colombia
Engineering and construction group | field development | Ellmer Group | ocean colonization | oceanic business alliance
Transcending business barriers | Latin America | expat manager | key player network
Japan is building a 250-mile concrete sea wall
Start-Up Nations on the High Seas | Ellmer Group
Ellmer Group - Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Looks For 'Disruption - Latin America
List of highest funded crowdfunding projects
Crowdfunding for Medical Technology Development
Direct equity investment participation - Ellmer Group - projects
From direct equity participation to loans, insurance
Oceanic Alliance - the bulk of its support goes to large projects or transnational investors
The role of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in development finance
Red industrial Colombia Europa portal
Support a direct equity participation into local companies
Submarine Fiber Optic Communications Systems
Projects which are in line with development strategies
Focus on equity as investment instrument is in line with Norfund approach
Investments include direct equity and bond investments
Business value of inter-industry interaction for the submarine cable sector
Submarine Cables and other Ocean Industries - Ellmer Group - ocean technology
Future ocean use create for each sector, for the collective ocean business
Gear & Gadgets: Fun in the Sun | Toys for Boys With Yachts - @nautilusmaker
Undersea fiber optic cables connect most of the world's people, businesses and institutions, not satellites
Cruise tourism, marine mining and submarine cables
All eyes on the sharing economy - @nautilusmaker
Vintage design shops & warehouses | Marcela Mancilla |
Latin America business portal, joint venture, matchmaking, services
Colonizing the oceans is a natural next step, and a stepping stone to colonizing space
Latin America | Colombia | Strategies for putting money to work in a fast-growing continent
La refinería de Cartagena localizada en la zona industrial de Mamonal
Real Estate - one of the big five of ocean colonization
Online social networks and recommendation systems help establish trust
Internet payment systems can handle the billing
Collaborative consumption - Latin America - key player network
Asset-light lifestyle - Latin Ameria - key player network
Peer economy - Latin America - key player network
Access economy - Latin America - yook3
Head office strategically located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia
Latin America: a guide to economic history - latinindustry.biz
Yook3 and South American navies chart a new course
Aftermath of the global financial crisis - key player network
Creating a trusting community - @nautilusmaker
Latin america business comments - latinindustry.biz
Marketplace for modern design | Marcela Mancilla | vintage design | Cartagena Colombia
Imulead caribbean ship repair - network alliance - ellmer group
Insights about E-Commerce in Latin America - imulead
Leading Latin American SMEs Reveal Best Exporting Strategies
Savvy Disruptive Business Ideas That Worked - latinindustry.biz
Why the Latin American market is considered to be the most promising
Latin america business discussions - latinindustry.biz
Latin America spotlight: which nations are the key players?
The Unknown Summit: Key Players in Latin America
Silicon Valley's Next Disruption: Floating, Autonomous City
Here's how “disruptive innovation” works in nature
Disruptive Technologies, Innovation and Global Redesign
Ocean technology cluster | Latin America | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
The Disruptive Innovation theory as defined by (Michael E. Raynor 2012)
Business and Investment Guide is a tool for foreign and national investors, providing key opportunities
Latin american business and cultural etiquette
Best Companies to Work with in Latin America - latinindustry.biz
Latinindustry.biz latin america business forum
Imulead - latin america business discussions
In latin america business people - Ellmer Group
Latinindustry.biz - in latin america managers
Unofficial fast moving investment guide to latin america business advantage
Colombia has a comprehensive legal framework for business
Who are Latin America's foreign investment champions
@nautilusmaker - advisor - key player - in latin america business people
Latinindustry.biz - telecommunication, fast moving consumer goods and banking
The ties between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean
Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in Latin America - latinindustry.biz
European union latin america relations
Europe and Latin America: in need of a new paradigm - latinindustry.biz
A stronger partnership between the European Union and Latin America
Cultural Realities Of Latin American Entrepreneurship - latinindustry.biz
The EU's relations with Latin America and the Caribbean
EU, Latin America and the Caribbean in the field of science, technology
Latin America catches entrepreneurship fever - latinindustry.biz
Accessing Ocean Technology Value Chains | ocean colonization | get invested
Ocean Technology Workshop | ocean colonization | key player network
Event logistics | VIP network | Cartagena Colombia | Marcela Mancilla | business facilitation | Latin America
Latin American Entrepreneurship Club - yook3.com
People are looking to buy services discretely when they need them, instead of owning an asset
Large companies face disruption - key player network - Latin America
Can South America Become the New European Union
A New Era For India-Latin America Relations
Businesses/organisations in the European Union (EU) and Latin America - latinindustry.biz
Tortious interference in a business relationship
Business and freedom of association - @nautilusmaker
Foreign and domestically owned companies are allowed to set up offices
Welcome to Free Enterprise
Growing Entrepreneurship in Latin America - latinindustry.biz
Business Ethics and Continental Philosophy
Social entrepreneurship latin america
Latin America Niche Market Sales Tips
Targeting SMEs - Latin America's largest business - latinindustry.biz
The state of impact investing in Latin America - latinindustry.biz
Ocean technology and medical exhibitions | ocean colonization | seasteading | med platform
Life Cycle of Firms in Latin America and the Caribbean
Finding a Niche in the Hispanic Market
REGIONAL GUIDES: Investing in Latin America - latinindustry.biz
Blue economy | ocean business strategy | Ellmer Group
Primera ciudad industrial del Caribe | Cartagena Colombia | economia emergente
Challenges to entrepreneurship in latin america
Impact Investing in Latin America and the Caribbean - yook3
Scaling the Impact Investing Sector in Latin America
Foro Latinoamericano de Inversión de Impacto
Idb international development bank
New Frontiers in Blue Biotechnology - Research & SME
Established software and technology-enabled business services companies
Ask fundamental questions about how the planet works | key player network
Landside operations: The next frontier for container trade
Sea frontier ship, business, alliance
ECI Secures Majority Growth Investment
Final Frontier vs. Fruitful Frontier: The Case for Increasing Ocean Colonization
Outer Continental Shelf Frontier Technology
The Deep Ocean Frontier For Mining Profits
Ocean Frontiers - The Dawn of a New Era in Oceanic Business
Deep sea mining, the process of retrieving minerals from sea or ocean floors
In the Pacific ocean alone, the ISA has approved 27 exploration licences for deep sea mining
Next Frontier: Mining Minerals in the Deep Sea
Deep sea salvage: Finding long lost treasures of the deep
Marine Exploration - Deep-Ocean Shipwreck Experts - Colombia
Latin america business consulting, industry, international, entry, latinindustry.biz
Business consults with international experience, with many years of work experience in Latin America
Our goal is to guide you every step of the way, from market entry to post-sale
Strengthening of steel-concrete composite girders
LATIN AMERICA BUSINESS FORUM “Economic Development In Latin America" - Key Players - Frontier Movers
Market analysis and selection, market entry strategy, international
Ellmer Group advises companies wishing to enter the LATAM market on entry strategies
Do you want expand your business into the booming Latin American market?
Analytic Technologies | Latin America | internet technology | business development
New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme
A frontier isn't just a place; it's also the process of adaptation
Coordination of business/sales development projects in Latin America
Asociación Empresarial | América Latina | Lateinamerika Verein | expat network
Deep sea mining: the new frontier in the struggle for resources
Market Entry | Management Consulting Case Interviews
Business consulting, business solutions, case interview, case studies
Your Partner in Global Strategy - Ellmer Group - Latin America - yook3
International Business Consulting Services market entry - Ellmer Group - latinindustry.biz
Market analysis and selection, market entry strategy, international lead
The Caribbean MOU approved proposed revised vessel code
Network with Caribbean tourism practitioners, policy makers and strategic partners
Underwater vehicles | autonomous instrumentation | acoustic networks | Ellmer Group
Seasteading investment network | ocean colonization | Ellmer Group
Advanced Cruise Ship Inspection Search
Maintaining | expanding | trade and investment | Colombia | Latin America
Ramform, floating honeycomb shell structure, pictures, ocean colonization, oceanic business alliance
The ocean technology test bed | engineering laboratory | marine engineering | key player network
Facilitating and developing IT industry
Refrigeracion Industrial | Cartagena, Colombia | encuentre todo | portal industrial
Advanced Inspection & Marine Services
Colombian Business Services – Your Business Partner - latinindustry.biz
Business Consulting Partner Colombia - latinindustry.biz
Method of placing underwater concrete with minimum loss - tremie process
Decades of expertise in seamless technology system integration | ocean technology | Ellmer Group
Port of Cartagena port commerce
Investors bank marine business cluster caribbean Cartagena logistic network
Participate in the global e-commerce network
Placing Concrete Under Water - Concrete Construction - Latin America - yook3
Concrete composite building marine construction - concretesubmarine.com
Opening new global markets for ocean monitoring technology | oceanic business alliance | Ellmer Group
Anti-washout underwater concrete that is cured in 3hours
Underwater concrete creating a crib
Marine Technology research | ocean colonization | oceanic business development
E-marketplaces for business promotion | Latin America | Colombia
Cement-polymer composites are being developed and tested as a replacement for traditional concrete
Composite Steel and Concrete Structure Design
Composite Build Composite Wall Systems
Virtual Library: Steel–concrete composite buildings
Concise and accessible guide to the practical and economical design of composite buildings
Cement and concrete composite ocean frontier development
Major types of concrete, steel, and composite building systems
Carbon concrete composite
Concrete composite material floating cities ocean frontier business freedom
The role of insurance in Latin America - Industry Knowledge
U.S. business has an abiding interest in maintaining and expanding its trade and investment in Colombia
#Wellmer Colombia
Berühmte deutsche Gründer und Marken in Amerika
Freedom Business Technologies - a comprehensive approach - yook3
Our partners can help your business plan, implement and optimize your business mapping solutions
Deutscher Gründerverband: Verband für Existenzgründer - latinindustry.biz
Business Portal. Your Partner in the business. Our Business Portal
Taming the blue frontier, oceanic business, network, key players
Leitmesse für Gründer in Lateinamerika
Deutscher Gründerpreis
Beach picture Cartagena Colombia
Neuigkeiten aus der deutschen Gründerszene
News zu Startups, Digitalwirtschaft und VC
Exploring New Opportunities for Success - latinindustry.biz
Have the freedom to make the decisions - oceanic freedom business network
Floating energy island electrcity supply for shore cities
Deutscher manager kolumbien
MERCADEO EN RED, NUEVA OPCIÓN - Archivo Digital - latinindustry.biz
Marketing multinivel en Colombia
El marketing en red, también venta directa o marketing multinivel, es el sistema más potente de libre empresa en nuestro mundo moderno
Un nuevo concepto de mercadeo directo está creciendo en colombia
True freedom means having options - ocean colonization alliance
Advice for those considering starting their own business - yook3 - oceanic network
You want a strong and stable company to help you achieve financial freedom
Company decision making process - Ellmer Group
Offshore island cruising from Cartagena | marine network
Explore options for maintaining and growing your wealth
Development of sustainable tourism | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group | latinindustry.biz
Caribbean | continue to increase share of global tourism market | tourism development | key player network
European investments Colombia resident expat advisors controlers
Exploring options definition - Latin America
Give Managers Decision-Making Power
Tannenbaum and Schmidt model - delegated freedom
Floating industry core technologies - honeycomb shell building - submarine tech
Delegating freedom and decision-making responsibility to a team
Decision-making processes | Freedom of Information - Latin America Business
Innovating for True Collaborative Decision-Making
Quotes about Freedom - Decision Making Solutions
Deutsche Gründer- und Unternehmertage
How much freedom do managers have in making business decisions - yook3
Bilateral cooperation projects Europe - Latin America - Ellmer Group
Market entry strategy for management consulting companies
Tackle latin america entry strategy
Two decades of cooperation between Europe and Latin America
Specific objectives concerning Latin America - yook3
Background to EU–Latin American and Caribbean relations
Kerr-McGee Oil Industries
The European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean have enjoyed privileged relations
Establish a society on (or under) the sea
Hospitality Assured Certification for the Caribbean | Ellmer Group
EU-Community of Latin American and Caribbean
EU and Latin America: strategic partnership - latinindustry.biz
EU-LAC Strategic Partnership
Global Players in Partnership. Ten Years of Strategic Partnership EU-Latin America
Concrete in Marine Environments - Concrete Construction - projects - Ellmer Group
Enterprise portal | enterprise information portal | market entry latin america
Business matching, information about business partners and business needs, international | Latin America | Europa |
Floating Island Harbor | Breakwater City | ocean colonization | seasteading
Cartagena, eje de desarrollo de la Costa Caribe | Colombia | key player network
Seasteading ellmer group concrete honeycomb shell technology @nautilusmaker
Shell operating rig in floating mode - ocean industries - yook3
The oceans of tomorrow have floating islands
Trends in the ultra-deepwater industry
Provide a machinery of freedom on the blue frontier
Floating cities – next generation of pioneers - ocean colonization
Marina Systems · Design · Boatyard · Aluminium
Flexibility in Client Service; Business Alliances; Solid Financial Position
Concept of building floating cities that are independent of the government
Concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea - ocean colonization
Concretes designed to meet the appropriate requirements of EN 206-1 and BS 8500
UFGS 03 31 29 Marine Concrete - The Whole Building Process
Commercial Boats · Leisure Boats · Engines · Refits, Repairs and Maintenance
Concrete Marine Solutions - Ocean Colonization - Marine Real Estate
The engineering of concrete formulations in a marine environment
Training session on tourism in collaboration | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
Concrete Marine Solutions - Wind Energy Network
Prestressed concrete marine vessels and method of construction
Frontiers in Marine Science most comprehensive interdisciplinary open-access source
Deep Sea Mining - Brief history - ‎Resources mined - ‎Extraction methods - ‎Environmental impacts
Submarines Underwater Structures underwater homes
Future - Will we ever... live in underwater cities?
Business development manager | business facilitation | Latin America
Latin america business leadership network business mentoring colombia
Deep sea mining is a relatively new mineral retrieval process that takes place on the ocean floor
World's first licence to operate a deep sea mine has been granted in Papua New Guinea
Uncertainty about the risks deep seabed mining poses to marine environments and communities
Incredible Structures Built Underwater
Underwater building and constructing method
A world of possibilities to businessmen and investors
Alliance for Progress (Alianza para el Progreso)
Foro “Latin America Business Fair: Investing in the Pacific Alliance
Composite salt-hydrate concrete system for building
Flexural strength of steel and concrete composite
About - Deep Sea Mining: Out Of Our Depth
Deep sea gold rush is a 'game changer
Deep Sea mining, like asteroid mining, is a relatively unconventional method of extracting Rare Earth elements (REEs)
Agreement reached on deep sea mining
Will Deep-sea Mining Yield an Underwater Gold Rush
Building in the Deep: Feats of Underwater Engineering - concretesubmarine.com
Submarine Structures: Wonders of Underwater Architecture
Latin America's Pacific Alliance trade bloc is one to watch
Latin America believe companies with diverse leadership
China and Russia, investments in Latin America - latinindustry.biz
Latin American Integration Association
Pacific Alliance: A Trade Integration Initiative in Latin America
Unique mix of original Vintage Furniture, Industrial Furniture, modern Home Accessories
The Pacific Alliance is set to boost trade in several Latin American Markets
Mercosur and Pacific Alliance: Latin America Divided
Schlüsselkriterien für einen erfolgreichen Markteintritt | LATAM | Kolumbien | Ellmer Group
Ausbau unseres Portfolios für den Mittelstand | Markteintritt | Ellmer Group | Kolumbien
Corporate government latin america key player network latinindustry.biz
Deep-Sea Mining of Seafloor Massive Sulfides: A Reality for Science and Business
Regionalism: The Pacific Alliance
Promoting Silicon Valleys in Latin America
Chancen nutzen - Kooperationen für den Mittelstand | Kolumbien | Mittelstands Betriebe
Kolumbien-Geschäft: Finden Sie hierzu Nachrichten, Archiv-Material, Fotos und Videos
Floating Island Harbor | Breakwater City | ocean colonization | seasteading
Portal:Latin America - latinindustry.biz
EU-LAC Innovation Portal latinindustry.biz creates a fruitful dialogue between the EU and Latin America
Latin American Open Archives Portal
Portals, Directories, & Search Resources in Latin America
Directors at Fortune Global 200 companies
Comprehensive development strategy for Latin America | Kolumbien | Markteintritt | expat manager
Asociación Empresarial para América Latina | Kolumbien | Markteintritt | Ellmer Group
América Latina - Portal Europeo | latinindustry.biz
Global Business Leadership latinindustry.biz
Future Latin American business leaders latinindustry.biz
Reshaping the Finance Function to Support the Boardroom
Starting your own business a great way to put your entrepreneurial skill into action
Recent Advances In Submarine Pressure Hull Design
Reinforced concrete alone is adequate for depths
Influence of Compressive Strength and Wall Thickness
Underwater Medicine and Related Sciences
Oceans move to the centerstage - disruptive technology development - business freedom
Ellmer group - leadership in ocean colonization - disruptive business opportunities
Companies partner with third party allies from the hospitality industry in Latin America
America Latin industry's Courtesy of Choice programme
Special programs of cooperation business rounds, pre-investment, financing
Experience, delivering solutions that increase operative efficiency, protecting your business interest
Technologies business, information systems - Latin America region
Purchase highly customized business outsourcing services
| Carribbean | Central America | Mexico | South America | Advisory | Solution Integrator
Decisions for the superior political management of the integration process
Latin America Management Team - Ellmer Group
Strategy, management and operations consultancy - yook3 - Latin America
Promote and market the Caribbean destination brand | latinindustry.biz | Ellmer Group
Original vintage design | Marcela Mancilla | vintage baskets | design expert
Technology Consulting Services – Latin America - latinindustry.biz
Local Integrator in Latin-America, Caribbean bring new products and services
Integration Management Consulting - latinindustry.biz
Entry strategy and subsequent performance are key indicators
Option-based market entry strategy - latinindustry.biz
Screening the attractiveness of the foreign market
Colombia's positions as a strong market, where entry does require research and planning
B2B portal for business in Latin America
Opciones de negocio en colombia
Business and economics research advisor - key strategy mentor - latinindustry.biz
Investor should know
Want to expand your business to Latin America - Publish your products - latinindustry.biz
Economic growth in Latin America has been accelerated
Ibero-american communications portal - Information Services Latin America
Investment opportunities in the Latin America region are heating up
Understanding how to enter a large and complex market such as Latin America
Local integrator who can be integrated into a company's LATAM market entry and expansion plans
How businesses can capitalise on Colombian growth story
Institutions, resources, and entry strategies Latin America
Advance the institution-based view of strategy by integrating concepts
The Spanish Banks' strategy in Latin America
Colombia Market Entry Strategies for Canadian Oil & Gas
Red Cluster Colombia - yook3 - latinindustry.biz
Clusters and Economic Growth in Latin America - Colombia - latinindustry.biz
Redes empresariales locales, investigación y desarrollo
Latin America's Business News, Information latinindustry.biz
Infografía los Clusters en Colombia
Vintage has developed into its own business | Marcela Mancilla vintage design
Cestos para ropa | Colombia | artesanias | miscanastas.com | Marcela Mancilla
Datos de los barcos | CH7854
Servicios BPO | Business Process Outsourcing | Colombia | Eficacia
Local enterprise networks, research and development and innovation in business
Interdisciplinary approach to understanding and evaluating the opportunities for enhancing the human condition
Modern-day exploration of the sea, space, disruptive business leaders, get foothold
Ocean colonization, eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition
Theory and practice of permanent human settlement of oceans - Ellmer Group
Doing business, caribbean, marine network
What You Should Know about Globalization and the World Trade
Business analytics | Latin America | Germany - Colombia
Submarine yacht ocean colonization interruptive key technologies
Establishing offshore autonomous communities - concretesubmarine.com
Submersible surface support station
NAVFAC Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Project
Development of new tools and technologies for investigating the deep
Floating real estate honeycomb shell structures
Sea Ports of Colombia CO - SeaRates
Ellmer group honeycomb shell oceanic freedom technologies
Ocean colonization will be based on concrete honeycomb technology - yook3 - @nautilusmaker
Frontier services provided by colonizing agencies such as the Virginia Company
Colonize the oceans, colonize mars, disruptive technology development, leadership, frontier freedom
Working in interference freedom, ocean colonization, key player network, Ellmer Group
Floating Honeycomb Shell Structure, Ramform, Oceanic Living Space, Ellmer Group
Category: Port cities in Colombia
Colombia's Caribbean Coast: Tolu and Isla Mucura
Ports, waterways, and merchant marine resources
Ship agents colombia, port network, marine key players
San bernardo colombia playa blanca
Ship Repair - Caribbean, General Discussions - Network
Colombia. Seaports handle around 80 percent of international cargo
Trustworthy ship repair key player network - Ellmer Group
Welding, dry-docking and overhauls, lifeboat certifications and repair
Is the world running out of space | BBC - Future
Ellmer Group | key player network | cartagena
Que ver, que hacer y donde hospedarse en Tolú y Coveñas
Tolu colombia real estate
European ship repair market, caribbean, Ellmer Group, latinindustry.biz
Ship Controlled Equipage Items, Marine and Industrial Supplies
Issues Ship and Offshore Equipment repairing and service Evaluation Certificate
Manufacture offshore oil and gas well drilling
Welding; Pipe Fitting; Mechanical Repairs; Electrical Repair; Mobile Crews; Rigging
Ocean technology leadership | concrete honeycomb shell structures | Ellmer Group
Award winning ship repair Cartagena Colombia
High profile ship repair caribbean
What do I need to repair my vessels - Caribbean
Introducing high standards to ship repair in the Caribbean
Investments in supply chain development and ship repair facilities
Ship repair association - colombia business cluster - regional support
Caribbean plays a significant role in the shiprepair market
Ship Repair Association's member companies and employees
Welding supplies ship repair management
Marine and Oceanographic Technology Network | concrete honeycomb structures | ocean colonization
It turns out, we don’t have to fight for a better future. We can create one
In the peer-to-peer revolution, the most important elections will happen outside the voting booth
Incredible Floating Cities Could Save us All
Before we leave the earth, we need to leave the land
Medical offshore research facility design
Alliance marine engineering ocean colony floating real estate
The Role of Maritime Technology Clusters - @nautilusmaker alliance
Biomedicines from the oceans - free research - oceanic platforms
Mayor International ship repair facility, strategically located
Shipbuilding, steel constructions, all kind of ship repairs, welding, machinery
Meet your newbuild, repair and fabrication needs
Engineering, supply chain management and quality and technical services
Placing Concrete from a Delivery Barge
Modular, efficiency based nautical approach - ocean colonization
Latin america e-commerce Colombia mentor expert
Colombia becomes Latin America's best country for doing business | key player network
Wilfried Ellmer | Industry Portal Network | Latin America | Europe |
Underwater Concrete Construction Technologies. Concrete Mix
Ocean Technology Alliance of the Caribbean | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Finding sets of key players in a social network | business analysis | leadership | Latin America
Eco-friendly Private Portable Islands planned in Maldives, Miami
High-value engineering, welding and fabrication services
Voluntary governance coming to a coast near you
Are waves a challenge or an asset for floating cities?
Humanity is already choosing floating homes - concretesubmarine.com
Atlantis Rising: Why Floating Cities are the Next Frontier
Water world but for real
Ship repair companies cartagena colombia
Would YOU live in a floating city
Tsunami modeling, floating body dynamics in waves and wave-structure
Marine business requires a marine colony to host facilities, get foothold, ocean frontier
Designing and raising money for a floating ocean city-state - get foothold ocean frontier
Stay in touch with others in the oceans industry | ocean colonization technology |
Marine board, oceanic network, mentoring, key technology development cluster, Ellmer Group
Structures, topographic wave breaking and properties of breaking waves
Floating islands, next to come, ocean frontier development, get foothold, core technology
Find a System Integrator in the Marine Industry
Ocean Thermal Energy, business development, key technology, get foothold, disruptive business
The floor of the ocean is called the benthic habitat while the water itself is called the pelagic habitat
Ocean science and technology networks and organizations | ocean frontier | business development
Floating cities, homes can be disconnected and drifted, ocean colonization
Explore the topic of habitats in the world's oceans | human habitats | ocean colonization
Global business solutions, oceanic industries, ocean colonization, frontier quest
Entrepreneurs in Cartagena highlight Colombia's potential
Oceans contain the greatest diversity of life on Earth | ocean colonization
Effectively engage in ocean policy and planning, and develop science-based solutions
Oceans form the largest habitat on the planet, marine research, platform, business
Ocean currents, marine network, oceanic business, emerging trend, get foothold, technology
Marine systems, ocean technology network, ocean colonization, get foothold, Ellmer Group
Scientific Network on Naval Architecture and Ocean Colonization
Key Player Network Colombia Latin America | marine engineering | business cluster
Can-do attitude ship repair, caribbean, colombia, german management
Basic Facts About Marine Habitats | ocean colonization | marine business |
Business understanding, contribution, solutions, industry, oceanic industry, Ellmer Group, frontier development
Sustainable ocean business, global, multi-sectoral platform, | ocean colonization technology
Bring together the diverse ocean business community to plan for the next 50 years
Given the importance of the world's oceans to the global community get a foothold in ocean colonization
Industries to create sustainable solutions on the ocean | floating industries | floating cities |
All industry leaders understand how to utilize the oceans for their business purposes
The ocean | business solutions | ocean industry challenges | floating cities | frontier quest |
World Ocean View | Multi-Industry Network | Submarine | stewardship, responsible ocean business community. Creating Solutions
Tips for Selecting a Marine Project Integration Specialist
Submarine yacht | key player | engineering | @nautilusmaker
Cargo recovery and deep sea special projects | concretesubmarine.com
Latin America - Business Analytics | Colombia | Ellmer Group | boardroom
Caribbean tourism business development key player network
Smart and innovative solutions, recovery highly valuable assets, | Ellmer Group
Inventive company providing worldwide solutions in ultra-deep water activities
Resolve marine projects worldwide marine salvage | ocean colonization |
Marine cluster offers integrated and multidisciplinary total solutions that lead to fast implementation
Inversion bolsa de valores - finca raiz - inversion extranjera
Extensive set of globally aligned services and support options
Foremost integrator, naval and marine electrical and electronic systems, including machinery and damage control
Leading company in the global maritime market, operating as a full-service provider and system integrator
Future, stretching the capacity of the oceans and their finite space | ocean colonization |
Despite increasing technological change and environmental pressures | ocean frontier development |
Establishing offshore autonomous communities - ocean colonization
Colombia International Business Development Key Player | oceanic business alliance | Ellmer Group
Boundaries of today's technologies | ocean frontier | ocean colonization | key technoloy |
The oceans have played a key role throughout human history | ocean colonization bottleneck
Highlight business solutions towards a low-carbon economy | ocean colonization | ocean business | key player network |
Deep Technology Leadership - Accessing the Deep Sea through Engineering
Go wherever the oceans and seas take us
Solutions catering to the oil and gas, salvage, scientific research and deep water mining sectors
Top Deep Sea Diving And Salvage profiles | Networks | ocean colonization |
Deep sea salvage companies | ocean colonization | seasteading | oceanic business |
System Integrators in the Marine Industry | marine alliance |
Marine industry | factory automation, process control, and instrumentation | caribbean marine cluster |
Leading system integrator preferred by internationally active smart companies
Blue economy | ocean colonization | business freedom | key player network |
Marine biotechnology | marine spatial planning | marine networking | marine solutions |
The Emerging Caribbean Maritime Mega Cluster | ship repair services | marine services | Colombia Cartagena |
Colombia business opportunities | Cartagena | Industry Portal | European Connection |
Project development | partnership | joint venture | Ellmer Group | mentor network |
Engineering | floating structures | honeycomb shell | floating cities | wilfried ellmer |
Mentors | German Accelerator | Business Nework | Colombia Emerging Economy |
Managing Emerging Technologies for Socio-Economic Impact | Latin America | Businsess Development |
Leadership | ship repair association | caribbean | latin america | european network |
Marketing Managers and key Latin American distribution partners | expat network | manager
High level networking summit | key players | industry | Latin America | Colombia | business development
Connect | Americas | Community for Businesses | Latin America
Kolumbien reisen individuell | expat management | joint venture |
Energy - one of the big five of ocean colonization
Blue Ocean Strategy | Create Uncontested Market Space | Ocean Business | Fronier Development |
Declaration on the New European-Latin Strategic Partnership, and Joint Business Network
Bazaar of Opportunities for New Business Development | Latin America | Colombia Emerging |
Corporate inversion, strategies, companies, reduce tax burden
País de Latinoamérica con mayor inversión extranjera | Colombia |
Creció en Colombia la Inversión extranjera directa
Partnership | european network | negocios Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
International platform | logistica empresarial, cartagena colombia, key player network | Latin America
Expert group provides opinions and recommendations from a wide range of experiences
Astillero o atarazana es el lugar donde se construyen y reparan buques
Reporte trimestral de inversión extranjera directa en Colombia
Principales fuentes de inversión en Latinoamérica
Market research latin america | business development | business alliance | Ellmer Group
Los flujos de inversión extranjera directa (IED) | Latin America | Ellmer Group |
Telepresence Latin America - It Isn't Just for the Boardroom - Ellmer Group
En algunos países de latinoamérica la afluencia de la IED ha sido bueno
Assessment of the alternatives in Latin America
Private submarine yacht | yacht | luxury yacht | next in yachting |
Ecotourism: the potentials and pitfalls
Generalidades del Comportamiento de la IED en Colombia
Ocean Research | Horizon | The Blue Growth potential | Frontier Development |
Summit of the Nonaligned Movement, Cartagena, Colombia
Las corrientes de inversión extranjera directa (IED) hacia América
Travel | Tourism Industry | Latin America Network | Expat Mentors | Local Experts |
Fostering sustainable tourism in Latin America | Colombia | Expat Network | Europe |
Using the knowledge base within our network | business alliance |
Economic reforms in Latin America | Colombia Business Network
Travel Boom and Challenges | Sustainable Tourism | Colombia Business |
Colombia's surprisingly buoyant tourism industry
Tourism growth in Latin America and the Caribbean | Business Cluster | Network Development | Ellmer Group |
Latin American Travel Association | Networking |
Medical tourism in latin america
Tourism industry latin america | Opportunities |
Strategic alliances and joint ventures | Colombia | Europe | business development
Latin America | SEO platform | expat manager network | latinindustry.biz
Effects tourism latin america | Management Development Network
Creating permanent dwellings at sea | floating structures | honeycomb shell | technology |
Conducting research into the potential of floating real estate
Permanent, innovative solutions floating at sea | ocean colonization | concrete honeycomb shells | Ellmer Group |
Engineering a floating island | concrete honeycomb shell technology | oceanic real estate |
Cartagena heritage and shared passion for art, culture and design | Marcela Mancilla | key player network
Networking with the industry's key players | ship repair | business development | Latin America network
Leading recruitment event for the Latin American market | Ellmer Group
Floating city | pioneer a new way of life | ocean colonization | disruptive business ideas
Hosting an autonomous floating city | ocean colonization | project development |
Urban architecture capable of dynamic evolution | ocean colonization | key player |
Targeting the key player | Latin America business development network
Multidisciplinary research and water architecture firm | ocean colonization | project development |
World travel tourism council | Latin America | Colombia |
Tourist attractions in latin america | Colombia | Eco Tourism |
Identify the key players in the market - Latin America | business cluster | expat manager network
Marine Structures | Applications | Honeycomb Shell | Marine Concrete |
Increase durability of marine concrete structures | concrete honeycomb thin shell building
Marine concrete specification | floating structures | floating real estate | emerging trend |
Building sectors · Building solutions · Concrete specification · Performance Marine Ambient
Start fresh, live with minimal regulation, and explore a bold experiment with personal freedom
Strong team player | excellent communicator | Latin America | german network
Freedom to choose on the blue frontier | ocean colonization | frontier development | business network |
Floating industries - stationary or mobile | ocean colonization | marine business | business development |
Experience in innovative architecture and aquatic urban design
Contribution ocean colonization community | ocean colonization | network | business |
Identify the key players in the market - Latin America | business cluster | expat manager network
Repair and conversion processes | ship repair yards | characterization methodologies | modeling, simulation, technologies | Cartagena Colombia | marine cluster | Ellmer Group
Strongest on-the-ground business consulting network
Shipbuilding industry network colombia | projects | get connected
Lead by example | ocean colonization | business leadership | sustainable development |
As Earth’s final frontier, the ocean offers radical possibilities for some of our boldest economic dreams
Latin America | land of political and economic extremes | Colombia, Bogota, Cartagena, emerging economy
Maintain offices or production facilities in key locations | Latin America | expat network |
Harvesting the immense stores of energy, minerals, nutrients | ocean colonization |
International waters offer a more friendly regulatory environment | ocean colonization |
Worldwide recruitment of entrepreneurs, investment capital, and top talent | ocean colonization | oceanic business alliance |
We help global customers search, identify and screen potential Latin America business partners
Partnership in the era of globalised commerce, business matching and provision of foothold services
Ship | Repair | Colombia | choices | Ship and Boat Repair | knowledge | marine cluster
Presentations | experts | constant technological advances | naval industry | Ship Repairs
Universal Platform | business development | Europe | Colombia | Latin America
Business Platform | expat manager network | Latin America | Colombia
Customised suite of integrated matching services dedicated to helping global customers
Accelerate the creation of a floating city | founder talk | founder investment |
Pioneering the oceans | ocean technology | get foothold | next big |
Pragmatic plans for the first floating city | ocean colonization | Ellmer Group
More economically feasible locate floating development close to active port instead of international waters
Service Providers | key players | rapidly emerging | Latin America
Maintain, and repair steering devices | Cartagena Colombia marine cluster ship repair
De facto autonomy | floating city | ocean colonization | oceanic freedom |
People will soon be able to live in floating cities, and enjoy the freedom of the high seas
Serving the global demand for financial, medical, and human services | ocean colonization |
Personal freedom and new economic opportunities
As the last unclaimed territory on the earth, the ocean provides the ability to live a high degee of freedom
Business matching network that helps companies find and connect with international business partners
Customised matching service dedicated to help export-ready companies search, identify and screen potential | Latin America | Colombia | Europe |
Open innovation, exhibition, events, extensive business matching | Latin America | Europe |
Politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them
Jitters in markets, how much should investors worry ? | Latin America Business |
Commodities | Latinindustry.biz |
Effective online social networking platform for international business | Latin America | Europe | Colombia | Network | Business |
Everything you need to know about Latin America entry strategy | Latin America Business |
What you need to know about Latin America business development | Mentoring | Colombia | Boardroom |
Things in tech you need to know today | ocean colonization | next big thing | get foothold
Safe-haven assets | Latin America |
Changes in the economic climate | Latin America Market |
Quality technical information on all aspects of repair and conversion | Caribbean | ship repair | key player network
China's industrial activity is slowing sharply | Latin America Business |
Latin american business, celebrity and technology, key player network
The global economy is right in the middle of a significant transition | Latin America | Business |
Strategy & Leadership | leadership & Business | Latin America | Expat Mentor Network |
Latin American Port Industry Information - Port Industry
International business strategy | Market Entry | Latin America | award winning |
Authoritative insight and opinion on Latin America business entry
Tighter monetary conditions in America have led to reduced capital flows to big emerging economies
Finance and economics | Latin America | Imulead | latinindustry.biz |
Broader index of 22 commodities compiled by Bloomberg | Latin America Business |
A brief history of the world in five financial crises, and the lessons they offer for today
A new technique for manipulating genes holds great promise - rules are needed to govern its use
Nikkei index, Japan, Latin America Business
Eurofirst 300, Latin America Business Development
Emerging-market currencies | Latin America | Colombia |
Oil has hit a six-and-a-half-year nadir | Latin America Business |
Ellmer Group | get it done | latin america | service | business facilitation
Focusing on management issues and corporate strategy
Strategy and business development | strategy and internet | Latin America | imulead.com |
Strategy and business planning | strategy and business model | Latin America |
Advertising in Shiprepair and Conversion Technology | Cartagena Colombia | Caribbean ship repair | key player network
Portal network Cartagena Colombia
Los principales ejes de negocio internacional | colombia | europa |
Servicios para el inversionista | latinindustry.biz |
Servicios para exportadores | latinindustry.biz | Ellmer Group
Organización de agendas y acompañamiento durante la visita a Colombia
Servicios para empresarios del turismo | Ellmer Group
Información que responde a necesidades específicas | Latin America Business
Ship conversion | often carried out as an alternative to building a new vessel | Caribbean ship conversion
Atención a los inversionistas instalados en el país
Discourse community latin america business | imulead.com | latinindustry.biz
Discourse community analysis | latin america business development | key players |
Get started | business administration | Colombia | Latin America | business network
Counseling and training programs available | Latin America | Business Network | Expat Manager |
Focus on running your business, we focus on protecting and supporting you | Latin America | business | market entry |
Red mundial de oficinas | colombia joint venture | colombia manager |
Social Media, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Selling, Social Business
Private secure environment, organizations share knowledge, promotions, offers, services, products | Latin America Market Entry |
Atracción de inversión extranjera directa en Colombia
Todos los servicios son gratuitos y la información suministrada durante el proceso se administra con total confidencialidad
Promoción de las exportaciones no tradicionales en mercados con potencial
Posicionamiento del país como destino turístico de talla mundial | Colombia | Latin America |
Shipbuilding and Ship Repair - Environmental Protection | Cartagena Colombia
El portal de Colombia para la promoción de inversión extranjera
Servicios para facilitar a los empresarios colombianos hacerse presentes en el mundo
Viajes de familiarización (Fam trips)
Empresas de Colombia que conquistan mercados en el exterior
Seminarios de entrenamiento (Workshops)
Participación en ferias internacionales
El sector turístico colombiano registró un crecimiento sostenido de 12,7% en la última década
Ventas de carbón, café, flores y banano | Colombia | International
| mega yacht | private luxury submarines | next thing |
Buy luxury submarine | submarine yacht | ocean business | next big thing | emerging trend | founder investment |
Personal submarine for sale | submarine yacht | ocean frontier | mega yachts | subdue to nobody
Mega Yacht | Diving Deep With Luxury Submarines |
Ship Repair Technology Center company research & investing information
Real estate network caribbean floating housing development yook3 alliance
Yacht | Most popular luxury submarines | Business Headquarters |
Movers and shakers | disruptive technology | ocean colonization | key players | investment |
International exhibition of maintenance and repair technologies | Cartagena Colombia | marine cluster | key player network
Yacht | owning a submarine | business freedom | nemo | @nautilusmaker |
Marine Supplies & Services, Ship Repair | Caribbean | Cartagena Colombia | expat manager network
Founder partnership opportunity yook3 get a foothold ocean colonization
Movers and shakers | Latin America | Business |
Rich and powerful in politics and business | transhumanism | ocean colonization |
Premier supplier of relocation and related services to the Business, Corporate and Government sectors
Treasury management services | Latin America | investment | expat advisory network |
Business is about people-inventors, visionaries, courageous leaders who forge new paths
Entrepreneur Services | Business Development | Latin America |
Leading and innovative organization | colombia market entrance services
Experience, pioneers, naval industry, Colombia, maritime oil service provider, Cartagena, shipyard, | marine services | Caribbean | Business Development |
Marine services, corporation, located Cartagena Colombia, boat and yacht storage, boat service, yacht sales, | Caribbean ship repair | Caribbean Marine Services |
Marine services, terminal handling, company, provide professional agency services, integrate, | Caribbean Ship Services |
Ship repair network | largest, oldest and best ship building, located in Cartagena | imulead.com
Marine services, established, business activities | Cartagena | Colombia | Ship Repair | Network |
Highly safe, environmentally responsible, efficient, customer service oriented, company, marine services business, vision | Cartagena | Colombia | Caribbean |
Ship Husbandry, diving services, underwater welding, hull cleaning services, propeller polishing | Caribbean Marine Services | Cartagena Colombia
Shipyard, strategic position, Bay of Cartagena, Colombia, Caribbean Sea, 180 miles from the Panama Canal
Caribbean ship repair | licensed shipyard, Cartagena, Colombia, owned by international investment group
Skilled specialist, drilling, marine, production, operational services, including, port and project logistics, supply, International, | Caribbean Marine Logistics |
Specialist, ship repair, team, Cartagena Colombia, Caribbean, Marine Cluster
Colombia: from failed state to Latin American powerhouse
Get started in web development
Caribbean marine services, Caribbean inspection, company, ship repair, network, key player business development,
Meta idea ocean colonization | seasteading | oceanic business alliance |
Get an understanding what are the fundamental forces and drivers behind the meta idea of ocean colonization
Wirtschaft & Entwicklung - Länder-Informations-Portal
| Opening humanity's next frontier | ocean colonization | disruptive technology investment |
Specialist, colombia market entry
Trade, Investment, Overseas Market Introduction Service, recommend, involve a Colombian specialist, consultancy, export marketing research, development of a market-entry strategy
Wilfried ellmer disruptive ocean colonization technology guru
Commercial Specialist | Global Markets | Bogotá, Colombia | market entry |
We can help, trade, exporting to the world, Colombia Business Guide, initial research, market entry, risk, specialists
Competitive elements of the shipbuilding industry in Colombia | ship repair | Caribbean |
Find all of the latest market intelligence on Colombia, section, energy investment, opportunity, specialist insurers
Look South | Expand Your International Sales to Colombia | Considering market entry into Colombia | Learn about export resources | Business Development Specialist | Small Business | Ellmer Group
Market Research Colombia | Europe | International | Market Research and Statistics on Colombia | many companies fail to do their due diligence regarding pre-market entry and then pay the price
Wind Energy in Colombia | Framework for Market Entry | ‎Technology | Engineering | energy specialist | power engineer |
Business consultant | marine business | ship repair | marine cluster | caribbean | cartagena colombia | get foodhold |
Hiring a consultant can help businesses improve performance and make necessary changes to achieve success
Business consultant roles and responsibilities | Latin America | Europe
Consultant, expert, advisor, company, individual, consulting, consultant, business advisor, consulting services, marine, LATAM,
Consultancy network, facilitates your access to the Latin American business market
Freedom, Capital, and Floating Sovereignties | realizable, libertarian, solution, islands, libertarianism, ocean, seasteading, utopias
Kolumbien geschaeftsaufbau yook3 expat resident manager mentoring beratung allianz
Underseas cables are vital to global economy | yook3
Seasteading is a necessary precursor to space colonization
Islands, libertarianism, ocean, seasteading, utopias | ocean colonization | key player network |
Ship repair, naval, auxiliary, provide, maintenance, support, | caribbean | cartagena colombia |
Best Toys Of Tech's Wealthiest Executives
Empresas portal industrial directorio, informacion, actividades, | latinindustry.biz |
Markt Kolumbien Training | expat network | deutsche manager in Kolumbien
Arbeitsgruppe für einen erfolgreichen Markteintritt | Kolumbien
Conduct ship repair, convenient, location, facilities, second to none, one stop shop, ship repair cartagena colombia
Paul Allen superyacht
Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen owns two of the largest yachts in the world. 303-foot "Tatoosh"
Mark Cuban's 288-foot "Fountainhead" yacht is the sister ship to Ellison's "Musashi."
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison named his 288-foot "Musashi"
Google chairman Eric Schmidt owns "Oasis"
Google cofounder Larry Page bought the 193-foot "Senses"
Captain Nemo goes online | The Economist
Virgin founder Richard Branson owns a 105-foot catamaran called the "Necker Belle"
Yacht Charter, Cartagena Colombia,Yachts Charters, | Luxury Yachts | Sailing Caribean Sea | Rent for hours or days | skipper, helper, fuel |
Marina, Island, Global, Yachting, Marina, luxury, destination, strategically located, Caribbean, Colombia, all services
Yacht Port Cartagena Marina, Colombia, Match, Ship, Sea Colombia, berths, boats, megayachts, large natural harbour
Veleros, yates, marcas, brokerage, servicios técnicos, yacht management, | Cartagena Colombia Caribbean
Marinas, sail boat, cruising, navegar, anclaje, yacht, yate, veleros, sailing san Blas, Curacao, Panama, Colombia
Yacht rental caribbean, Colombia, Rosario Islands, yacht network, owner direct
Kolumbien | beliebter Testmarkt für Lateinamerika
Caribbean yacht charter, boats, luxury yacht, rental, yacht charter locations, luxury yachts available
Private Yacht Charters and Cruises in the Caribbean, Browse and book private yachts, cruises and other boating activities in the Caribbean
Caribbean yacht charters, fully crewed luxury yachts, well-informed, advice, recommendations on Caribbean yacht charters
Luxury Crewed Caribbean Yacht Charters & Sailing, crewed yacht, friends, family, unique vacation
Yacht cruises caribbean colombia rosario san bernardo
Sailboat caribbean charter network
Yacht caribbean vacations, rental, owner direct
Caribbean Yacht Charters, Sun, Sail enjoy calm clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean
Yacht charter caribbean sea, sailing, motor yacht, luxury | Colombia Cartagena
Markteintritt Lateinamerika | Chancen und Risiken | Mittelstands Betriebe |
Sailing caribbean yacht charter skipper rental
Colombian energy and construction specialist, entry into the insurance market
Búsqueda, información, productos, insumos, servicios, actividades, industria en general | portal industrial |
IAC CEO Barry Diller and wife Diane von Furstenberg own the 271-foot "EOS
Yacht sales caribbean, portal, owner direct
Management Expertise in International Business Diplomacy for Global Success
Concrete engineers, plan, implement construction projects, | Latin America | Europe
Concrete industry, concrete mix, designing, implementation, marine, construction
Steve Jobs commissioned legendary designer Philippe Starck to build "Venus"
Intersection of international public and private sector activities
MBA Business Diplomacy - Masters of Science business mba, codes of diplomacy and work with state and non-state actors
Business diplomacy in international firms
Lateinamerika im Fokus | Thüringer Außenwirtschaftstag | Kolumbien
Integrated Latin American Market | Kolumbien | Mittelstands Betriebe | Markteintritt
Platform ship repair | key player network | cartagena marine cluster network | yook3
Cartagena business network | market entry strategy mentor | yook3 |
Shaping the firm's geopolitical risk
Diplomacy needed business environment
Chile, Mexiko, Kolumbien, Peru und Costa Rica bilden die dynamische "Pazifik-Allianz"
Facilitating Business and Investment Overseas | Ellmer Group | Colombia
Global companies must be competitive in the business they are in and at the same time show dexterity in managing multiple stakeholders at home and abroad
Business diplomacy involves establishing and sustaining positive relationships by top executives or their representatives
International business negotiations and diplomacy | Latin America
Wilfried ellmer concrete engineering beyond, cement fiber composit
Business and diplomacy | Latin America | Europa
Business diplomacy consulting | Latin America
Wasser- und Entsorgungswirtschaft in Kolumbien
With new styles new possibilties far beyond clumpsy mass cast concrete
Envision underwater living space - perception error correction
Concrete structures honeycomb - Ellmer Group, engineering, beyond
Industrial floating structures cement composit | Cartagena Colombia, Shells
Ellmer Group - Floating Concrete Shell Building / Marine frontier Investment / Submarine Yacht
Leadership, engineering, project development, portals, services, network
Ship repair manager mentoring | yook3 | on site oversight
Concrete barge construction technology leaders yook3
Floating structures, ocean colonization , floating concrete shell, honeycomb structures, Ellmer Group, yook3
Concrete Engineering - Civil Engineering Portal
Concrete has been, and will continue to be used extensively in the marine environment
Concrete technology covers aspects of mixing and manufacturing concrete as well as using it for the safe construction of buildings
Business Knigge: Tipps für die Dienstreise nach Kolumbien
Latest research in concrete engineering, environmentally friendly, sustainable, concrete design
Concrete Technology, information on concrete and its properties, mix design, cracking, durability, high strength, prestressed concrete, fresh concrete
Basic concrete engineering builders
Enterprise Business Portal | Latin America
Concrete Technology in Civil Engineering, Marine Concrete, Cement Composite
Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures | Civil Engineering | Marine
Environmental Engineering Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures
History and Technology of Roman Concrete Engineering in the Sea
The use of concrete in maritime engineering - a guide to good practice (C674)
Coastal engineering, tetrapod is a tetrahedral concrete structure used as armour unit on breakwaters
Floating Docks | Concrete Docks | Marina Construction
Service life of reinforced concrete structures in marine ambient
Marketing strategy, first-mover advantage | Colombia
Durability of lightweight concrete in hot marine ambients
Engineering judgment, marine concrete projects
Concrete engineering, model code, sustainability measures, occupancy, beyond
Use of SDC is driven by engineers' decisions to optimize concrete
Benefits of “internal curing” go far beyond the improvements in long-term strength gain
Roller-compacted concrete
Concrete marine structures, examples, technology, cutting edge, future
The use of concrete in marine structures dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans
Prefabricated precasting, geotechnical and foundation engineering
Marine Pile Repairs by Concrete Encasement
Minimum durability requirements according to the current concrete codes
Determination reached, deep ocean mining, particularly suitable
Minimum durability requirements according to the current concrete codes
Kolumbien als Ziel für Investitionen und Geschäfte | Export
Manage projects | tasks | calendars | communication | market entry | Colombia
Small submarines are used in underwater research and in rescue and salvage operations
Modern technologies, remotely operated vehicles
Deep sea submarine cost
Asesor turistico Cartagena Colombia
Continuing concern that submarine rescue and salvage would be required at great apparatus
Cornerstones of modern deep diving technology
Maquinaria, europa, importacion - Portal Industrial Cartagena | Colombia
Wer die Entwicklung Kolumbiens in den letzten Jahren mitverfolgt hat, konnte Erfreuliches beobachten
Portal industrial cartagena | maquinaria electrica | Importacion Europa
Marine Pile Repairs by Concrete Encasement
Mechanisms of corrosion of steel in concrete have been studied extensively
Engineering, design and construction of marine concrete structures since 1970-ties
Strategic Networking within the Caribbean Maritime Engineering Sector
High-Strength Concrete - Portland Cement Association
List of notable shipbuilders and shipyards | Caribbean
Repair Dockyard List | Caribbean | Colombia |
Options ship repair Caribbean - list, provided, convenience, customers, ship owners, ship management companies
Looking for Ship Repair, Check out the listings of Ship Repair | Caribbean
Project Azorian remains a technological milestone as the deepest salvage operation ever conducted
Ship repair cartagena colombia welding price list
Lloyd's List, Intelligence, Shipbuilding & Repair | Caribbean
Full scope, international, afloat ship repair, Caribbean, Colombia, solutions
Industries | Marine | global marine industry, system integrator, partner network
Marine industrial construction | marine cluster | @nautilusmaker | caribbean key player
Freihandelsabkommen mit Kolumbien | Kolumbien | key player network | Ellmer Group
Motorship, shipbuilding and shiprepair
| network alliance | marine business | Portal Industrial Cartagena | Colombia
Industry Networks in the Caribbean Marine Complex | Colombia
Starbucks Coffee to Open First Stores in Colombia
Mega yachts, boat repair, work orders, mounting brackets, adapters, extensions, prototypes, welding, fiberglass and composite repair. Bay of Cartagena, Colombia, Caribbean Sea, 180 miles from the Panama Canal
Maritime directory, worldwide company's listing, promotion, ship repairs services, shipyards, shipping companies
Community for marine industry professionals | Caribbean
Sector industrial en colombia | portal
Marine gear available
A strategy for growth for the Colombian Marine Industries
Marine industries, complex, management, material, partnership, industrial network, achieve your objectives
Ideas de negocios en colombia | desarrollo
Activities necessary | maintain level of operations | business organizations
Industrial Networking for Transportation Automation
Deutsch-Kolumbianische Unternehmer
Adressen deutschsprachiger Unternehmen und Institutionen im Ausland | Kolumbien
Liste der größten Unternehmen in Kolumbien
Estructuras flotantes, shell, domo, tubular, concreto
Informationen für kolumbianische Unternehmen
Investitionen | Deutsche Konzerne kaufen in Kolumbien
Kolumbien – der Aufsteiger in Amerika
Wilfried Ellmer | Latin America Market | Opening | Mentor
Network | alliance | business cluster | wilfried ellmer
Submarine | yacht | @nautilusmaker
Next big thing oceanic real estate business development floating construction
Sistema de informacion Ambiental de Colombia
Producción Industrial Colombia : Noticias, Fotos y Videos
Kolumbien lockt die deutsche wirtschaft
Business intelligence market latin america
Sector industrial en Colombia, Industria colombiana, Importaciones, apertura económica, subsectores, sector manufacturero, productividad
Für die Weltbank zählt Kolumbien zur Spitzengruppe
Karibik oder Pazifikküste, Kaffeezone, Andengebirge oder Amazonasgebiet: Kolumbien ist ein vielfältiges Reiseland
LATAM network Germany international expat key players
Analisis del desarrollo industrial colombiano | portal industrial
Kolumbien lockt mit Freizonen und exzellentem Wirtschaftswachstum
Wirtschaft | Kolumbien lockt mit zahlreichen Facetten
Die Sicherheitslage in Kolumbien hat sich seit 2002 kontinuierlich verbessert
Die kolumbianische Wirtschaft wächst weiterhin kräftig
Investitionsklima und - risiken kolumbien
Nationale Investitionsförderung - Kolumbien - Germany
Kolumbien gilt als ein gut industrialisiertes Land. In Lateinamerika gehört es zu den führenden Wirtschaftsnationen
Informationen zu Kolumbien, Kolumbien-Reisen und Urlaub in Kolumbien
Afilie su Inmueble | administración | Inmobiliaria | ventajas | respaldo |
Servicios | Arriendos | Ventas | Avaluos | area Metropolitana | Asesoria • Inmobiliaria
Venta de Apartamentos | Cartagena Colombia | Latin America | Europe | Ellmer Group | inversion
Seit Beginn der 90er Jahre verfolgt Kolumbien eine Wirtschaftspolitik, die sich an marktwirtschaftlichen Grundsätzen orientiert
Portales comerciales en internet colombianos
Floating structures ocean colonization ramform yook3
Kolumbiens Sozial- und Entwicklungspolitik ist auf die Millenniumsentwicklungsziele ausgerichtet
Kolumbien: Wirtschaftsdaten und Indikatoren | Ausführliche Berichte zur allgemeinen Wirtschaftsentwicklung
Kolumbien Wirtschaftsentwicklung. Englisch ... Kolumbien : große Geschäfte
In den letzten 25 Jahren hat Kolumbien die meisten anderen Volkswirtschaften der Region mit einem Wachstum von 4.5% überflügelt
Wirtschaftsdaten kompakt | Kolumbien | Privater Verbrauch 59,8 | öffentlicher Verbrauch 15,1 | Bruttoinlandsinvestitionen 25,1. Wirtschaftswachstum |
Kolumbien war das einzige Land der Region, das seine Auslandsschulden nicht umstrukturiert hat
Vom Sorgenkind zum Musterschüler | Kolumbien | Latein-Amerika
The Industrial Sector in Colombia | recovery in investment | adjustment and expansion | increases
Acoustic receivers and oceanographic monitoring equipment in key ocean locations
Development Knowledge Network | expat network | Latin America | Colombia | german network
Consultor, Selección, Ejecutivos, Consultor, Freelance, | Colombia
Software and IT Investment Projects | Colombia
Investment opportunities, region, found, service outsourcing | Latin America
Investment Opportunities in Barranquilla | Atlántico | Investment Map Barranquilla | Barranquilla Port and industrial center |
Success Factors | Consultant | Berater | Colombia Market Entry
Offers investment opportunities in hotel and tourism infrastructure
Agro-industry | Infrastructure | Product manufacturing | Services | Tourism | Invest in Colombia | Foreign Investment Portal |
Taxation and Investment in Colombia | Market Entry |
Opportunities in Colombia for U.S. Businesses and Investors | Portal | Joint Venture | options
Colombia Export-import Trade and Business Directory
Introducing the World's Most Extravagant Submarine Superyachts
Inversión industrial crece a grandes pasos en Cartagena
Cartagena - Bolivar - Invierta en Colombia Oportunidades de Inversión en Cartagena - Bolívar , la primera ciudad industrial del Caribe Colombiano | Portal de Exportaciones
Negocios de Colombia y el Mundo | Portal de Economía y Negocios
Cartagena para la inversión | latinindustry.biz
Empresarios japoneses en Bogotá y Cartagena
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, y Nippon Express USA, entre otras, arribaron a Colombia
Great networking opportunities with key regional industry players
Imulead portal Latin America Colombia
Ocean dome concrete shell structures @nautilusmaker
Cartagena quiere ser destino competitivo para la inversión
Examinen a Colombia como una oportunidad de inversión
Buscan hacer de Cartagena una ciudad llamativa para la inversión
Things to do in Cartagena - ‎Cartagena Hotels - ‎Cartagena Travel Forum
Lining the ancient walls of Cartagena, Colombia, travelers find traditional food, beautiful beaches and a nightlife that heats up long
Cartagena de Indias | Colombia Travel | #oceankeyplayer
Cartagena de Indias is the undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast, a fairy-tale city of romance, legends and superbly preserved beauty
Escape Cartagena for the day and take a trip to the Rosario Islands
The historic center enclosed by the walls of Cartagena is the soul of the city | Cartagena
The sea breeze and the sunset that transform the colors of 400-year-old houses enchant visitors in Cartagena
This Is Cartagena | A travel guide for Cartagena, Colombia
Top things to do in Cartagena - ‎Best places to stay in Cartagena - ‎Money and costs
Reviews of Cartagena Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants, best Cartagena resource | Ellmer Group
Cartagena, located on Colombia's northern coast and facing the Caribbean Sea, is the most visited city in the country
Kolumbiens Wirtschaft wächst robust | Ellmer Group
During the next decade, alliances, mergers, acquisitions, and managing | Colombia | manager network German
Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean in the Rosario Islands, soak up the contemporary aspirations of Bocagrande and Castillogrande
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia | VIP | #oceankeyplayer
The Guide to Cartagena: Cartagena Info | Portal Industrial | Tourism VIP |
Things to DoLuxury HotelsPlan Your TripRestaurants
Open source travel guide to Cartagena, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants
South America › Colombia › The Caribbean Coast
Largely unchanged since the 1600s, the heart of Cartagena is filled with palaces, churches, and mansions painted in pastel colors
Financial markets and seasteads
Networking | Emerging undersea data networks | Ellmer Group
Submarine Network Solutions | floating data centers | concretesubmarine.com
Restructuring and Managing the Telecommunications Sector
Colombia MARINE CLUSTER | Ship Repair, Maintenance and Engineering Services | key player network
Report on the submarine cable market | Terabit | Ellmer Group
Around the World in Submarine Internet Cable | latinindustry.biz
Submarine cable landing point, in particular carrying financial trading data from New York
Geopolitics of Internet Infrastructure | floating server center
Concrete Network | Concrete Design Ideas, Contractors
yook3 rapid progress business development latin america
How much food do we get from the oceans | yook3
Countries are skillfully building spheres of influence
Battle among Russia's billionaires for yacht supremacy
Concrete photos, articles, info, design ideas, plus local concrete contractors
Building the concrete network | latinindustry.biz
Shipbuilding, ship repairs, commercial, military, naval engineering
Pipe Repair | Marine & Industrial | Colombia
Liner shipping services, logistics, energy support | project management | ocean towing and transportation | petroleum and chemical | Fishing (Commercial) | Worldwide Marine Services, Transportation and Logistics
Minimum downtime for vessels under repair through our 24 hour a day, seven days per week shifts
Providing repair and conversion services to all sectors of the maritime and offshore communities
Quick acting emergency pipe repair solutions | Cartagena Colombia | ship repair | yacht repair |
We support our clients and business partners meet their rigorous business demands
Explore marine maintenance and ship repair | Cartagena Colombia marine cluster
How do we use marine resources? | yook3 | ocean |
Strategic consultancy partner in order to tackle the challenging German, Spanish, and Latin American markets
Dress wedding clothes wedding dress maxi dress vintage wedding dress hipster
Wedding in Cartagena, Spain designed and produced
Decoración estilo vintage para boda
Welche konkreten Marktchancen bestehen | Lateinamerika | Kolumbien | Mittelstand
Romantic, classic, vintage, floral, marine or baroque wedding
Ramo en Cascada de Orquídeas Phalaenopsis y Vestido vintage
Financing of New Submarine Fiber Optic Systems | Ellmer Group
Global financial networks and information systems | submarine cable networks
Crear una decoración para boda vintage
Disruptive innovation, a term of art coined by Clayton Christensen
Business model innovation | oceanic business alliance
Disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network
Initially, a disruptive innovation is formed in a niche market that may appear unattractive or inconsequential to industry incumbents
Cable-news channel, produces an annual “disruptor list” of the most disruptive companies
Luxury Undersea Yacht | Phoenix | concrete submarine | Ellmer Group
Disruptive innovation in healthcare | oceanic research center
What Is a Portal Business Model | Ellmer Group
Latin America Business Resources | Network Strategy Services | Colombia Business
Provide easy and convenient access to information
Portal: Business and economics - Key Player Network | Latin America
B2b portal business club | Latin America | Europe
Business Portal, gateway, online services for businesses
Network, yook3, Latin America, CIVETS, strategic market development
Latin America business opportunities investment partnership @nautilusmaker
Colombia Business Club - B2B Marketplace, Import Export
B2B Trade Portal Directory | Latin America | Europe
Links: Trade Leads, Trade Lead Websites, Seller Buyers
Colombia Business, B2B Portal, Manufacturers, Traders, Service
Business Club Vitrine
Advantage gained by the initial ("first-moving") significant occupant of a market segment
Advantage gained by the initial ("first-moving") significant occupant of a market segment
First movers | innovative companies
The Half-Truth of First-Mover Advantage
The basis of first-mover advantage
Récord histórico del crucerismo en Europa
Colombiana Totto conquistará Europa desde España
Embarcaciones fluviales para transporte de personas y carga
Fast Followers Not First Movers Are The Real Winners
The Myth of First-Mover Advantage
Sample of business plan for small ship repair
The early bird gets the worm
Jellyfish Barge, Greenhouse
Caribbean Network Operators Alliance
High end tourism Cartagena VIP services agency
Marcela Mancilla network Cartagena, events, VIP services, resources
Colombia marine business development manager
Submarine-Superyacht Concept to Revolutionize Luxury Yachting?
Encuentre su inmueble: Proyectos de Vivienda Nueva, Vivienda Usada, Inmuebles Comerciales
Cartagena colombia negocios
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Ocean business key players
Colombia's rivers serve as a vital transport network
Oceanic Business Development Alliance
Get a foothold in Latin America, business opening, market entrance, mentoring
Boost Yacht Tourism in Colombia
Noticias negocios internacionales colombia
In search of business Europe changes tone in Latin America
Latin America business matchmaking portal
#StabilityAndGrowthColombia | Wilfried-Ellmer-Group™ | business network |
Ellmer Group | caribbean yacht business development | Cartagena Colombia | ocean technology | emerging economy
Adventure tourism Colombia
Wilfried ellmer nautilusmaker marine business cluster
Cutting edge marine technology development @nautilusmaker
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Ocean colonization technology wilfried ellmer
Global business networks caribbean
Seasteading investment opportunities
Ellmer Group, repair, full service repair organization, offices, shops | Cartagena Colombia
Shipbuilding and repair - Caribbean Port Information
Marine solutions, services & products Industrial | Caribbean
Parts needed to support our repairs can be arranged in house | Caribbean ship repair
Flash butt welding marine anchor chain with diameters
Effective services, Ellmer Group Marine, has a network of shore support offices located | Cartagena Colombia
Industry News - Marine Maintenance World Expo | Cartagena Marine Cluster
Yacht service, refit, repair and maintenance Marine Cluster | Cartagena Colombia
Shiplift, designated shore maintenance berths, cartagena colombia marine cluster
Ship repair and marine services | Latin America | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group | latinindustry.biz
Marine Services | quality craftsman and marine related services | Cartagena Colombia
Marine Services | Shipping & Marine Supplier | Latin America | Europe expat manager
Welding Goggles · Welding Oxygen · Welding Rods · Welding Services
Personal submarine yacht | @nautilusmaker | ship building | Caribbean Network
Repair services and ship agent | Hauling, prop and shaft repair, welding | Caribbean | Ellmer Group
Ellmer Group | caribbean yacht business development | Cartagena Colombia | ocean technology | emerging economy
Rutas de transporte maritimo europa-america latina | key player network | Ellmer Group
Services | ship repair | cuttles bearings, etc, electric and electronic, engines support, spare parts supply | Caribbean
Company specialised in repairing of ships and shore crane repair, welding
General ship-supply | ship-repair and trading | safety survey services | ship repair | off-shore supply services | spare parts handling | Caribbean Colombia
Service, repair and installation of marine electronics (VHF, GPS, Sat Terminals) | Butane Availability In Caribbean
Electrical and machining activities for the shipping and energy sector | Colombia Marine Services
The Interaction between the Ship Repair, Ship | Ellmer Group
Rutas de transporte maritimo europa-america latina | key player network | Ellmer Group
Marine Cluster Cartagena | Premier Port Facility in the Western Hemisphere
Full support services | Cartagena Marine Service Cluster
Online Support 24 ship repair Natural Person Companies
Agente Marítimo Colombia • Agentes de carga • Control de contenedores
Manager, expat | latin america, colombia | business development | marine cluster | Ellmer Group
Shipping market news, products & services | Ellmer Group
Highly Accurate Machining - Global On-Site Services | Cartagena Marine Cluster
Submarine yacht boat | concretesubmarine.com | @nautilusmaker
Luxury submarine yacht | @nautilusmaker | Caribbean ship builders
Private submarine yacht | @nautilusmaker | ship builders |
Whatsapp enabled ship repair cartagena colombia real time reporting
South American Products | Colombia Europe Business | business facilitation | Latin America
Marcela mancilla | diseño | eventos
Marcela mancilla facebook
Offering a wide range of specialized services for the maritime industry with an extensive network
Marcelamancilla.com, Cartagena de Indias (Cartagena, Bolivar)
Marcela Mancilla Wedding and Event Planner en Cartagena Colombia, Bodas, matrimonios en la playa, organizadora de eventos, realizacion de eventos
Marcela Mancilla Cartagena Colombia. Eventos, Design, Logistic, Ambientes, Ambients, Production, Solutions
Wilfried ellmer | seasteading | ellmer group | @nautilusmaker | key player network
Cartagena colombia ship repair companies afloat repair
Seasteads floating on the surface of the water, or exist as underwater habitats secured to the ocean floor
Nuevas tendencias en comunicación
Anuncios publicitarios | marketing en redes sociales | portales | redes sociales
Estrategias de marketing para grupos sociales
Anuncios publicitarios o de marketing en redes sociales o portales de vídeos
Las redes sociales son un estudio de mercado en movimiento
Redes sociales y portales web - comercio electronico
Las redes sociales son el servicio de Internet que más ha crecido en los últimos años
Publicidad en la Red de Sitios de Internet
Submarine cable network animated
Portales y redes sociales | Latin America | colombia | key player network
Marketing operativo en la red | Latin America | Colombia | Cartagena
550000 miles of cable hidden under the ocean that power the internet
The Ocean Frontier | renewable marine resources | ocean colonization | Ellmer Group | @nautilusmaker
Submarine yacht @nautilusmaker ocean technology
Exhibition with 300 companies specialising in oceanography
How much of life on Earth is in the ocean?
Ocean natural resources | sustainable development | industry network | blue planet | blue frontier |
Marine infrastructure investment key players cartagena colombia
Offshore T&I construction company involved in installation
Portal: Business and economics | Latin America | Europe
Secure online community | business portal | Latin America
Oceanic infrastructure building business alliance key player network
Oceans, islands, and coasts: Current perspectives | ocean colonization
Vessel disposal services | offshore industries
Business frontier development | key player network | ocean colonization | disruptive startup investment
Initiative for the Integration of the Regional Infrastructure | Caribbean Marine Network
Regional Infrastructure Investment Conference | Caribbean
Oceanic | Ship Chandler | Ship Management | Caribbean
@nautilusmaker | get invested | share buy | projects | founder options
Encuentre apartamentos, casas, oficinas, locales comerciales en venta y arriendo en toda colombia
Overview of the Portal, Content, and Collaboration features and benefits
Portal Server increases visitor response
Declarative environment for building, deploying, and maintaining world-class enterprise portals
Portal brings together information on product recalls around the world
Innovators are ready to tackle Latin America as a market
Specialized ecommerce portal for wholesale distributors
Locate and compare Welding in Cartagena
Expo Inmobiliaria y Construcción | Colombia | Caribbean |
Markets for inclusive growth in Latin America
Welding Equipment en Cartagena, Colombia | Portal
Encuentre todo lo que necesite | welding equipment | Cartagena | Portal Industrial
Experience in the welding industry | Portal Industrial Cartagena
Comprehensive range of solutions to the energy and natural resource industries
Proyectos, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena | Cartagena Bolivar
High frequency plastic welding (HFPW) | Portal Industrial Cartagena
Ship quality repair | cartagena colombia | marine cluster | ship service network
Centro de Formación | Industria de Cartagena |
Colombia | Container Shipping Company | Cartagena | Agencia Maritima
Frontier Economics | Economic Consultancy | Latin America | ocean colonization
Floating technology solutions | Ellmer Group | @nautilusmaker
Floating day stay offer
Ship Agents in Colombia, committed human resources, continuous quality improvement
Ship Chandler, quality services and products, industry, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Guajira, Colombia
Chandlery in Colombia | Marine | Shipping | Equipment | Ship Chandlery | World Leading | ISSA Quality |
Business frontiers | get invested | ocean colonization | next big to come | Nemo Token
Shipping & Marine Supplier Colombia | headquarters in Cartagena, Colombia | merchant vessels | navy vessels | excellent quality and services
Ship Repair Maintenance‎ | OffshoreRepairs‎ | Avoid Costly Component Replacement | Ships & Offshore Repair Specialists | Mechanical Repairs | Highly Accurate Machining |
Cartagena colombia business cluster | marine | ship repair | network | tourism | yachting | market entry
How a permanent human presence in the deep ocean might look like
Free floating current turbine sistem
Business development key skills
Marine cluster network | Latin America | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Colombia international network | tourism joint venture | management VIP | key player network
Deutsche maschinenhersteller export suedamerika ellmer group
International tourism | number of arrivals | Colombia
Travel and Tourism in Colombia - Euromonitor International | campaign | foreign visitors
Official travel guide of Colombia | Tourism core of economic, social, and cultural, regional, national development
Join The Crowd | Real Estate Investment | NYC Real Estate | one of the largest crowd-investing platforms in the world | COLOMBIA
Latam investor relations ellmer group key player network
The giant floating robotic fish farm set to revolutionise salmon production
Nemo business mobilis in mobili
Concrete has clearly emerged
Oceanic LNG technology | platforms | concrete shells | disruptive future technology
Business facilitation | Latin America | business frontier | alliance network
Underwater exploration | business frontier | deep sea mining | oceanic business alliance | Ellmer Group
Seasteading key player network | project development | oceanic business alliance
Carbon capture and sequestration technology to be developed and demonstrated
Alternative Oceans scenario, the more accommodative approach
LNG plants need access to the ocean anyway so that LNG tankers can load
Shipyards, shipyard suppliers, marine engineering and consulting companies, different systems and services suppliers | Caribbean
Business partnership solutions | Colombia | Cartagena
Harvest Natural Gas From the Ocean
The Future Evolution of Global Energy
Investment in Next-Generation Energy Technology | Ocean Colonization | floating platforms
Underwater exploration | business frontier | deep sea mining | oceanic business alliance | Ellmer Group
Clear strategic and technology focus | ocean colonization | next big business
Mobile Economy Latin America | key player network | market entry
Understanding Tech Penetration In Latin America
Where no one has gone before | ocean colonization | submarine yacht | business frontier
Shipyards, shipyard suppliers, marine engineering and consulting companies, different systems and services suppliers | Caribbean
Network of ship repair & conversion yards | Latin America | key player network
Key enabler to promote investment and foster innovation
Digital marketing has changed the marketing mix across Latin America
Latin America digital marketing - Research, tips and news
Interest in emerging markets has soared | Colombia | CIVETS |
Over the last decade, Latin America's industry has enjoyed explosive growth
Latin America is a key strategic market | market entry | expat manager network | investment advisory
New tools based on modern communications technology, social networking
In battles for emerging markets, big multinationals don't hold all the advantage
Emerging economy | ocean colonization technology | concrete honeycomb shell building
Maritime - Vessel Repair & Maintenance | latinindustry.biz | @nautilusmaker
Structural Composite Materials | concrete shell structures | concrete honeycomb structures
Seasteading business plan | ocean colonization | oceanic business alliance | investor questions
Current Population is Three Times the Sustainable Level
Power to Gas | Oceanic | Disruptive technologies | Advances that will transform life
Key questions | manager in emerging markets
Have a local distribution network | Latin America | Colombia
Change industry fundamentally | advantages | global player
Emerging markets hold the key to long-term | Latin America | business development network
Marcela Mancilla | logistic services | business development | international network
Get invested | ocean colonization gallery | key player network | floating homes
Market Analysis - Market Overview - Key and Emerging Players
Ellmer consulting group | Latin America | colombia investment | marine business |
Next big thing in business | ocean colonization | marine business | frontier technology | Ellmer Group
Prominent players with emphasis on European markets | Latin America
Growing role of emerging markets in aerospace
Consulting Latin America | leverage | professional network | highly talented professionals
Top global management & IT consulting firms | Caribbean | South America
Expert advice and hands-on consulting | European | Colombia
Future of the Ocean Economy - OECD
Extracting minerals from the sea floor is a potentially huge business
Ship repair and maintenance business facilitation | Latin America
The Evolution of Management Consulting in Latin America
Aquaculture · Marine Protected Areas · Seafloor Mining - Deep-Sea Mining
Oil & Gas, Aquaculture, Environmental mapping and Deep Sea Mining
Managing Risk in the Emerging Ocean Economy | Ellmer Group | oceanic alliance
Marine renewable energy, Aquaculture, Biotech, Deep sea mining
The Blue Growth economy offshore wind, deep sea mining, aquaculture
Erfolgreiche Geschäftsbeziehungen in Lateinamerika
Lateineamerika | Beratung | Komponente einer Geschäftsbeziehung
Südamerika: Deutsche Unternehmer entdecken Kolumbien
Heute ist Deutschland für die Südamerikaner einer der wichtigsten Maerkte
Management kulturübergreifende Geschäftsbeziehungen | Suedamerika
Südamerika | Geschäftsbeziehungen | Analysemethoden
Auf- und Ausbau der Geschäftsbeziehungen in Südamerika
Expansion nach Kolumbien – was Mittelständler wissen müssen
Promoting German Businesses Expanding in and to Latin America
Boomregion Lateinamerika - Deutsche Industrie
Lateinamerika Initiative der Deutschen Wirtschaft
Weiterhin auf Expansionskurs: Handel und ausländische Direktinvestitionen
Lateinamerika-Konferenz der Deutschen Wirtschaft
Deep ocean business development manager | oceanic business alliance | caribbean | Ellmer group
Deutsche Elektroindustrie in Lateinamerika
Neue Märkte: Kolumbien - Lateinamerikas Aufsteiger
Sea vs. space | the real final frontier | ocean colonization | food production
Latin America | Deep Sea Electronics
High Quality Deep Ocean Minerals
Latin America and the Caribbean - World Ocean Network | Colombia Marine Network | business cluster
International business management | Latin America | Colombia Expat Network | Red de portales
Cartagena colombia business cluster | international forum | business development |
Concrete ship building cartagena colombia caribbean | marine engineering | Ellmer Group
Web portal of European information and research on Latin America
B2B portal for business in Latin America | importers
Senior Brand Business Development Analyst
Ship repair yards offer maintenance services to ship owners | Cartagena Colombia ship repair key player network
Social network for businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean | Ellmer Group
Analysis, events, identify, opportunities, projects, companies
Academy of International Business Latin America
Providers, latest economic political news, Americas
Top Business Development Manager profiles | Latin America
International management with American business studies
Styles of business strategy implementation by way of dynamic management
Nemo network | extropy article | ocean colonization | Ellmer Group
Businness Etiquette and Manners for the International Global Business person
Latin america company | market entry strategy | mentoring, logistics, support
Planning, defining and implementing your strategy | Latin America
Ship repair integrator logistics service cartagena colombia
Ship repair investment network | Latin America | Cartagena Colombia | portal network | latinindustry.biz
Network driven ship repair engineering logistics | Caribbean
Forefront specialised marine engineering industry | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
International ship repair association | Colombia | Caribbean | latinindustry.biz
Ship repair business Caribbean | Colombia emerging | German Manager Network | Portal
Business insider | Latin America | strategy | latinindustry.biz
Business analytics | Latin America business development network | Colombia emerging
Luxury submarine yacht | Ellmer Group
Premier industrial source for Barge & Ship Building & Repair | Caribbean | Colombia
Experienced specialists to provide complete topside repairs for hopper barges, including steel covers
Underwater dry cargo barge and vessel repairs
Caribbean logistics solutions | marine projects | ship repair | technology network
Get information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews
Barge cleaning and repair, inspection and pumping | Caribbean | Colombia
Highly experienced and skilled barge and towboat repair service
Shipyard boat & barge repair services, dry cargo barge repairs
Specialize in the timely, efficient processing of logistics, provide expert guidance, concrete solutions | Caribbean, Colombia
Forefront specialised marine engineering industry | Cartagena Colombia | Ellmer Group
Maritime Ship Repair and Maintenance Advisors | Cartagena Colombia cluster
Shipping and logistics services, including door deliveries
Industry analysis | Latin America Business Network | mentoring, expat manager, market entry
Market analysis latin america, caribbean, colombia emerging, european expat network, expertise
Market analysis information technology | Latin America
The government has long recognised the potential of the yachting sector
Boda en Cartagena, matrimonio y evento | Decor | Eventos | Marcela Mancilla
Yacht tourism hurricane harbors in the caribbean
One of the safest places in the Caribbean for hurricane season storage | yacht |
Full service marina under new management | Colombia Cartagena
Hurricane Hole marinas | Caribbean Cartagena
Practical Steps for Making Business Analytics Work | Latin America
Business Analytics Learn Data Driven Decision Making
Continuous iterative exploration and investigation | Latin America business
Latin America business development | emphasis on statistical analysis | Business analytics
Submarine yacht concept @nautilusmaker | Ellmer Group
Excellent hurricane harbor, special heavy storm yacht-dock tie off moorings | Cartagena Colombia
Considered the safest hurricane hole in the Caribbean | Cartagena Colombia
Markteintritt in Emerging Market Economies | Kolumbien | key player network
Cartagena colombia hurricane safe harbor
Passenger ferry ship repair cartagena colombia
Ferries Traveling between Cartagena and Panama
Boats and passenger ships from Colombia
Wilfried ellmer expat manager latin america | business group
Wilfried ellmer job manager | Latin America | network | expat association
The Caribbean Shipping Association | Cartagena Colombia | key player network
Sailing Panama Colombia Cartagena | Yacht
Deutsche netzwerke | wilfried ellmer expat manager | latinindustry.biz
Asset management | wilfried ellmer expat manager | latin america
Wilfried Ellmer | Latin business network
Familienunternehmen und Mittelstand - Internationalisierung | Lateinamerika | Kolumbien
Abkommen über die Zusammenarbeit in Joint Ventures | Kolumbien | Lateinamerika
Wilfried ellmer light honeycomb shell constructor
Difference between business analytics and business intelligence
Wilfried ellmer product development Latin America
Construction equipment, tools and special systems
Lifting appliances and conveyors | Machines
Germany has all the necessary experience of machinery for the production of high quality blocks
Latin America German equipment is competing
German machinery | export ratio of 76% and a new export record level of €151.5 billion
Kohleabbau und Energie-Politik in Kolumbien | business development | expat manager
Kolumbien ist in einer Boom-Phase | Deutsches Netzwerk | Kolumbien | expat network
Own a submarine mega yacht @nautilusmaker
Exports of German machinery grew year-on-year | Business with South America
Germany's Machinery and Equipment
Germany main exports | cars | machinery
The machinery and equipment industry in Germany | latinindustry.biz
The machinery and equipment industry in Germany | latinindustry.biz
Germany's trade surplus from the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, and the U.S
Export of machines from Germany | Latin America | Colombia Emerging Economy
Germany's mechanical engineering sector
German Food Processing and Packaging
Resource-friendly environmental protection, energy
List of major leading exports, imports and complexity economic indicator statistics
Motor vehicles, machinery, chemicals, computer and electronic products
Food machinery export boost for Germany
Export resources | Resources new and experienced exporters | Latin America
German exports of food processing machinery grew last year
Machinery & Equipment - Germany Trade & Invest
Subdue to nobody - exploring the business of oceanic freedom
Germany's Machinery and Equipment (M&E) sector is the largest and strongest in Europe
Errichtung eines Joint Ventures zur Wasser- und Sanitätsversorgung in Cartagena, Kolumbien
Develop innovative ocean technology products and services for global markets | Ellmer Group | @nautilusmaker
Oceanic Marine Contractors - Heavy Lifting, Jacket | @nautilusmaker
Great forum for doing business | Latin America | ocean colonization | @nautilusmaker |
The German machinery and equipment sector is dominated by small and medium sized companies
Industry Overview - Machinery & Equipment decentralized production which will transform industry
Agricultural machinery manufacturers | German machine tool industry
Agricultural machinery manufacturers | German machine tool industry
Provide customized products and small series
Strong demand of both domestic and international manufacturing industries
Leading position in technological development | Germany | Latin America
Staggering growth and dominance of our industrial automation sector
Equipment production distribution, machine shop, German machine factory
Kolumbien ist das viertgrößte Land Südamerikas
@nautilusmaker investor proposals private forum
Cyber physical systems and advanced manufacturing solutions
Ocean colonization | floating concrete shells | @nautilusmaker | Captain Nemo | caribbean network
Building project business plan @nautilusmaker ocean colonization investor partnership
Submarine yacht prototype testing @nautilusmaker
Colombia ranks third largest economy in Latin America
Germany remains the world’s largest machinery supplier with a global machinery trade share of 16.3%
German companies register more than 25% of the world's mechanical engineering patents
Europe's largest consumer market at the heart of Europe
Chemistry, electronics, automotive, food and beverages
Machinery industry supplies consumer goods
Machinery & Equipment (M&E) is the second largest and most innovative industry sector in Germany
Special sales of used German machinery and production equipment
German Machinery and Equipment Industry Dominates in Europe
Machinery and equipment production statistics
New & used machines and productions lines from Germany
Classification societies historic development
Commercial refrigeration equipment, general-use machinery
Machinery and equipment manufacturing industries
Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesaling Industry
Machinery Maintenance & Heavy Equipment Repair
Deutsche werkzeughersteller lateinamerika markt
Deutsche Braukunst erobert den lateinamerikanischen Markt
Deutsch-Kolumbianische Geschäftspartnerschaften - Ellmer Group
Viele Staaten Lateinamerikas und der Karibik haben nach der Jahrtausendwende ein kontinuierliches Wirtschaftswachstum erlebt
Bundesverband des Deutschen Exporthandels | Dachverband der deutschen Exporteure
@nautilusmaker early shareholder and founder program
Ocean colonization definition | @nautilusmaker | concretesubmarine.com | disruptive technology
Kunden & Märkte - Markt und Mittelstand | Lateinamerika
Schwerpunkt im lateinamerikanischen Markt | Kolumbien
Kernmärkte Werkzeug- und Formenbau
Größeres Ausfuhrplus - Deutsche Exporteure bleiben auf Erfolgskurs
Die deutschen Exporteure bleiben auf Rekordkurs
Machinery industry analysis
Diversified machinery industry overview
Deutsche Exporteure mit kräftigem Umsatzplus
Im Juli stiegen die Ausfuhren im Vergleich zum Vorjahr um 6,2 Prozent
Deutschen Exporteure sind mit einem unerwartet starken Umsatzplus ins zweite Halbjahr gestartet
Südamerika-Exporte | Ausfuhr, Exporteure, Exporteur
Exportboom nach Südamerika | Export |
Die neuen Wachstumsstars der deutschen Exporteure
Thema Export nach Lateinamerika | Ellmer Group
Fish Farm Tourism
Deutsche Exporteure weiter optimistisch
Südamerika - eine boomende Region
Export nach Lateinamerika - Aussenwirtschaftsportal
Der Export nach Lateinamerika nimmt zu | Ellmer Group
Export-Wirtschaft | Interessante Wachstumsländer in Lateinamerika
Gesprächsrunde Umwelttechnik-Export nach Südamerika
Schiff nach südamerika | ship repair services
Internationalisierung im deutschen Mittelstand | Suedamerika
Unternehmensführung im Mittelstand | Lateinamerika Export
Mittelstand blickt zuversichtlich ins neue Jahr | Lateinamerika Export
Business Plan Updates
Pazifik-Allianz bietet lukrative Chancen | Lateinamerika Markteintritt
Südamerikas neue Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Pazifik-Allianz steht vor der Bewährungsprobe
Branchenstruktur: Mittelstand dominiert Medizintechnik | Suedamerika Export
Wirtschaftseliten in Lateinamerika
Engineering Colombia Europe project setup network ellmer group
Business mit Lateinamerika | key player network
Stilblüten und Fettnäpfchen in Lateinamerika
Austria Export-import Trade and Business Directory | Lateinamerika
Business Association for Latin America | Lateinamerika Verein
Networking and information platform for German companies with business interests in Latin America
Promotional Videos
Austria Mineral & Mining Sector Investment and Business Guide | Latin America
Need of a sample business proposal | Latin America business network
Proposal for a business loan | Latin America | key player network | Ellmer Group
Business proposal | written offer from a seller to a prospective buyer |
Organización de Bodas en Cartagena de Indias | Marcela Mancilla
Opening ocean frontier, mobilis in mobili, @nautilusmaker, investment opportunity
Directorio Zonas Francas | Cartagena Colombia | Colombia Emerging | key player network
Austria Doing Business for Everyone Guide | expat manager, expat advisor LATAM
Ranking - Lateinamerika Reisemagazin
Zusammenarbeit zwischen der EU und Lateinamerika
Mittel- und Lateinamerika - Umfangreichstes Reiseangebot‎
Chambers of Commerce and Industry | Deutscher Industrieverband
Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag | Lateinamerika
Netzwerk der Deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammer | Kolumbien
Produkt- und Bezugsquellenverzeichnis deutscher Industriefirmen | Lateinamerika
Deutsche Ausschreibungen | Lateinamerika
Produktivität und Lohnstückkosten der Industrie | Lateinamerika
Winning Business Proposal | Entrepreneur | Latin America key player network
Normenausschuß der deutschen Industrie | Lateinamerika
Zulieferer, Großhändler, Dienstleister | Lateinamerika
Deutsche wirtschaft im internationalen vergleich
Nano- und Biotechnologie | Deutschland | Lateinamerika |
Lateinamerika Spezialist · über 30 Jahre Erfahrung · individuelle Reisen
Business | request support from an Investor | Latin America business
Deutsche universitäten im internationalen vergleich
Siemens, Volkswagen, Allianz, SAP oder BASF | Lateinamerika
Maschinenbaus, der Zulieferindustrie, | Lateinamerika
Entwicklung und Herstellung komplexer industrieller Güter | Export Lateinamerika
Assist entrepreneurs planning their new business ventures | Latin America network
Organizadores De Bodas | Casarse en Cartagena
Planeadores de bodas prefieren establecer un presupuesto
Fernreise Lateinamerika - Wir organisieren Ihren Urlaub‎
Business case proposal | scope | complexity | project | Latin America | business development
Mejores wedding planners | Cartagena de Indias | Marcela Mancilla
Österreich und Lateinamerika, Interdisziplinärer Lehrgang
Vernetzung | Informationsarbeit zu Lateinamerika in Österreich
Rankings der besten Unternehmen aus fast allen Ländern Lateinamerikas
Lateinamerika ist eine der wichtigsten Wirtschaftsregionen der Welt
Beratung und Unterstützung - Kolumbien
Das Wirtschaftswachstum in Kolumbien lag in den vergangenen Jahren bei fünf Prozent
Der Mittelstand ist der Antrieb der Wirtschaftsentwicklung in Deutschland
Beratung. Ansiedlung. Netzwerk. International. Mittelstand | Lateinamerika | Kolumbien
Beratung Markenrecht Kolumbien
Wirtschaftstag Kolumbien – Chancen für den Mittelstand
Gemeinsam mit Experten reise nach Kolumbien | Expat Netzwerk
Mittelständische Wirtschaft bemüht sich offenbar um bessere Beziehungen | Lateinamerika
Wirtschaft, Energie, Industrie, Mittelstand und Handwerk | Lateinamerika
Verstehen und verstanden werden – Der deutsche Mittelstand im Ausland | Expat Netzwerk
Los sí y los no del presupuesto de bodas | Marcela Mancilla
Organización bodas Cartagena | Matrimonio | Marcela Mancilla
Wachstumsregionen wie Lateinamerika gewinnen für den deutschen Maschinenbau immer stärker als Absatzmärkte an Bedeutung
Ellmer group open for founder projects ocean colonization
Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia Colombia Minera
Lateinamerika: Maschinenbau sieht neue Chancen
Praxishandbuch Außenwirtschaft: Erfolgsfaktoren | Lateinamerika
Maschinenbau-Gipfel | Lateinamerika Expat Manager Netzwerk
Deutsche investieren in Lateinamerika | Expat Netzwerk | Kolumbien
Schlüsselbranche, wichtigster Absatzmarkt | Lateinamerika Expat Netzwerk
Branchenprofil „Maschinenbau in Hessen“ | Lateinamerika Markteintritt
Markteintrittsstrategien für den Mittelstand: das Beispiel Lateinamerika
Umfeld schwierig - Mittelstand robust | Deutscher Industrieverband
Maschinenbau und Verkehrstechnik | Lateinamerika Markteintritt
Der deutsche Maschinenbau spielt in der Weltliga ganz oben mit | Lateinamerika Markteintritt
Der deutsche Maschinen- und Anlagenbau ist seit jeher das Rückgrat der deutschen Wirtschaft
Fact Sheet Deutsche Unternehmen Kolumbien
Kolumbien deutsche manager | deutsche manager fuer Kolumbien suchen
Kolumbianische Manager | Kooperationen und Geschäftsanbahnungen | Deutsche Expats
América Latina Portal Europeo, sistema de información e investigación
Red Europea de Información y Documentación
Bibliotecas y Centros de Documentación de Europa y América Latina
Cuánto cuesta un matrimonio en Cartagena
Migración Europa-América Latina
Biblioteca virtual europea - América Latina - Portal Europeo
Investigación en Ciencias Humanas y Sociales sobre América Latina
Investigaciones en Europa | Información sobre América Latina
Blog de América Latina Portal Europeo
Portales europeos de información y documentación
Latin America - Regional Cooperation - funding - European
Networks of Research Institutions and Technology | Latin America
Network meeting key players of the industry in Europe and Latin America
Target the creation of synergies and networks | Latin America | Europa
LATAM network | delivers key competencies required in the tourism business | Colombia business
Automotive · Call Center · Construction · Cold Chain · Corporate Learning Network
Financial crises was less pronounced in Latin America
European and Latin American Business Services and Innovation
Why Now is the Time to Buy Real Estate in Colombia
Access to Latin America: Best Practices for Market Entry and Operation
Foreign direct investment, internationalization, entry methods, services | Latin America
Choice of foreing market entry modes | Latin America
Journal of International Business Studies | Latin America
Una perspectiva comparada entre Europa y América Latina
Plataforma especializada en Organización bodas en Cartagena
Expand markets and seek out new business opportunities | Latin America
Colombia marketing, mainly focusing on management of distribution networks
Technological standards, and business models | Latin America
Concrete submarine press info
Microsoft Turns to Seaborn Cable System to Enhance Service Quality in Brazil
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