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Golden Rule to forment investor confidence.

What ever decision is taken about the NemoToken™ by the board, it is ruled out by the club constitution, that token owners and founders are treated differently - all founders and token owners have to “sit in the same boat” and need to have “the same amount of skin in the game” - ALWAYS

Token Owner Representation

The board of token owners represents the interest of all token owners in the group - the board steers the operation to guarantee the 10% per annum token yield target.

These rules assure that our token owners have a long term high yield investment in their hands.

The token option is mostly used by two different kinds of investors.

• The small scale investor who only wants to be a "member of the oceanic business alliance club - and stay tuned and informed about the recent developments, have access to non public info sources, but does not want to be engaged beyond the USD 5 range with our projects.

• The non specific investor who is interested in spreading his investments among all our operations and get his capital yield of 10% + without specific agendas beyond that.

The NemoToken™

represents a spread investment in all our activities that deal with the create-real-estate-where-there-was-none ™ business model, it has a hundred fold profit base, and therefore it holds the 10% per year fixed yield promise . ( There are other models with other underlaying business engines )

colored tokens™ represent investment into a specific project or a specific project group with conditions that can be negociated and set apart from the classic NemoToken™ . We see those projects as corporations that are a spin off and pursue different objectives under different rulings.

The color code of the classic NemoToken™ is | gtr756pol865 |

The example of the San Jose treasure hunt token shows the principle of a colored token that has a different token agreement - it is a very specific project token | its color code is | lkm253rgh956 |

Nemo Token as loan investment | For our group the NemoToken™ works like a micro loan investment.

The token owners give us USD 5 with the promise from our side to pay the loan back on a 10% annum interest base. Means if they buy a NemoToken™ (USD 5) today and hold it for 10 years we give them USD 10 back.
A 10% per year yield is more than most investors make with their investments.
The token owner can liquidate his tokens at any time. (only big investors who hold more than 3% of the total token pool are restricted to liquidate in a lightnig fast way, that can disrupt our business - they are offered a smooth liquidation over a certain time period by the board)
So if you would invest 1 million in NemoToken™ now, you can double your capital to 2 million in only 10 years - this is by far more than the normal financial markets offer.

We can offer interest rates exceeding the financial markets because we have a business model that produces value very fast - and constantly - we build real estate where there was non (on the water surface - in high real estate value areas - in sight of the city center . | read more | to keep our 10% per annum promise to our token owners we only need to realize a very small portion of the total business potential (USD1 in USD 102 return) that our business model holds. I am VERY confident that we can do that. If you look in depth it is a very moderate stake - almost a fool prove goal .

For us it makes better sense to take the capital from a pool of micro investors as we do not need to deal with lawyer texts and loan agreements, banks, and financial institutions, - tokens come as a simple straight forward agreement - you can read and understand without a lawyer.

What we want is, that EVERYBODY with any degree of budget, and confidence in our work, can participate in our exciting venture. Starting with USD 5 - and scaling up unlimited over time. If it is a few dollars or millions - in any case it is a excellent investment making the world a better place at the same time.

What value is captured by the NemoToken™ ?


ICO token | Ethereum | offering

Investors with a “specific agenda” like building a submarine yacht or a floating real estate development are better served with direct contact and the opening of a boardroom for developing a specific project.

  1. Membership
    Buying a (single) token you start to be part of our group (club) | it gives you the privilege to join our communication platforms | “ocean” | “seasteading” | “ocean colonization” | (and a dozend more) as a “club member” with priviledged access to topics that are hidden for the non members. It also grants access to discussions and insight forums the public has no acess to.

  1. Value
    A token represents a real estate value in square meters of floating structure (owning a square meter) in the measure our operation keeps to crank out floating real estate squaremeters

  1. Ownership
    Ownership percentage of the club assets - the club assets are not only the real estate squaremeters (and their intrinsic value increase) but also restaurants, marinas and their operation that come from these real estate. The token ownership in a future will also give “priviledge access” to that kind of real estate. (Vacation and timeshare packages for members only…)


  1. Investment and dividend
    Return on investment ( potential - factor 100 ) | nemo tokens yield - excellent investment - | 10% yield per year | duplication of capital in 10 years | Compare S&P 500 yield 2,09%

  1. Access
    To non public forums (club members only) - like any club we have info online that is for club members only. Owning one of our tokens gives you access to the spaces where you can contact our experts get their advise, we hear your proposals and communicate what we plan to do in a near future

Club Ticket | submarine tour |

  1. Seat in the boardroom
    limited - board of experts - owners of big percentages - golden token - for club members with a signifficant investment in our venture.

  1. Get invested
    Fields of ocean colonization that a investment in our tokens will get you invested in

  1. Weight in
    Use tokens to weight in on decision making. The more tokens you own, the more weight you have in our decision and management process.

  1. Ownership apart

Split the ownership of your floating house completly apart - own a floating platform in the bay of Cartagena - you buy the tokens - we build it for you. Many models many options. Get pictures and reports of the construction process on a dayly base over internet.

get started (with a set apart project) at USD 50 K - build at a general cost level of USD 200 per square meter… the tokens you purchase the squaremeter we build and document over internet.


floating house on “ownership apart base” get started with USD 50K (delivers 250 squaremeter floating house) escrow plan, tip your toe in start, dayly building site control in pictures.

go to token botton

ICO | initial coin offer | Oceanic-Business-Alliance™ |

In general our tokens are designed as a “crowd funding style micro investment” that allows you to express support to our operations and at the same time be part of our business success.

The token solution allows Wilfried Ellmer to run the company aligned with the company values and goals without risking hostile takeovers and interference by investors.

Therefore the token solution is a way to suit both the founder and the investors and integrate interests in harmony.

context: | Token List | all tokens | all token agreements |

Background Token Economics - What is a Token?

What value is captured by the NemoToken™

To comply with US rules

We are not allowed to issue a token which holds “the promise of financial gain” to “the public” therefore the first single token you buy is your MEMBERSHIP TOKEN it is not subject to value increase so it can can not be expected to hold financial gain - it only makes you a club member.

All further tokens you buy DO hold the promise of gain (10% per year) - this way we do not offer "tokens with promise of gain to the public" - we only offer them to our "club members only".
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Seasteading • investor deck • elevator pitch • oceanic business alliance • wilfried ellmer •
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The big five business fields of ocean colonization: | oceanic transport | oceanic energy | oceanic real estate | deep sea mining | oceanic aquaculture |

The four fundamental quests of ocean colonization : | The quest for interference freedom | The quest for mobility | The quest for oceanic resources | The quest for space on the planet |

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