Real estate primary seasteading business | USD 1 input converts to USD 102 | ROI

Floating real estate to build for 5 billion earthlings, 40 squaremeter each, 70 empire state buildings per Day !!! in the next 30 years…

The base situation is that ALL costal cities are running out of waterfront real estate

Building floating islands allows to create real estate where there was non - this is big business - as demonstrated by the singapore sandbank real estate business. ( USD 70 billion per year)

To pin that down in numbers a City like Cartagena offeres shore side building lots at prices of USD 17.000 per square meter for the construction industry.

A small building site can crank out floating building lots at a pace of 1 squaremeter per day. Creating a modular cube assembly line that builds up a modular floating platform on the water.

The building cost USD 166 compared to the building value (USD 17.000) has written “HELL OF A GOOD BUSINESS” all over it. If you start to talk a lot about the “secondary business you can do on such a floating platform” you just take the focus away from what really matters - Seasteading is the REAL ESTATE DEAL of the century waiting to be discovered by the mainstream investor.

So the REAL interesting question is:

If the creation of space on the water is a USD 70 billion per year business, if investors can potentially multiply their money on a - 1Dollar in - 102 Dollar out - base, and the NemoToken™ is offering a turnkey entrance to this - why is my project not yet part of it ?

| Keep in mind that the USD 1 in - USD 102 out is a "business potential" that is not a sure fact in every single project . Therefore our ROI promise and commitment to our investors is only a "stable 10 % per annum value increase for the NemoToken™" a promise that is easy to keep and can reasonably be given in a "conservative approach". It is the primary task of the board to assure this stable ROI for all token investors.

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