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investor proposal list seasteading startup ventures

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A investor proposal list was developed on the base that seasteading is a development driven by investors.
It was also discussed that the core and primary business of seasteading is real estate business where 1 investment dollar converts into 102 dollars worth of floating assets. How to communicate this right so that seasteading stops to be underevaluated by the investors compared to sandbank building as a investment field.

Once the primary points mentioned above are clear. The question of secondary business comes on the table. If you create a floating island - what kind of secondary business will you do on it…the following was suggested…

In general those project proposals follow the principle of try fast, learn fast, fail cheap, allowing to have a project pipline structure to serious and sistematic developers.

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Proposal ID Code: The first number 1-9 roughly reflects the amount of upfront investment necessary to get it started on a scale of 1-9. The second number is a counter. So to get a list of “low cost projects” see 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc… To get a list for the serious heavy weight international investment check 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, etc…

After getting back USD 102 for each invested Dollar in “floating asset value”. (the return is inmediaty as the floating real estate square meters are built up) There is a lot of “interesting secondary business” to do on a floating asset built and functioning - the above is merely a suggestion list to potential investors - it is far from being a complete list. So investors might be inclined to not sell their floating structures on the real estate market, but put a “secondary business” as in the list above at work on the floating structure.

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First steps:

  • get a board room (discourse) allow and restrict access to this board room, invite and talk to experts, friends, investors, advisors.

  • develop the project

  • get a managed building site in the caribbean

  • Start building get real time documentation of the building progress, keep funds in escrow, keep risk low.

What my investors normally know about me before calling me to enter one of my projects…

Things and projects we should know when talking about floating real estate :

Gibraltar floating marina hotel

Monaco floating real estate built in Spain incorportated to Monaco harbor

The background : why floating real estate is unevitable why floating real estate is the biggest real estate deal in human history

Imagine living on a Floating structure / outside view / inside view / building principles /

Building Methods Overview

The freedom of the seas a strong base to build real estate : freedom of the seas / seastead independence / ocean zones /

Get a foothold in Ocean Colonization Business

Get an internet board room (discourse) where a number of invited guests can have a natural conversation with pictures and refererence links that goes far beyond the capability of e-mail. Hold all the info together use multiple media. Limit and grant access, get a resident advisor to your project. Get set and running for only USD 100 with a market opening / business development venture / tip your toe in / project.

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The principal building method groups




Shell Cluster

submarine hull (

shell cluster development

Shells with a tough side against the ocean - a open side to a “inner patio”

Openess and shell enclosure as climate and convenience require…

The windward seawall a row of sturdy domes taking wave impacts…

central garden dome cluster

ocean sphere - 99% of the living space available to mankind looks like this…

Plate seastead, real estate on the watersurface.

submarine yacht

submarine yacht prototype

Ocean Colonization

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Get a foothold in ocean colonization:

The Captain Nemo Lifestyle:

Why oceanic business is the next big thing to come:

Ocean sphere fish farming:

Ocean colonization gallery:

Big things have small beginnings ocean colonization transition, potential:

Sustainability on Planet Earth only the oceans can safe us:

Free spirited oceanic lifestyle global mobility:

floating platform types…

/ Lens shell pictures overview / / Ramform floating home pictures / / c-shell floating home pictures / / Floating concrete building methods / / shell cluster pictures / / investor proposal list /

I’ve been working on inexpensive floating breakwaters. I’ll post some pics after next weekend.

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go ahead chad this is the investor proposal list the more proposals the better…

/ Lens shell pictures overview / / Ramform floating home pictures / / c-shell floating home pictures / / Floating concrete building methods / / shell cluster pictures / / investor proposal list /

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light concrete honeycomb structure built by Ellmer Group in cartagena - among dozends of other pilot projects…

honeycomb architecture in general

Axes of ocean colonization: | Main Axes | Plate Seastead | Floating Real Estate | Catamaran concept | Captain Nemo Concept | Floating Breakwater Concept | Submerged Living Space Bubble Concept |

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