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What value is captured by the token...

• Our business model allows to build floating real estate at a cost of USD 166 per square meter

• This same square meter real estate has a market value of USD 17.000 on our local real estate market when you pull the “real estate comps”.

• This means in theory that USD 1 that goes in comes back as USD 102 return on investment.
Now we are aware that not every project is able to capture 100% of the theorical potential a specific real estate market offers.
So we had the dilemma what ROI promise we do communicate to our token investors. While 102% is possible, a slightly lower figure is probably more likely to happen, in a day to day project.
In discussions with our existing token owners we decided to go for the CONSERVATIVE approach.
We promise and guarantee a fixed ROI of 10% per year. This is more than most investors make with other forms of investment on a yearly average.
The rest of the earned money will be fed back into the operation and be present as floating real estate owned by the operation. (which is owned by the token owners)
This value works as a buffer for underbolting the 10% per year promise in bad years and as a pool to back future operation and keep the works going whatever happens in the future.
We consider it the most important goal of the operation to keep the 10% yield promise - as we are looking on long term development of ocean colonization.
So the value created by our operation of building floating real estate is split in two parts .

• Part one is used to fuel the 10% per year value increase of the NemoToken™

• Part two is still feeded into the token in form of value increase of the group assets which are collectivly owned by the token owners. (there is no split equity owners vs token owners)

If you invest your money into the token for 10 years and at the end of this ten years you liquidate the tokens you duplicate your initial capital . But you leave the value that was stored in the group assets (equity) behind . So it is pretty much like lending money to somebody on a 10% per year interest rate.
If you think like a founder (not like a lender) and leave your money in our group you are rewarded by getting both parts of the cake . The 10% value increase and the value increase of the club assets.

So you might consider that it is the better business to get invested in our operations long term, to own big amounts of our tokens, and sit in the boards that decide on the strategic long term goals of our operations, what makes you a key player in the business of ocean colonization.

Our key goal of operation is that the NemoToken™ is equal good business for everybody participating - the micro investor getting invested with USD 5 - as well as the big investor getting invested with USD 5 million.
The faithfull investor should be rewarded by getting both pieces of the cake (token value increase plus equity value increase ) - the lender type investor by getting interest rates of 10% far above other markets.

Liquidate your equity

Investors who have their tokens 20 years in our operation will have the right to get the tokens liquidated not only on the 10% per year base but get also their share of the club assets (total assets divided by token number ) as additional piece of the cake. So they don´t get only token value increase - but also equity liquidated. Given the business model, equity could easyly be 90% per year in value increase (on top of the 10% fixed increase)...depending how successful we are, to tap into the business model potential and make it work.
When you are 20 years faithfull the NemoToken™ becomes not only a great investment - it starts to play in the league of

best investment ever

• so being a early bird investor and “go long” on ocean colonization will definitly pay off. It is part of the “token design”

Problem 1: Projects where equity is “stealing” value from the token

We solve that problem by simply fusion equity and token into one. The ownership of all projects is shared in equal parts by all NemoToken™ owners. There is no split of equity ownership and token ownership. So equity can not steal value from the token…as outlined below.



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