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@markstephan, @elwartowski, @Bob, @matias, @admin, @octavian any comment?

@Bob @markstephan @elwartowski
If perhaps these pictures look so different from the ones initially pictured is probably because I am here illustrating a slightly further stage in the town’s development.
Ironically the only obvious feature missing, as @Bob pointed out, is the actual marina, but what is certainly there now is a “faux natural” harbor.

Beach (and launching ramp for smaller vessels). Perhaps someone could shop some kayaks or suncats in sunset cove

Flanking the promenades, fresh and salt water ponds make the approach to the ocean a gradual experience

A lot more so than in dense urban areas, the sea is where rooftop gardens become more necessary and more easily achievable through underlying crawl space for conventional, hybrid, hydro, or aeroponic planters, insulation and maintenance.

My focus here is the Marinea project which is to begin as a marina at sea. The village will grow out of the marina. We have to show the marina and the lens as the main building for the marina. We are on a time limit of a sort and though these concepts look very interesting for future development, we need to focus and get the job done.

We can’t lose our initiative or momentum now, we are getting close. Lets see the marina at sea with the lens as the focus please. Boats, docked and freestanding. Houseboats, the ocean variety with large platforms compared to the size of the building on it. Maybe a couple of ramforms.

As pull out (a sub picture or a close up of one part of a big picture) a couple of floats with a playground on it and kids. A swimming area protected by nets with diving boards and swimmers with a volleyball. Another pull out might be a home setting, similar to the one posted with a rest area off of a boardwalk. A man with a BB grill and a couple of women talking to their neighbor over their property boundary wall.

These are just ideas that will help sell our project to the world, use your own imagination but remember it has to look something like a marina.

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Thanks for the feedback Bob, I might have gone a bit too out there. I absolutely understand.
It’s just that I thought we really needed to move away from the Spratly Islands or “Sealand” or “Fort Boyard” oil rig type of perception.
The lens shape will begin as just that, only a bowl, we can chose how to fill it and cover it, but its floating foundation that allows for dry flooring space is the only very clear part of the project.
At some point it will be completed and immediately after that it will begin to grow. If it’s successful it will expand continuously, as market dictates from just a floating undifferentiated foundation.
I do have to admit I might have gone too big! (see pic) but it’s for inner discussion illustration. The website will probably show a slideshow of pictures showing its continuous growth from something close to this:

to a combination of these two:

to a veritable floating island (with harbor and marina on its lee side of course!)

Mary made this to give us an idea of what she was hoping for.


This is Mary. Concerning my pic above, here’s a little explanation:

Note the lens in the foreground, and the two main boardwalks going out from the main lens at about a 90 degree angle with smaller boardwalks going off of each one into the protected area, but more importantly is the opening at the far end of the marina. The lens would point in the direction of the oncoming waves, with the few waves essentially going out of the protected are of the marina through the opening at the far end.

When anyone looks at the finished picture of the marina of Marinea, it should tell our story - a village at sea. A place where they would feel comfortable living and working. A marina yes, but a very full and very lively marina. Businesses, recreation, farming, energy production, and homes. … condominiums, house boats, apartment complexes, and individual houses on artificial turf - perhaps four or six to a neighborhood (float).

These are just some ideas, I’m interested in hearing others. peace …

For this first round of pictures do you want the model with the short wings or that last picture above?

@elwartowski keep in mind that open walkways are only feasible in “fishpond” conditions INSIDE the ramform lagoon. The outer defense wall of the triangle (which is the part of the structure that has to deal with what the ocean brings up) needs to be a tublular or L shape a C shape or a closed tubular structure of some kind … remember we plan this for the “hurricane alley of the caribbean”…

It can be open to the lagoon side - it can not be open to the sea side. Open walkways, garden barges, flat platforms are only for the inside of the lagoon…in waters that are “completly protected at any time in any condition”.

Those arms have the function of a harbor breakwater. They can be a bit more fragile than a usual harbor breakwater as the waves never slam into them directly only in an angle and already split by the bow who takes the brunt impact force of the wave. But they should not be THAT fragile and low (as painted in the picture) either…

I would like the longer wings (avenues). Are we switching to wings now instead of avenues?

[quote=“elwartowski, post:14, topic:3279, full:true”]
For this first round of pictures do you want the model with the short wings or that last picture above?[/quote]

I would tend to the longer wings.

If these wings are only to break the waves then it is a cost without a direct return so we need to keep the cost low by using a lower height (AKA more fragile). However, we could make them stronger and have them do double duty. Consider using the ocean side of the wing for small businesses. Outside the businesses (Center of the wing) is the walking area which is also covered. On the inside of the wing would be an open platform that floating docks are linked to for housing and boat docks. Also a good place for a dry-dock.

25ft for the businesses, 15 ft for walk, 10 for open air platform = 50 ft (15m). 50 feet of cement at a 45 degree angle from the force direction would be formidable and pay for itself from property rents.

But what we are talking about here is what is good enough for the websites and other requirements. Ideally the pics would also represent the practical but it also cost more time, labor and money.

We need to strike a happy medium. We can show a solid wide avenue wing with windows or openings on the inside. That will indicate that there is more in there but not what it is.

Venice canale grande, the watersurface is completly calm and protected by the buildings around it - close to the water there is a “promenade” where people and commerce can circulate, and from that promenade boat docks and walkways stretch out into the lagoon…

We will not reinvent how people buildings water and commerce interact - Venice is doing this for 1500 years successfully we will just introduce modern concrete shell honeycomb structures into the established concept.

I’m sending these pictures today to the designer (these are rough images to give her an idea of what we want):

  1. shot of the seastead from a high angle to capture the entirety of it.
    Includes: lens, 2 avenues, marina with small sailboats and a couple
    large mega-yachts, house boats, additional modules? Park? Concert hall?
    Resort module?

    Note: Needs more boats, a marina with docks in the lower left corner, some large yachts docked on the bottom right corner. Top right is a commercial area for more commercial boats. Need a helipad (square) docked on the left (with incoming helicopter). The water needs to show waves all around the outside but calm waters inside and no waves forming a “V” at the bottom.

  2. shot of the seastead from the view of someone walking around above, jet skis and activity in the water

    Note: Needs to be cleaned up, can have the same marina set up as before but with jet skis in the foreground and a boat with someone water skiing in the background.

  3. shot of the lens from the interior, including some shops, cafe, etc.

    Note: Very rough shot needs to be cleaned up, needs lighting and a “mall like atmosphere” with a cafe to the center/right and entrance to stores on each level to the left. This one needs the most creative license.
    See this page for sample pictures:

  4. shot of a person working at a desk in their house boat with a big
    window beyond leading out to the seastead in the near distance, showing
    the avenue going to it

    Note: Needs a shot of a person working at a desk in their house boat with a big window showing something similar to this view with the walkway going to the seastead. The walkway needs activity, the corner on the left should be an ice cream shop with mother/father walking with a child eating ice cream. Outdoor cafe with people sitting at small tables.

  5. shot of the seastead from the view of someone swimming, with dolphins; maybe snorkeling, scuba?

    Note: This view with something like the bottom picture.

Actually the bottom pic with the dolphins is a good pull out. We don’t need to see the lens in every pic. We also want to see someone one living at home in the marina. Dolphins with a house float background would be good.

The one I liked for the interior of the lens is the 7th pic down on the thread “Inside view for investor talk floating shell honeycomb”. Has a mall look yet circular. If we own that, we could use it as is.