Lens cluster pictures

@bob, can you please post a link to the picture you are talking about ? is assume it its this ? correct ? the thread is here

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That is the one. +++++++++

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@elwartowski, instead of these extreme thin, extreme low, super weak arms that have “half the size of a small boat” in your pictures, and are for sure “falling short to protect a harbor” you might consider something like this:

remember to have all those super weak boats and c-shells inside you need to offer “fishpond conditions” in the lagoon when a hurricane comes in, creates a 30 foot storm surge and the waves go over those low laying sandbanks in cay sal. The reason that these are sandbanks and not palm islands is that they get “overwashed from time to time”. So long term plant life (like palm trees) can not exist.

Also keep in mind those c-shells inside the lagoon have no place to run to when a hurricane comes - so they need to be perfectly protected right where they are inside the lagoon

We can not change the program at this late state but when we build, it will be to teach us what these structures can take. The one Wil just posted above will most likely be what we end up with for the deep water (Our Own Country) version. The lens may end up free floating in the protected wake of a large Ramform but right now, we need to get the oars in the water. If we have to change it later then, we will but for now, we need to get our pilot project launched.

The c shell houseboats are just pictures. The real floats may have 4 to 6 houses and will be big enough to handle a good wave, inside the marina of course. After we finish with the pics for the website, we may want to begin talking about the housefloats.

I think it might be a concept error to make a final statement about the concept on the beginning of a project that is supposed to be a city with a lot of concepts and options in the end.

So instead of “arbitray picking out a thing” we just should limit to point out that there is wide arrow of options ( shells shell clusters, lens, ramforms, combinations of all the mentioned) which all will have their “adequate frame of application” - it seems only necessary to send a signal that we “understand the basics” which means that you can not park “fishpond marina architecture” like C-shells and open walkways unprotected in the middle of hurricane alley… at the end our business case is “solving the ocean colonization bottleneck

Envision the Arms (avenues) rather then open marina typ walkways something tubular like this foto with a “hard side” that can take waves looking outwards and the “soft open glass side” looking inside to the lagoon

We can certainly continue upgrading the images when Mati gets back. But we have to go with what we have now so we can actually start looking for investors. I’d rather not wait another 6 months.

When we get the final model we can always spend another $300 to get another set of pictures. I agree we should have a final concept instead of having a bunch of options. I never once saw on Shark Tank someone walk in with a bunch of pictures of products that they “could make” and hope that the investors tell them what they want made.

I would think that it is our job to have a product to sell. We can’t expect investors to decide for us.


keep it close to the original - if possible … that was a good design…alterate only what is strictly necessary - avoid to go beyond realistic with the pictures…

That’s where Mati needs to come in, I can only do basic things on Sketchup. I can only work with what he provides me.

As far as hurricanes go, do we really need to be too worried about 30 foot waves? I have a house on the ocean. It is on 14 foot stilts. I don’t worry about 30 foot waves. I worry sometimes when hurricanes are on their way, my plan was always to move my stuff upstairs and evacuate if there was a hurricane incoming. But I didn’t build a fortress to withstand a hurricane. Hardly anyone on the coast does.

The 30ft is for the storm surge not for wave height - waves can be signifficantly higher .

When we talked of this in the past, I argued for a safe room so the platforms could go under a wave and the inhabitants would be safe. This is like a tornado in Kansas, they go underground.

Look at the tubular house, http://nautilusmaker.discoursehosting.net/uploads/db7580/650/adb199baeb3c822f.jpg

Picture this built on a 100’ X100’ (30m X 30m) platform with appropriate walls around the edge. This could go under a wave, replace some glass and furniture and you’re ready to go. We just have to remember to not have any edges on anything.
A tubular house like this will weather hurricanes as well as any. Little less glass of course. So long as each float has a water tight area to go to if bad weather comes, we should be alright.

yes a tubular shell bubble concept is pretty much what is “required minimum” for hurricane alley…



platforms are ok as honeycomb shell platform where people can go “under deck” in severe weather

proposing something like “fishpond marina” for “hurricane alley” is a bit “exposing our project to be ridiculized”… what is not a good business plan - so whenever we make a graphic statement paint such things INSIDE the protected lagoon of a ramform - NEVER outside and unprotected…

fishpond marina is a great concept for Cartagena Bay

which is a super protected bay OUTSIDE the hurricane routes - it is not feasible for Cay Sal which is in the center of the hurricane routes.


House in Galveston after the hurricane - you tell me - is “not care much about hurricanes” a feasible strategy ? - can we expect people to put money in real estate destinated to end this way…

The best strategy to combine fortress and openess is to have one side that can face a hurricane and another side that is open and glass…

Picture it that way… in a shell

Picture it that way in a ramform

Picture it that way in a tubular c-shell

Some work on the quality of the rendering:

@elwartowski, very nice render, great choosing of view angle.

Preliminary images. There was some confusion about boats vs jet skis so she’s going back and replacing the jet skis with some boats.

whow - that looks extremly nice without falling out of realistic - congrats ! - great work ! - i can imagine a 15m oceanic wave monster slamming into the bow area without creating more than a “light spray” on the red jetski…