Website design discussion


Wanted to create a thread for a discussion on the website.

My thoughts:
general theme for the website would be high on visuals, light on content. Again if they want the content, we’re happy to talk to them, but we lose control if we put too much content out. They misread stuff, have questions and nobody to ask right away, etc.

Therefore pictures, video(s), a couple diagrams of the concept, the team, how to contact us, mission/vision…


I would suggest to consider a “modular setup” for the website(s) - collect “loose elements” like pictures, stats, info snippets, write them down one element per page and then create the structure with LINKS.

It is a bit like a powerpoint presentation - you start with slides (pages) and then line them up to a presentation.


Remember there are two websites. is primarily for investors while is for everyone interested in some aspect of the project. the .org needs to be limited and the focus will be different. However, when making the suggestions please also mention which one would benefit most from your suggestions. Even though many suggestions would apply to both, it would still help us to understand the point if we have one or the other background to compare to.


Is currently bringing up a “go daddy page” that returns a weired error when using the go back to previous page botton…

is bringing up a basic page that works properly

we will follow and support the development of both pages here…let us know how we can support your webpage project.


@Bob, now i see a nice responsive template for … looks promising !


Top 10 (6?) concepts (for me):

  • Clean (not cluttered)
  • Light on content (for now)
  • Highly visual; animated/moving; good flow
  • more emotional than technical/detailed (If they want to have a technical discussion we will have it live vs. on a website)
  • ease of contacting us - direct email; social media. Include a way of “joining the list”

Love the design. I definitely like the vertical flow. How you scroll down to see the page and it’s more of a presentation than a traditional webpage.

I love how the top image stays steady while you scroll down. Another option would be to have a video playing in that space, with everything else the same.

What do you think about a full screen image to start? I’m not sure how that would work with different resolution monitors, devices, etc.

We’ll need to have a mobile version, though I know that websites now are designed to be device independent for the most part.

Yes to: twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube, g+, email, blog (RSS); Maybe to instagram. Could be good for image sharing? Other up and comers?

We’ll need to get emails set up for the team
First names? Full or abbreviated? i.e. Mati or Matias; (Octavian?)

What about a social media widget that highlights recent tweets, facebook posts, etc.

Regarding other websites:

I actually like how marinea has its internal tabs vs. canary. Canary has the links to “how it works” etc on the top, while marinea has them below the main image. I like them off of the image as having them over makes it more cluttered

I like the side scroll picture with text about a screen down “Feel safe and secure.” I don’t have anything for this tech yet, but wondering if we have the capabilities to do something like that
I like how this site tells a story; it leads the viewer along a path and tells them exactly what we want them to know.

I also like how the images appear after a half second when you scroll down. Very fluid

I actually like this website a lot…
I like the “business card” functionality in the top right

I also like how you click on the images, and you get a little tidbit of info. Kind of like those kids books where you peel back a picture and see something underneath.

Overall this is just me rambling a bit. Trying to expand on what I think is interesting.


I’m throwing out a bunch of content we should have on the website.

Brief blurb on the business
our vision/mission
What seasteading is
Couple diagrams of what the seastead will look like
Pictures of each of us. very short bio
contact information for each of us
A press page (materials for press, such as photos, documents, content, etc., as well as the rights to use it. (canary has a great press page
Privacy statement
Social media links; blog
eventually: quotes from external parties, press/mentions; investor information; link to kickstarter?

What am I missing here?


Hi everybody, I’m here… :smile:

I was mentioning to Bob that I can create a responsive website for and relativly free of charge (a one time set up fee and hosting fees will apply) and I can work on designing a branding logo for Marinea.

It can look similar (but not limited) to which I designed. A Facebook “Like” would be really appreciated :wink:

Also, from my experience with websites and online marketing, I would suggest that Marinea should have only one website (under for all purposes, including the investors side. The idea is to have everything “under one roof” for a smooth navigation and access, instead of directing potential investors to a different URL, which by the way, being a .org and usually “reserved” for non profit organizations, would not “fit” the Marinea for profit classification.


Hi Octavian, welcome to the group. Marinea is indeed for profit but what we’re trying to do is not. Well, one of the things is not. We want to end up with a sovereign nation. We don’t know if we can pull it off but there is a good chance and we want to give it every chance we can. If we do this right, the Sal bank can be the nation of the boat people.

This is one of the thing that we can talk about here that we don’t want to find its way to the other forum. There has been too much talk on the other forum already that we are looking to move up our schedule. As to the double web pages, most corporations have a public web page and a corporate one. We are not out of line here. Some of this we already covered before you got here so you’ll need some time to catch up.

Its not that new ideas can not be adopted but we are not at the beginning, any change will cost us, time and maybe more. So be careful about insisting on change for change sake. It will set us back. But if something is so worth a delay in time, make sure we hear about it.


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Hi Bob.

My suggestion was just that and was never intended to set the project back or to imply that something or somebody is out of line here.


[quote=“octavian, post:11, topic:1494”]
to imply that something or somebody is out of line here.[/quote] Never worry about that here. We are very project oriented here. We just want to get something done and to that end we all have to be able to communicate our feelings and stay focused. Its just a reality that things get out of alignment so when you see something that is, sing out. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings and if someone’s feeling do get hurt, the profits that can be made from this venture will soothe them pretty quick.


I don’t worry, Bob. If my offer to create a free website is not welcomed, than it’s off the table. If my suggestions are deemed unproductive, don’t listen to them.

No hurt feelings here,…nobody’s perfect :blush:


May I suggest that you talk with Chad about I need to work .org around financing and business structure but the sale page for Marinea is the .co one. I thought you were offering help on that one. But talk to Chad and if he doesn’t need help, then maybe I could use it but I’m not ready yet.


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