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For making seasteads a reality, a 3 phase plan was developed. If we play the cards right, we can get a floating development through the 3 phases in just ten years on a USD 167 million total budget.

The earliest early steps when no investor is on the horizon yet and you want a startup of a few hundred bugs comming out of your own pocket. helmet dive base island, barbecue island, small shell island, poor man’s floating island.

Phase 1

The floating venture has about ship size (20- 100m) very little population and little economic weight to broker power. Phase 1 is most of all necessary for the investor key conversation…after all seasteading is investor driven…what we do in phase 1 is to “make a small structure that makes a big point” we avoid “pointless experiments” with things that have already been done. So it is important that “great oceanic concrete shell and honeycomb building” is already introduced in phase 1 - and presented as the technology that will remove the bottleneck that held back the historic oceanic cultures and marine powers to develop seasteading earlier.
The idea of the phase 1 structure is to make seasteading investment worthy…given the dynamics of an “evolutionary business approach” in phase 1 a seastead can not be “very different” from what is here already. On contrary it NEEDS to be something that can engage normal business in normal circumstances with a little engineering twist that sets it on a evolutionary path that will lead to a future that is quite different to “normal marine business” and can be called SEASTEADING (when it reaches phase 3 and beyond) …

Phase 2

The venture has grown to a size where it is a local economic factor with important business and harbor hub functions. (400m – 1000m) In this phase the seastead may be percieved by the public as a floating harbor or a floating wharf cluster being a great asset in business but still very low in “permanent population” and “free spirited societies”.

Phase 3

City size leading economic factor on the shoreline (bigger than 1000m). In this phase a seastead operates a marine business cluster city along the proven business model of VENICE. But basicly going beyond Venice solving the technology bottleneck. Venice due to its swamp position had a “limited growth perspective” hardwired into its foundation. A true seastead - capeable to expand to the planetary hydrosphere unlimited, removes this limitation.

Each phase comes with its own “range of possibilities and freedoms to negotiate”. Each phase has a different business setup that creates the beating economic heart of the venture. In phase 3 you follow basicly the economic and political model of Venice – with the addition that you do float can leave and therefore have a stronger position in negotiating and brokering power than VENICE.

The trick is that you need to keep the venture good business during all 3 phases and avoid that investors go away at some point. Hosting something extremly controversial is bad business, conflict is bad business, world open multicultural port hub with a lot of interchange is good business.

What should be avoided in the waypoint path to seasteading is trying impossible things like.:

  • get sufficient upfront money to build a phase 3 seastead from scrap in a singularity
  • negotiate the political conditions for a phase 3 stead BEFORE having a phase 1 stead on the water.
  • talk a lot about phase 3 steads, get a laughstorm, and never be taken seriouly enough, to get phase 1 stead moving forward.
  • avoid all kind of “pointless experiments” that discredit the cause of seasteading
  • puting “weirdo-stead” to the media centerstage instead of “marine business stead” - i understand that weirdo-stead brings “media ratings” and “amazing salon talk” but it is toxic for serious business development.

why would you invest in a marina - because it is good business and the logical starting point.

seasteading today is building floating structures for marine business

understand seasteading as real estate business development

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The oceanic business alliance is currently at the end of phase 1 (exploratory phase make a point )

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This piece of marine shipping infrastructure has a investment volume of USD 7,2 billion … it is certainly a oceanic business activity center.

• Seasteads will devolp as port infrastructure hubs
• Seasteads will develop along the business model of VENICE - “the floating city”.
• The rise of New-VENICE™ and New-Atlantis™ is imminent.