Singapore land fill - the idea of the grounded state falling apart - liquid real estate - floating real estate

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Oceanic Breakaway Civilization

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Sandbank building on large industrial scale | Palm Dubai |

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Fascinating, I do wonder how the Palm has been succesful and replicated but The World islands are having trouble even consolidating, physically and in the market!

@matias | Landfill is a very fragile concept (amount sand where nature does not amount it) and quite expensive in cost per squaremeter ( around USD 800 ) so it will not be difficult for well applied floating structures to compete with that…the only thing landfill has in favor is that it is obvious and easy to understand for even the thumbest investor so big consortiums (driven by banks) love to pump huge sums into it.

… this landfill got 7,5 billion on investment. !!!

Interestingly they did no longer insist in “making funny shapes” this time, but built a bow style wave cutting edge and made it triangular (with a protected stern harbor) as suggested in the ramform floating island concept.

(Bad experience of fast errosion lead them down the obviouly correct path…)

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