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Thanks again Wil. I love how this configuration allows for both privacy, wave attenuation, a sheltered area to grow plants and spend time al fresco, and connection

forms to stabilize an underwater tunnel connection between seasteads and from seastead to land connections…

The key element is the tendon anchor.

Open stern feature ship design


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/ Lens shell pictures overview / / Ramform floating home pictures / / c-shell floating home pictures / / Floating concrete building methods /

ramform home light honeycomb concrete building

ulstein bow ship

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/ Lens shell pictures overview / / Ramform floating home pictures / / c-shell floating home pictures / / Floating concrete building methods / / shell cluster pictures / / investor proposal list /

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Ramform Floating Island can also be a Ramform Archipelago

Ramform Islands by Matias Volco

@matias, a wonderful picture series showing exactly how a project can grow from a few cells of light honeycomb structure floating on the water to a stadion sized marina development with commercial space in roofed galleries, single family floating houses, boat docks and commercial harbor activity… :+1:

see more Matias Volco

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Thank you Wil, I can’t wait to imagine and see all the variations possible!

In this image I can imagine a residential neighborhood with quiet canals for transport leisure and social buffer space

This might be a marina view from an office, shop or apartment

Shell-protected cascading balcony apartment complex

Matias Volco

rescue pod - the “minimum housing and survival unit at sea” - a honeycomb shell structure.

These are some really nice pics, question though, why aren’t they on the Marinea forum? Easier to find when putting things together.

Indeed @Bob. I posted them in the Marinea forum first, albeit perhaps under a confusing name.

Ramform marina development - Matias Volco design.

ramform overflight

more pictures

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