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@matias, a wonderful picture series showing exactly how a project can grow from a few cells of light honeycomb structure floating on the water to a stadion sized marina development with commercial space in roofed galleries, single family floating houses, boat docks and commercial harbor activity… :+1:

see more Matias Volco

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Thank you Wil, I can’t wait to imagine and see all the variations possible!

In this image I can imagine a residential neighborhood with quiet canals for transport leisure and social buffer space

This might be a marina view from an office, shop or apartment

Shell-protected cascading balcony apartment complex

Matias Volco

rescue pod - the “minimum housing and survival unit at sea” - a honeycomb shell structure.

These are some really nice pics, question though, why aren’t they on the Marinea forum? Easier to find when putting things together.

Indeed @Bob. I posted them in the Marinea forum first, albeit perhaps under a confusing name.

Ramform marina development - Matias Volco design.

ramform overflight

more pictures

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Excellent picture, Mati !

more pictures

whow - mati - this is a visionary architekt and artist giving a futuristic but not far fetched vision of ocean colonization- that is pure genius !!!

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