Preliminary business plan for MARINEA | oceanic business alliance

greenery laden small lens shape family house part of the Marinea cluster development

dome platform combination

cluster shell platform with park on top


Lens shell

Mary said to tell Mati, hooray!

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As you can see in the statistics on top of this thread the “Preliminary business plan for Marinea” has been visited by now 358 times.

It is reasonable to assume that among those people - following our process with a certain interest - there might be individuals interested in buying shares in the first round and join our FOUNDERS group.

I was thinking about doing something special for these individals that show early interest for our project.

So i created the Marinea early share buyers program - room.

In this room the team who drives the Marinea Project will answer special questions of mentors, sharebuyers, and interested individuals in a non public space.

To join the meeting room please create a user on this forum - log in and request “entrance in the meeting room” to @admin

All users mentioned in this post already have access to the room…

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The business plan of space X - we should structure something similar for ocean colonization…

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Agreed. Pretty straight and to the point…
As we’d consider Elon Musk a potential partner, using a diagram similar to his would be appropriate :smile:
Let me add that to my list.

We need to make the point that we are solving the technology bottleneck and that we are leaders in a “disruptive technology” with great potential … making these points straight forward is probably more important than “explaining ourselfs to the totally uninformed” who is new to the topic of ocean colonization.

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get the other threads about the Marinea Project as far as they are available for the public.

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The business case: