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I felt there were topics that we needed to have a position on but would not belong in a business plan.

My first position paper is on the moral code of libertarianism and why we prefer it. Unfortunately we can only attach picture on this forum so I will have to copy the entire paper here. (PDFs would be so helpful).

A Question of Morality
(The Libertarian Dilemma)

Once an obscure term seldom used, the word libertarian has made its debut in the political world and has become a common term on the TV news. Some of the less well informed have classified libertarianism as moral-less when the exact opposite is true. Libertarianism is a morality movement.

To figure this out, one must first realize that there are two groups or entities that use the term Libertarian. First there is the Libertarian Party which is the third largest political party in the US, and then there is the moralist movement which crosses political lines. By convention, the political party is referred to as big L libertarians, while those who promote the concept anywhere are small l libertarians.

It is quite normal for a political party to form around a grassroots movement, but that’s not what happened here, the political party came first. It was the mid 1960’s and Vietnam was getting hot. Hippies were protesting the war. And there was one Republican Senator from Arizona who had a problem with the US government’s involvement also, that was Berry Goldwater who promoted smaller, leaner government and not getting involved in other people affairs.

That platform hit a nerve and the Goldwater republicans became a fledgling force in politics. After the Nixon embarrassment, that group broke off from the Republican party and created “the party of principle”. To join the Libertarian party each new member had to sign an oath to never promote the use of force or violence, and agree not to use them ourselves except in defense.

The idea of it being wrong and immoral to use force or violence comes from the belief that we were created equal. As such, we each are sovereign - your life and body is yours to do with as you see fit and it is wrong and immoral akin to rape, for one person or one group of people to force another to live as they are told to.

While the political group was busy trying to figure out how to get elected, the moral argument was catching hold outside the libertarian movement. Small government was appealing from a logical economic point of view but the moral question is what gives government the right to dictate to others how they will live and what they will do with their lives and bodies. This makes trimming down the government a moral obligation.

Laws were intended to protect others, to fulfill the moral code, laws would just need to revert back to that original purpose. If there is no one else affected negatively by your actions, there is no law limiting your actions. This moral code only prevents the legal system from being used because it only uses force. The moral code does not prevent governments or anyone from using education or media to brainwash the people into doing the right thing. The use of unfair advantages like friendship or family is even encouraged.

The libertarian moral is that we can find other methods to achieve our goals other than the use of force, violence or the threat of such. The end, in no way, justifies the means. This is why we have a moral code, to prevent us from going over the line. If a person wishes to use drugs, the government like anyone can use its resources to figure out why people want to use drugs and find an alternative, it can notify the medical people so they can intercede, they can not use force or the threat of it. The only limits are the use of the legal systems.

So the next time you hear libertarian, think first of what what the movement really is - an advancement in how humans deem ourselves; the evolution of perception.


Thanks for the insight @Bob


The interesting thing about this is that they decided to do it so that the FBI would not crack down on the party as a threat to the government. In the days of the Black Panther Party and other such movements they did not want to become a target.


[quote=“elwartowski, post:3, topic:3443”]
they decided to do it so that the FBI would not crack down on the party as a threat to the government.[/quote]

I have heard that version too, and for one think that its partially true. I don’t believe that it was the only reason but certainly they wanted to be seen different than Nixon and the republicans, Democrats of any nature, anti Vietnam protester, weather underground and panthers. But they did that by becoming a political party. The oath means more, at least it means more to me.



A Structural look at Marinea Corp.

Marinea is a holding company made up of the individual operations of the ongoing and growing project.

With this general structure we can plug in new businesses or unplug others that we no longer want to keep in our portfolio.

A physical structure would look like a triangle on a horizontal plain with the CEO in one corner, the Lawyer in a second and CFO in the third. From each of these 3 corners, draw lines up to connect making a 3 sided pyramid. That top connection is the coordinator.

From the top of the pyramid see a wheel spinning around the coordinator center. Each business will have its own director. Some of the directors are on the board, all will have input into corporate decisions. All directors connect directly to the coordinator who makes sure that any problems get directed to the person or persons that can do something about those problems.

Lets take an example. Wil is Core, he gets 10,000 shares for getting the project started. Wil will also be a director over the Marinea Construction Company where he will have half of the profits for himself and employees. (Profits are Income minus Expenses which do not include labor.) Since labor is the most fluid cost factor, by breaking out the human coasts as separate, the director can more efficiently determine how much income he needs per item produced.

So a visual look would be a 3 sided pyramid with the wheel of business spinning around it.