Making it totally submersible costs too much - perception error

Building submersible living space is economic. I have been there i have done that.
Try to think about this as a “space enclosure problem” - what you want is to enclose a maximum of space Draupner wave safe with a minimum of building material. The mathematical optimized method would be a SPHERE. Happens that a sphere is also a extremly wave crest impact resistant form and at the same time a pressure resistant form. So it is not a coincidence that survival pods are small shells.

See more about the bubble living space concept here:

If you think about ocean colonization you would like your living space mobile (not drifting like a rescue pod).

This brings you to the Captain Nemo float out:

And maybe you do not want a single shell but a cluster of shells leading to the “bubble cluster” concept.

In any case shells are very economic to build - price points see here:

Shells are capable to take a Draupner overwash, float part submerged or float completly submerged as Ben Franklin did

So if you think it through and do experiments on it you will find that the idea “Making it totally submersible costs too much” is a complete misconception - comming from the idea that “submarines are expensive” …

You can trust my criteria on that i have built and tested that kind of shells…

Starting with the size of a van…

And even the size of a 68 square meter apartment…

Get a foothold in ocean colonization:

The Captain Nemo Lifestyle:

Why oceanic business is the next big thing to come:

Ocean sphere fish farming:

Ocean colonization gallery:

Big things have small beginnings ocean colonization transition, potential:

Sustainability on Planet Earth only the oceans can safe us:

Free spirited oceanic lifestyle global mobility:

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