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cluster shell pictures

The safest place on the ocean a shell…

lens shell with boat docks

small house sized lens shell

lens house

giant city lens

combined lens cluster

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rion antirion building site

cay stead lens





mini lens sphere

see the first steps of construction

see more lens shell pictures

About 225 sq M roughly 2500 sq ft. Nice size house. Where can we get them?

we can make them and we can offer them… you might be more comfortable to build something this size first to run a round of press attention before you make the big 70m lens… something the size of this gives you a shot at the phase1 conversation…without building thousands of square meters…it allows to build fast learn fast make your point fast and fail cheap … which is a good way to mount a project and give shareholders and investors peace of mind early in the project.

instead of building one big lens we could build a small lens a small ramform a c-shell and give people options to choose from…

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something the size of this gives you a shot at the phase1 conversation…[/quote]

Won’t work, no building will impress the news, that is why we are developing a research program to save the world. That is what gets news. You sell the dream, not the reality. The sizzle, not the bacon. Our course is not in any doubt. We don’t want to start questioning our selves at this point. It’s too late to turn back. In fact Wil, you are one of the very few things that can stop us.

You talked about everyone putting faith in me but except for Mark, and Mati, no one has put up anything at stake. On the other hand, I need to have faith in you. I will be going to the marketing division of major corporations and sell them on a Marina at sea. One where everyone is welcome and can find a home. I need to trust that you can build that marina. I am the one with faith in someone else, but like I said, I trust you. So lets go build a marina at sea.

Get Mark all the numbers he needs. If you can find someone outside of us, with some background that can give us what is basically a testimonial, it will be helpful. Don’t give anything away. No big company to steal our thunder, just maybe a freelancer. Are there any engineers on that website were you can get cheap help?


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lens shape underwater room trilobis


lens shell half shell


floating dome city, light shell construction,


central garden of the floating dome city

investor proposal list

dome, dome cluster, dome shell, honeycomb shell building, marine dome structure, marine concrete construction,

principle one side strong and closed can take a wave impact - the other side open and glass can not be exposed to wave impacts.

honeycomb shell light with small openings wave impact resistent, no bunker feeling, light concrete building method

Integrated Lens Shape with Avenues and protected harbor with floating market town and marina

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