Introducing Ben to the Marinea group

Hey guys, just wanted to introduce Ben Hinman/Flightspace to the group.

Welcome Ben.

chad, ben needs to create an user on the sistem so i can link him to the mar_intro group and he can post … please communicate this to him…

@flightspace was added to the group that can see the mar_intro space

Ben, what you post here can be seen only by the Marinea Group - please introduce yourself…

Wilfried Ellmer - Admin

Thanks guys, glad to be here. I’m a 3-D artist and painter with a bachelors in visual effects and motion graphics. I do a lot of stuff like this but it’s not too hard to apply what I know to architectural visualization because the process isn’t much different. I can also spice up your renders which judging by the website seems like something you sorely need. I’m excited to be a part of the founding fathers of a new country, as well as to pioneer a technology that will change the world

It won’t let me post the pictures but if you want to see them go to

@flightspace, Ben, the Marinea group had a skype meeting today.

We agree that you are potentially a very important addition to our group. Please keep the info comming.

Wilfried Ellmer


Hi Ben!
Love the pic on your home page… :wink:
Can’t think of anything it’s missing except maybe a spirit wolf howling in the background :slight_smile:

@flightspace, Ben, thanks for being part of the skype meeting of the MARINEA group today. As agreed in the meeting we will have some engineering and design chat. Please follow the links below to check on what kind of designs we have already talked about in the Marinea Group.

/ Lens shell pictures overview / / Ramform floating home pictures / / c-shell floating home pictures / / Floating concrete building methods / / shell cluster pictures / / investor proposal list /

To get a overview how the group process is evolving you might want to check on the “[preliminary business plan thread]

Let me hear your thoughts…

this picture you contributed to the skype chat looks great ( it is only visible here to the Marinea group) …

@flightspace - Ben when do you have time for a chat on skype ? Topics: Seastead design / matrix printing /

before thursday? i could probably do later today, just let me move some stuff around

Yes great work Ben.
One comment - perhaps make the water more blue?
Looks a tad too dark. Let’s make it tropical :smile:

@flightspace - Ben do you have links to pictures ?

Here is what we came up with for the shots for the pictures:

  1. shot of the seastead from a high angle to capture the entirety of it.
    Includes: lens, avenues, marina with boats and large mega-yachts, house boats, additional modules? Park? Concert hall? Resort module?

  2. shot of the seastead from the view of someone walking around above,
    jet skis and activity in the water

  3. shot of the lens from the interior, including some shops, cafe, etc.

  4. shot of a person working at a desk in their house boat with a big
    window beyond leading out to the seastead in the near distance, showing
    the avenue going to it

  5. shot of the seastead from the view of someone swimming, with
    dolphins; maybe snorkeling, scuba?

@elwartowski please post the picture here - without a picture the info is cero

@flightspace, Ben in the sense of the “keep the good info comming - talk” we had 28 days ago - do you have any further pictures and links to share with the group ?

this was you contributed today in the skype meeting.

a more refined picture of this concept (from Mati) was requested in the skype meeting.

Remember, those walls along the wing avenues can be apartments and office buildings. No sense in building something that doesn’t make money, if it can be made to do double duty.

@Bob - yes this is the reason why Mati’s original design was like this…