Grade of freedom achievable within a state depends on culture background

The grade of freedom achievable for a baystead within the territorial waters of a “host nation” is not a fixed parameter it depends very much on the cultural background of the host nation.

Some participant of the seasteading community sustain that a host nation NEVER would allow a group of people on a floating platform to “declare a kind of independence” - this may be true for host states where “independence” has been a bloody historical event, and is percieved as central event of making or breaking sovereignity law and order.

On the other extreme of the culture spectrum are Latin American states which where formed in the tradition of Bolivar who sustained that a state is basicly a patchwork of interest groups negoctiating their living together . It is common in Latin america to see a quest for independence not as a breaking point but a legitimate interest of a group that needs to be negotiated properly and where you can come to a both side satisfactory agreement without any problem. States like Colombia are full of special territories that have special statuses.

Just to give an example to our american friends, who are on the other side of the culture spectrum, how relevant this is.
If a member of the Embera indian tribe who has his own territory and laws travels to Bogota gets drunk and kills somebody he will be caught by the Colombian police, hold for 24 hours and then a judge will turn him over to the Embera justice councel because he is member of this community. The Embera do not believe in the cultural value to enclose criminals in a Jail like an animal - they believe in education and showing the rightful path. In practice they will submit him to fuete and social rejection and then set him free to continue with his life on a better path…

In my investigation how profound and complete the freedom and independence of a baystead in the bay of Cartagena could be i was pointed to Government legal advisors who informed me that the only “limit to the achievable freedom” is the “CONVENIENCE for Colombia”.

What this means in detail - i know it - i checked it - it is basicly the full 20 point list the TSI holds for “desireable freedoms on a seastead”.

To protect investor and politics interests i will not say much more than that, but even for me - the grade of “achievable freedom” on a floating platform in the bay of Cartagena is just AMAZING .

What i found out is that the REALPOLITIK of freedom in the bay can give you anything that was discussed on the seasteading-org forums in the last 6 years as “only achievable ouside EEZ”.

The whole perception of the seasteading community that the freedom of the seas starts “far out at sea” is completly wrong - working with the correct host country with the correct cultural background in the host nation it starts a few meter from the shoreline.

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