Floating light shell structures outside view for investor talk

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ramform near shape lagoon

floating light shell structures can have big window fronts on the side that is protected from wave impact.

single house unit wave impact safe shell with small bull eye windows in the upper section.

floating light shell with a hardened side for wave impact and a soft window side

cluster shell ambient outside impact safe stronger than a house on a platform expandable a new shell can be added to the complex at any time

protective mini shell as watertaxi

mini sphere shell house size

honeycomb shell city

futuristic honeycomb shell bubble cluster structure light truss principle

ramform honeycomb shell

shell dome lens

tubular light shell dock connection network

underwater tubular shell connection

shell dome city

shell platform city

futuristic shells

light tubular shell plenty of light

connection to docks like airplain tunnels connect to the airport nobody falls overboard.

small tubular structure shell combined with window areas

Light concrete shell cluster

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light dome shell cluster futuristic