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We help international companies to get a foothold and grow fast in Colombia Latin America, http://yook3.com Wilfried Ellmer.

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I am Wifried Ellmer i run the Latin America Business Development Key Player Network.


We help international companies to get a foothold in Latin America and grow fast.

I have a vast contact and internet portal network in the region that i can put at service for your Latin America business expansion plans.

We do all kind of projects from small internet marketing campains to full scale multinational subsidiary openings.

All depends on the customers wishes and available budgets.

The focus of our projects is ROI (Return On Investment)

In general we start with a very small scale pilot project (budget involvement 1000 Euro) that allows our customers to check the ROI of a Latin America engagement over our network on small scale, with low committment and later we scale it up from there.

Our portals recieve currently about 250.000 visits per month which makes them the biggest in Latin America.

Our network works on a give and recieve base. You give what you like to give, products, contacts, distribution networks, alliances, and you recieve the resouces and results you need back from the network according to the budget you put into the project.

There is no obligation, there is no membership, just voluntary cooperation on the base of mutual benefit and process synergy.

Where we take cooperation from here depends on you.

Let me hear your thoughts…

Wilfried Ellmer

Cartagena Colombia
Business Development Key Player Nework


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