Cell printing technolgy food production

The technology of printing cells by layer on a collagen structure is already cranking out urine bladders, arteries, heart valves, functional livers and kidneys, also functional muscles and bones to transplant into living organisms (some in human patients) – so i am sure that a T-bone steak is within technology reach already, at the moment building complex organs is feasible but expensive and reserved to medicin so far – the cultivation technology went form “cell layer slime” to “functional heart valve for transplant” in some 3 years – so we will have commercial viable T-bone steak for large scale human pleasure without involving cows in 2 years i assume. Cell culture that produce meat suitable for hamburgers much earlier. By the way i agree that canabis is a great substance for many medical uses and might need large scale production sites. But it is probably not a good flagship theme for seasteading. (Colombia is putting “death toll” in the “drug war” on a dayly base…while drugs get legalized by the country that imposes this “war” on Latin America…another political f.k. up that makes “escape from politics in all its forms” desireable…) I see pharmaceutical seasteads more in this direction…http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t58782592/medical-research-oceanic-platform/
More about the status of growing complex organs muscle bone structures…

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