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The waves where we proposed is usually less than 2 ft, but I want to know how large of a wave the float 100 ft X 50 ft can take if it has to?

The rest of the thought was, at what point (wave wise) should we move from a rectangle to a ramform? We have a lot of area, we can make the lots as big as we like but the cost increases. What we need to do is balance the size to be big enough to be stable, at least most of the time, with the cost of production.

c-shell not realistic in proportion but “newsworthy” (forbes) 2012

c-shell grid development on platforms - lot of greenery

more c-shell pictures

light C-shell on a stick

futuristic C-shell

marina based C-shells


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Pretty but too small for our needs., I’m still pushing for 100 ft as a standard size for the float.

@Bob That’s about the lenght of a tubular sea house:

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A Pelamis Train array of C-Shell Units extending from an island
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