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@Admin The image itself is a perfect example of what we’ll need: it doesn’t look impossible or fantasy, and yet it still looks very enticing.

I think were getting there but it is still to sterile, it looks like a vacation cottage where someone would like to spend a week but not a home where they would want to stay. It needs that white picket fence look. Patio furniture, friends over for drinks. Maybe a bar-B-Q grill or smoker. In real estate, like in fashion, its called accessorizing. This is where we need women, they do that instinctively. In addition, when we do ours, the platform needs to be bigger in comparison to the building to give an impression of a large yard and someone fishing off the deck.

Oh I have it, a picture of the floating walkway and several houses floating next to each other moored to the floating dock. And two women talking across the wall to each other and a third walking on the walk way, waving to the other girls. Socialization is a key female draw. Females are a key male draw.

The platform should be higher out of the water as that separates the fearful water from the inhabitants, But having a kid diving from the platform into the water 5 ft below would be Good. Hope this feed back helps.

@matias / @Bob - as it seems that we a closing in to a point where we get a kind of agreement what kind of graphics would be on the “wishlist” . Let us have a private conversation over the Private Messaging function on the topic to what point we can / will get on paid / non paid mode, and then come back to the group again to come to a condensed plan on graphics .

C-shell cluster


c-shell cluster city ambient

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I like the bottom one how it incorporates greenery. Need more of that on our images. What about kids running around? I like Bob’s comment about a grill :smile:

not when “maintaining permannent housing comfort for a family” is the core operation envelope requirement…

wave behavior of small house on a platform concepts - the waves in the video are far from being 6ft…

C-shells in general are cero wave only concepts for swamps, protected bays, marinas…ramforms do a much better job in wave ambients…

The waves where we proposed is usually less than 2 ft, but I want to know how large of a wave the float 100 ft X 50 ft can take if it has to?

The rest of the thought was, at what point (wave wise) should we move from a rectangle to a ramform? We have a lot of area, we can make the lots as big as we like but the cost increases. What we need to do is balance the size to be big enough to be stable, at least most of the time, with the cost of production.


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Pretty but too small for our needs., I’m still pushing for 100 ft as a standard size for the float.

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