Building the nose of the ramform a small starting point to expand from there

First waypoint in construction (painted black on the picture) more about picture the ramform

In building the nose floating on the water (budget frame USD 200.000) we get a first piece that we can show to the press as “living proof” how the project will come to life. The nose will float on the water and form a “half open floating shell” in itself where you can have press conferences and make the point of phase1

inside the nose piece picture it somewhat like this…not that glossy and yachty but a very similar room and light feeling - so definitly already somewhat to show to the press…

the press conference “floating future of mankind” in something that the press will describe as “floating acoustic light shell” in a ongoing construction process…

Already in this first step the shell is a “floating real estate asset” with a considerable amount of floating and covered square meters that definitly makes a point.

picture the building method of the “nose shell”

this honeycomb technology can not only be used for flat building but also for shells - picture it somewhat like that…

It is also “extremly modular” as cells can be added to the structure in a continous process keep it growing towards the stern end.

Imagine living on a Floating structure / outside view / inside view / building principles /

Solving the technology bottleneck of permanent floating structures

Floating concrete strucure building method overview price range.

to have successful investor, buyer, press, talks sitting on an extraordinary floating structure while having this kind of talks is of essence…so we better make a suprising and inspiering floating piece to show EARLY part of the project…

Ramform render picture file

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the bulb nose of a big ramform can look something like that - it is already a shell in itself creating real estate value - but it keeps growing on the “open side”…

A full blown ramform marina city development will look something like this. The inital open shell from the picture above is still present in form of the “nose of the venture”.

The open shell is the small piece that makes a “big point” to the first stage investors in the sense of a phase1 talk - you need to sit on a “surprising floating structure” to have this talk - and the nose in itself in combination with a picture from a later phase does this job perfectly.

To get this nose done we need to get 200.000 USD on the project table - means we have to sell 4000 coins to the “early concept embracer segment” …

I spoke to Wil about this.

So the general idea is to start with the nose. This gives us something physical that can prove the design. Helps people understand the honeycomb concept and proves that it cannot sink. Plus the nose can be used as a semi-finished location for investor meetings, etc. Once built, it can also be used as a means to certify its seaworthiness with a third party.

I’m fine with this approach. We have to start somewhere, and it seems reasonable that while we’re going for the bigger fish if we have some small funding that we can begin here.

[quote=“markstephan, post:3, topic:818”]
I’m fine with this approach.[/quote]

I am not, I hate to be disagreeable but I disagree. Let’s think rationally here for a minute. We want to build this,

and float it out to the Sal bank, so we can build this on site.

This just doesn’t make any sense. We don’t need to show a nose to make people believe in the project, if anything putting a nose on site would make them laugh at us. I know I would. This is not how business is done.

Sales is a numbers game. There are 7 billion people on this planet, 10% can well afford to buy a C-note (red coin), that’s 700,000,000 people to chose from. We need to sell maybe 1 million c-notes. we only have to interest less than 1 out of 700. Plus remember some will buy extra c-notes for their portfolio or as gifts to some of those other none working people like children.

All I need to do is to reach the maximum number of people with a good story. We do this in business every day.

Back when I worked for IPA ( I worked with dozens of firms and I can’t ever remember telling any of those companies that they needed to start with producing a product line first. Marketing always ran independent of production. Most problems that business face is communications. When you think of how to communicate with potential customers, you have to sell them emotionally.

All sales are emotional ones. Even toilet paper is an emotional purchase, try running out and see how emotional you can get. People use logic to support their emotional buying decisions. We give them the logic through the explanation of the process but to reach them, you have to find their heart strings.

This is why niche marketing is so effective, because you have already identified their heart strings and know how to play them. It’s the idea, the dream, the story that sells people, not the actual product. It’s the anticipation of a hot cup of coffee that makes a person buy a coffee pot, not the coffee pot itself.

When we are ready, I will begin to tell our story via press releases and news articles. Followed by magazine articles. I am working on an article for Mother Earth News for people who like to live close to nature. I have contacts in the expat world that can be developed, as well as libertarian circles. I am very comfortable with walking into the big office and requesting time with Mr. Big, (been there - done that).

We are not selling a ramform or real estate, we are selling an idea, a vision, an intangible. Something that can’t be shown or demonstrated. We are selling hope, a belief in something and a chance for the future. How do you demonstrate that. But that, is the emotional buy for Marinea.

This is what we need to start with. This is what we should tow out to the sal bank.

It should be constructed so that it can be built on to, so the final ramform looks like the previous one above. How much to build this amount. This is a good first phase. How long to build also becomes a question as this is much bigger than the lens alone but probably simpler. We can show pictures of the level of completion along the way, that would help build anticipation. (A good emotion).

…makes sense to me and 3 other boardroom members … you can do whatever makes sense to you - but it is “parallel track” then…keep in mind this thread is “public” so talk only here what you want “public visible”…

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