Video/still shots for rendering

I’ll kick it off.

Note: I’m not suggesting we have people in any of the below shots, but examples of what I’d be interested in. Perhaps we could have movement of a vehicle?

Potential shots:

  1. (point of view) person is walking along one of the avenues towards a café on the left hand side, and the lens is in the background. Shows scale for an individual, movement, size of the project, some retail
  2. Person is looking outside their “house boat” window, sitting at a desk, with some palm trees, etc. perhaps looking at the lens (again). Shows that people can live and work on the seastead
  3. Helicopter flying into a landing pad. Shows arriving at the seastead, also could show how wealthy individuals may arrive
  4. Ferry coming in to dock at the marina. Shows people, commerce, tourism
  5. Person sitting at a café inside the lens looking outward at the marina. Shows retail, relaxing lifestyle, quality of life

@admin @Bob @elwartowski @matias

Does Ben have access to this area of the forum? If not, could you move it for me Wil? :smile:

Ben has access to mar_intro (which is our “introduce newcommers to the group space” so i moved that to where Ben can see it.

To get the platform to send Ben a e-mail notice, just mention his name @flightspace here.

Recommend “Sleepwalking” as the background music. May have to pay some royalty for its use and maybe something close but not the exact piece will work. Looking over the wall, a couple (not too young, not too old) is looking at the island and the sun rise with his arm around her. We’re looking to romanticize the setting with this concept. I still like the idea of jetski races, lively and recreational. Diving competition, I’d like to think that we could be world contenders, even gold mettle winner for the high dive. Scuba diving lessons, water-polo game with spectators and cheerleaders diving in and out of the water in bikinis of course on the side lines. Going for the competition minded.
A Portuguese Water Dog.

Underwater scenes and a couple having a candle light dinner with the open starry sky above. Boats in a marina, mix of sails and motor.
4 people on their boat where they live, Holding beers and a bar-b-cue grill with food. Teens riding waterbikes. (3 wheeled amphibian type.)
Brighter clearer skies all round. More cheerful.
More daring but strong message would be men and women topless, stating that we treat everyone equal. If men can go without shirts, so can women. (Sexually enticing without being sexual, instead, its a morality statement.)
A boat flying the “Don’t tread on me” flag. (It won’t mean anything to anyone except a libertarian.)
Hope these ideas help.

Here’s what we agreed on a few months ago for the shots (if we keep moving the target, we’ll never hit it):

  1. shot of the seastead from a high angle to capture the entirety of it.

Includes: lens, avenues, marina with boats and large mega-yachts,
house boats, additional modules? Park? Concert hall? Resort module?

  1. shot of the seastead from the view of someone walking around above,
    jet skis and activity in the water

  2. shot of the lens from the interior, including some shops, cafe, etc.

  3. shot of a person working at a desk in their house boat with a big
    window beyond leading out to the seastead in the near distance, showing
    the avenue going to it

  4. shot of the seastead from the view of someone swimming, with
    dolphins; maybe snorkeling, scuba?

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@elwartowski, @bob, i agree with chad (@matias made the same point 3 months ago) that “moving the target” all the time is not a good way to get things done.

on june 11 th we agreed in the boardroom that we would focus on 5 basic pictures that mark converted into a viable prospectus already which was delivered 10th of september

And looked like this:

  • Why is the topic of dog and barbecue images even on the table ?
  • Why is not anybody taking the existing prospectus and having investor talks ?
  • Have we lost focus completly ?
  • What happened to the timeline we agreed on ?
  • When did we agree in a boardroom to even intent something like a video ? (especially one of dogs barbecue and topless women and helicopters ?)
  • How far can we push down the timline of “doing something signifficant with investors” without falling apart as a group?
  • @markstephan can you get a bit FOCUS into that group ? Before it falls apart due to cero budget nonsense talk lack of focus… lack of cohesion of serious people and finally lack of investor interest.

I already made the point that we can select and refine a series of pictures for the website.

If a video is really necessary we can have one rendered professionally in less than two weeks and mov on.
It could show the marina growing, and a harbor becoming fuller with vessels, diverse lighter houseboats, and jetskis or whatever is deemed necessary from a marketing point of view: much like what is depicted here: Exponential Growth of a Ramform Lens Cluster Floating City
The lens can be physically attached to the breakwater buildings if deemed necessary, etc,
@markstephan @Bob @elwartowski @admin
any thoughts? let’s solve this and move on to a physical demonstration

If a video is really necessary and the reason we’re not making progress I suggest we easily solve that as soon as possible:
we can have one done in less than two weeks for a reasonable price an at this quality: please follow the youtube link–>

Continuation of negotiations began in July when a video was last discussed: you all have those email exchanges in your July inbox.

Hi Matias,

I’m very excited that you’ve contacted me back with this great news. I’ve reviewed your request and I definitely feel this is doable. If you’d like us to do the video in sketchup it will cost a bit more due to render farm costs. What I suggest is that we create and link the materials in sketchup but do the video in a different software package. With that being said, if allowed to texture the scene in our own software package then we would be looking at approximately $650.00 for the one minute video at A quality. Proceeding this video with the 4 minute AAA+ quality scene, we could look to a price point of $2500.00 ( editing costs and everything included ). If you wanted cinematic quality then we could also visit that avenue as well but the quote would be much more specific on its rulings since we’d be delving in towards higher waters and much more complicated tasks.

For the prices quoted we will integrate the music, the editing, and actual video production.

I’m glad to hear back from you and hopefully this price point works within your budget,

Christian Tejada

verticalmatt .
4:41 PM (18 hours ago)

to Tejada
500 for the first video

Matias, This sounds fair, I can have my team prepare an A video for you at a minutes length for this budget. I assume you have all source files readily modelled and prepared to go? Also you did mention you had soundtrack as well. We should be able to get this complete within 1-2 weeks max ( this is including rendering times ) . If you’d like to begin on the project then I’m ready to discuss details leading up towards the inception.

Sounds good ?

Christian Tejada

@elwartowski @markstephan @Bob @flightspace @admin sounds good?

Outside work would likely require a finished model.

As they said “I assume you have all source files readily modelled and prepared to go?”.

Once the model is ready then everything else falls into place. Pictures, video, etc can all be created from there.

@elwartowski correct, both a finished “scene” and some fluent communication between the people rendering the video and the people making the model. We have both.

@bob, is the constructive proposal @matias made here acceptable for you? (sounds good for me…)

Mati, are you talking with Ben on this? What are we waiting for? We have the money, the script (not the audio at this point, or the lay out for a movie), but great stills. What can I do to make this happen?

Is there a hold up or something or are we just confused as to who is doing what? What do we need to get the video at this junction? Can Ben read this? If not, Mati can you get with Ben, and somebody let me know what to do to make this happen quickly?

Fantastic @Bob
@markstephan any comment?

We were waiting for a budget to be approved and to all agree on the script.
I’ll propose my script today.
I was hoping you guys contributed with your selection of images (@Bob you already did!, both script and images)
but it will suffice that you critique my proposal.
I’m talking to Ben in the public skype area because of some communication hiccups. If he can do it without a budget and on time it’d be amazing but I’m not 100% clear on that (can copy paste past private conversation).

Let’s move on! :slight_smile:
2016 people! We need to discuss the future of mankind with some serious investors upon floating concrete

Alright theres a lot to cover but i’ll try to address everything from start to finish.
As far as music selection goes i have the rights to my own music we can use if necessary; i have some mellow uplifting stuff that might be a good fit

any shots involving extra assets will take extra time. i do have a helicopter i can animate but its not necessarily a finished model and it was made for a scifi film:

animating boats will be easy because we already have them, and people sitting in a cafe will just require cutting out more stock photos and possibly a table asset which i already have as well. a person sitting at a desk though will require modeling an entire interior from scratch though, which we dont have. it should’t be too hard to cut out a city skyline and put it in the background but to actually walk inside it that needs to be modeled and textured which takes a whole lot more time. The storefronts on the interior of the lens will also take a bit more time but I have been collecting 2D assets to streamline the process, we will see if the projection causes issues that need to be resolved which sometimes is the case. The underwater shots will be easier to do with stills, I have to look for some techniques for doing the same thing with after effects but it may be possible I will have to check. I have only done fully underwater shots, not half above and half below, but I’ve seen it done before. Again, adding more than what you just seen in my previous renders will take a bit more time, but some can be done faster than others. Cutting out whatever 2D props you want as tiffs or PNG’s with transparency can help speed up the process

Like I said the render farm that we use will need to be able to render Cinema 4D files, the work that I have been doing is in Cinema 4D, and will not transfer, nor should any professional studio worth it’s salt render from sketchup, because sketch up is for amateurs. And especially someone that is rendering a sketch up file in Unreal Engine 4, which is a real time gaming engine, should be especially worrysome for anyone who knows what the hell they’re talking about. Unreal, like any other gaming engine, cuts corners on rendering, the whole point of it is to render something in real time and what we are looking for is an off-line rendering solution with a massive dedicated server. Or at least an Xgrid cluster. And paying someone $650 to essentially pump something into a game engine is fucking stupid. Especially when he wants $650 to integrate the lighting and expects pre-linked bitmap textures, when what I have been working with is physically based procedural textures, which will not port over properly. It’s good that you told me about this before actually paying him because I would’ve told you how foolish this is.

Otherwise I’ve been downloading a lot of stuff on Hollywood camera techniques to try to refresh my comprehension, try to get a crash course in directing videography, as long as we can get a few shots to start with this week we can keep on moving forwards. I propose we start with the wide shot of the entire seastead and a boat pulling into the harbor as these are the two easiest, and are both establishing shots. And then I believe the next shot to tackle would be people eating at the outside restaurants and going about their daily evening on the docks of the seastead as this also does not require any extra work. Meanwhile I will tackle the interior of the main lens building and try to get that textured properly

it requires a stock foto of a person sitting in a desk with a laptop next to a window, and minimal fotoshop skills to paste an image of marinea in the background seen from that same window

as you said, it’s better if we buy the rights to the stock foto of the person sitting in desk (for cents, it’s a very popular image) or get one that is free for use and reuse from google images.

Not if you want it to be a video. I’m getting really sick and tired of you telling me how to do my job. Especially when you make an ass out of yourself paying $650 for someone to render something in unreal. Do you even know what unreal is? -_-

Your Let The Waves Crash Down song works out quite well, starting with some foreboding melody which eventually turns upbeat and then settles down toward the end. Great for a “here’s the problem”, “here’s the solution”, “here’s how you can help” type of video.

A job is better done than described, i.e. great logos! We all picked the same, good job!

Ben, here is an actual pic of where we will setup Marinea. I took it off of Google Earth so we can’t use it as is but it looks like a window.