Transportation around the seastead


Guy built a hoverboard that works.

I can see people hopping on their hoverboards to get from the lens to their homes.


Or hoverbike.


looks fun! Hopefully Marinea will be a place to showcase and sell these toys

For commuters / routine transport I’d advocate for a fully pedestrian town at first, and as it grows large enough some bike lanes (where scooters and all kinds of new gadgets can be used too) and golf carts.
The distance of the bay can be bridged by floating walkways with rotating bridges and lots of tenders that keep the passengers dry in calm conditions

Capsule tenders would be useful under all weather conditions as well as elegant

Venice’s historic part is about 30,000 people (plus the floating population of tourists) and manages with only a ferry service and a water taxis.
We could have the benefit of underwater horizontal elevators (subways?) particularly useful to reach distant natural islands, or artificial outposts, or, as in Venice, a dynamic continental coastline.


This might be an option for the “corner” or cul de sac of the harbor once the city becomes big enough to need a loop
(indefinite extension of wings not pictured)