Timeline MARINEA project / construction escrow-waypoint plan

In the business plan for MARINEA a timeline was suggested.

As soon as funding is available the construction of a 70m diameter lens shape will take 6 months.

The picture shows the “general idea” of such a structure.

The time frame of 6 months is given for “shell building only” what means it does not include the cables, tiling, tubing and other “outfit” items.

The outfit of the ambients will go along the same cost and time parameters as outfit of land based buildings develop. Numbers can be filled in from standard constrution cost tables we will not feature a “important diference for being on the water” in the “outfit phase”. Tiling and tubing a bathroom situated in Marinea will take the same effort time and materials that tiling a bathroom in a land building will cost. Nothing will be “special yacht outfit” at “yacht prices”.

To make this point conveniently to investors we can handle MARINEA like a layer cake where we do floor by floor creating numbers and facts about “cost of building per square meter floor space” and cost of outfit per square meter average. Each floor, ambient can be designed as a “waypoint of construction” part of a waypoint plan that let us and our investors keep track if we are or not “within the waypoint plan”.

Each construction waypoint can be connected to a event of partial budget release.

I suggest to put the total construction budget on an ESCROW account and have meetings to discuss and agree waypoints every few weeks.

The first steps in this waypoint / budget release plan can be a few hundred USD only what allows to design the whole building start as a “Tip your toe in project” with extremly low risk levels.

The investor question “what happens if everything goes wrong in Cartagena” can then be answered simply with : "We loose a few hundred USD - and the project goes on in a new setup somewhere else.

This should give everybody peace of mind in the construction.

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Two moths + after the last image was posted, @flightspace, who might not even had seen this thread before, brought up, out of sheer good common sense, the issue of building information systems and why we were not applying it.

With more fluent communication and more time I would have liked to replied to him for the benefit of @elwartowski @markstephan @Bob but the whole issue deserves a “on the same page” thread altogether.

Existing Software for BIM is useless in our case because we’re doing something new, and this kind of software simulates a new project based on statistical data of earlier, dare I say, typical land-based construction projects.

Likewise, many other “proved and established” (and regulated ad absurdum) techniques have been in a word “standardized” in a way that neither applies to the sea, nor could it be possibly/technically achievable at sea (see Delta Sync’s admission and disclaimer at the beginning of their report)

Obviously a project that attempts Ocean Colonization, cannot use any standard method - only standard off the shelf, technology.

We should elaborate on this (I attempt to provide examples here of somewhat comparable, regulatory exceptional projects ) : in a sentence, high technology meets vernacular.

In the meantime I’d like you to picture the above image not as a circle but as a spiral. At the stage after Operation and Maintenance: Renovation and Demolition don’t become a dilemma or a choice in our unlimited space frontier situation, so both demolition and renovation fuse into further growth, and the beginning of the entire cycle.
Further than a spiral, let’s picture a fractal spire, where at each demolition/renovation stage, not another, but two more “iterations” (altered copies) of the mother building are built.

If one reduces the scale of this logic, then there’s no building or project but small segments of it, like cells in a body.

It all begins with a mother cell, and has a good chance if it becomes an embryo, like a bow platform where we can set up a showroom and stage.

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Yep, I like that work flow chart. I definitely think we’re past the conceptual phase and moving into the detailed design phase.

Understood Mati. It’s good to challenge each others decisions to make sure we’re doing the right thing. That being said it’s up to the department lead to make the final decision about the path forward. I’m glad you’ve got this under control!

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