Submerged, semisubmerged, base designs for oceanic housing

This line of designs (submerged) definitly provides wave tracking free living space in open ocean and can survive any hurricane. Other than surface floats that need size to create stability in waves, this kind of “submerged living space bubble” is just fine in “family house size”.

Can be free floating and mobile or have a tension anchor, whatever is convenient for the business model.

On the other hand a surface floating concept would start as a small Ramform in a protected bay (brokering shore side interests) and when it reaches sufficient size to go oceanic (400m) it will no longer depend on the bay and its protection and become a true global player that can move to any spot on the liquid planet surface.

In ANY case the structure will be a floating concrete shell or honeycomb structure that has a maintenance fee service life of 200 years (probably 2000 years).
Tubular structures can be designed for a hydrostatic load of 500m with a 1:3 safety factor, spheres can be designed of a depth of 1000m with a 1:3 safety factor. This opens the possiblility to untap 99% of the planetary volume (the oceans) for human living space and activities.

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