Submarine-Superyacht Concept to Revolutionize Luxury Yachting?

Submarine-Superyacht Concept to Revolutionize Luxury Yachting?

In an ever evolving industry that is constantly striving to push the boundaries of technological innovations, such superyachts with submarines or multiple helipads, could this YachtSub concept mark the future of luxury charter yachts?

Conceived from a desire to satisfy the increasing demands of the world’s wealthiest and most adventurous travellers, this ground-breaking submarine-superyacht hybrid design is equipped to be the ultimate billionaire toy.

This is Migaloo…

Named Migaloo after an albino humpback whale, the 115m/377ft fully submersible superyacht has been designed by the visionary minds at Austrian industrial design studio, Motion Code: Blue. Although not yet under construction, the concept offers an insight into the revolutionary ideas behind modern luxury yacht design and provides an opportunity for a buyer to create a truly unique fully submersible yacht.

Her innovative design is based on U.S. Navy submarines.
The designers at Motion Code: Blue say that the project is the result of intense research based on submarines that currently cruise the world, in fact her exact dimensions are identical to U.S. Navy’s latest Virginia-class attack submarines. This is combined with the studio’s own knowledge and experience of the luxury yachting market having recently completed several projects of both production yachts and superyachts in Asia, Europe and the US.

A spokesman for the studio commented: 'An increasing number of clients have exactly such special demands on the design as main points in their briefing for their designers, so the studio’s intention was to offer a stunning design concept especially for people who are willing to expand the borders of imagination.’

Above water she could offer ultimate luxury to charter yacht clients.
Set over six spectacular decks, she features a two-story, full-beam owner’s suite with private terrace plus a further eight VIP staterooms as well as luxury living areas to include an on board cinema/movie theatre, library, gym and games room. When above sea-level her four wide side hatches, two on each side, fold down into huge private beach clubs, whilst her top deck plays host to a large swimming pool and sunbathing areas and a helipad.

Once she sinks below sea-level the privacy and exclusivity is unprecedented.
Below the water line she can reach depths of up to 790ft and is protected by high pressure proof glass. All windows are surrounded with underwater lights to provide guests with breath-taking views of marine life as she submerges. Should it become a reality, this superyacht could push the realms of charter yacht experiences to a level not seen before.

Charter Yachts with Submarines
Until YachtSubs become available those wishing to explore the sub aqua world can always Charter a Super Yacht with a Submarine.

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