Stationary territorial concept of seasteading in the high seas

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In a discussion smith brings up the idea that “fixed territory” and being rooted into a place is the anchor of all rights for a seastead.

So if we let stand this concept - how do you technically apply a “rooted seastead” in the high seas.

  • Smith-Stead requires a fixed anchor in the high seas outside the EEZ of any land nation.
  • It requires Draupner wave impact safe construction
  • It requires a model to farm the high seas as a base for a “territorial claim”

What comes to mind is the ocean sphere on a tendon anchor surrounded by Velella Cages in a tendon anchor field that can be seen as “infrastructure implemented in the high seas” creating a territorial claim.

Open ocean cages for fishfarming on tension anchors that can reach down to average oceandepth creating a fixed infrastructure in the middle of the ocean. This infrastructure is Draupner safe.

The living space unit for the farmers working those cages and the “seas” would be a oceanic concrete sphere habitat.

Ocean sphere seen from below in shallow waters - it can equally be placed on a tension anchor in the high seas. To create the territorial base conditions of “smith-stead”.

Ocean sphere seen from above - about 200m diameter - projecting about 1/10 over the surface, Draupner impact safe, no movement, container arrival and transshipment, as mid ocean hub is still possible.

The projecting over the surface will obligate to include it into navigation charts like a “small island” what would constitute the base for a “territorial claim”.

Picture the interior space of the concrete sphere habitat something like this. A living space the size of a shopping mall with light and living conditions no different to a normal urban ambient.

More about the Oceanic Sphere Habitat

A living space bubble floating in the oceanic watercolumn connected to the seafloor with a tendon anchor or a tension leg.

construction model Rion Antirion pylon

Tension anchors can be deployed in average oceanic depths of 14,000 feet (3,682 meters) the building of concrete towers right up from the ocean floor is not feasible in average ocean depths. The deepest reach for concrete towers standing on the seafloor is 300m . (Troll A)

Conshelf habitat

Undersea sphere cluster city connected to the surface with a tower structure.

Living space bubble habitat standing on the seafloor and hanging from the surface

Sea Orbiter - a tower structure gone mobile

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