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A new development can only happen on base of new technology - todays new technolgy (not available to historic marine powers) is on the table - concrete honeycomb shell building the ONLY technology allowing for "permanent dwellings at sea".


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The main problem as I see it, is the lack of any sort of infrastructure TO build any single type of structure that would be considered a suitable form of ‘seastead’, other than adapting oil-rig designs, or cruise ships.

The only way I can build my concept is to build that infrastructure, then build the first of a series of similar structures.

With all the talk of inhabiting the seas, there is nobody willing to put forth venture capitol to invest in the infrastructure.

Build a digital design, then a scale model and you get the ooohs and aaahs, but they want the model of the mechanism to automate it, too.

Now, before you can get backing, you’re out, say $50K, to build a prototype model of a device, just to prove the construction technique works, then you build a 2nd scale model prototype, using that scale machinery, to prove it works, for another $10K.

Then everything has to be patented, copyrighted and trademarked, before the venture capitol ever begins, at which point it becomes corporate property and somebody in finance says we have t cut the budget, so guess what hits the chopping-block?

Suppose the first one of any design costs $500K, then the infrastructure was another $500K. It won’t matter that the 2nd one cost half as much and the 4th cost 20% of the first, what matters is the initial $1M to build a system and a thing that have never existed, but without the initial, say $75K-$100K, to simply build working models, nothing gets done.

there is no second life as steastead for ships or oil rigs

that is not necessaryly so 7,2 billion investment in oceanic business infrastucture…

where are you certainly right is that kind of money will not be available for salon talkers and floatie goofers - type seasteaders… we need to look up from the plate and an check on “marine business”…

no - i can tell you from personal experience that if you have a well thought and credible project you can get backing at any stage and at any amount…part of my oceanic business alliance project is to seperate the rubbish from the serious projects and give interested investors a portfolio of options for investing in projects that are not “dominated by goofers” but allow to get a foothold in ocean colonization instead…so if you have a serious project to propose this is a space where you can talk to “interested investors” without getting drowned in “goofy posting” - only serious people have access and word here.

My apologies. Would you like for me to start a topic, or do you have one for me? I was invited and was expressing the topic as I see it, and have run up against, with other concepts, concerning the financial bottleneck.

Since my concept requires relatively specific features, there are only so many ways to build it. I’ve come across a method that can be modified for my design, making the construction a more or less a continuous process. All of my ideas center on adapting a unique combination of concepts, materials, and practices, for better efficiency of producing several seafood species for mass-market.

Seasteading will require food production, while, once operational, the production phase of my concept can be applied to aid the need for fresh food, nearly world wide, and would first find use as a commercial aquaculture for existing markets, then be applied to seasteading, as well.

@JL_Frusha - please open a topic in the debate space and go ahead…this here is pretended to be a info collection space rather then a debate…

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