Seasteading vision spaces of freedom ocean colonization

following the discussion over the last years what is the seasteading vision about and what is it definitly not about…

it is about:

  • opening space of freedom on the ocean
  • permanent colonies on the ocean
  • space for new societies and sistems to test
  • freedom of business spaces
  • testing of new rule sets
  • new technology
  • enlightenment ideas become reality
  • escaping politics in all its forms
  • better forms of government and human living together
  • stop fighting about politics
  • solving core problems of humanity while growing out of its childhood pants
  • new technology making politics obsolete
  • removing scantling rules
  • plurality of ideas

it is not about:

  • nation states along the lines of 18/19th century ideas of the nationalist state as single political actor
  • not about founding a nation state along traditional lines of politics
  • not about territorry as axis of all rights and all freedoms
  • not about nationality and other outdated concepts
  • not about sovereignty and other outdated concepts
  • not about choosing and implementing a specific political sistem
  • not about arguing political sistems
  • not about pushing a political agenda only the the core values of enlightenment
  • not about a narrow set of ideas to implement

Related concepts:

liquid democracy
liquid territory
subdue to nobody
new technology making things obsolete

sovereignty and its synonyms jurisdiction, rule, supremacy, dominion, power, ascendancy, suzerainty, hegemony, domination, authority, control, influence

all going down the historic obsolete drain…

The idea of the grounded state eroded by modern developments

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