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Main thread about the 3 phases of seasteading development

Only if you design it with the potential to go to the open ocean (means Draupner safe) you have the option to go seperate ways with your host nation. For my bay and special situation a 3 phase plan was developed.

Phase 1

The floating venture has about ship size (20- 100m) very little population and little economic weight to broker power.

Phase 2

The venture has grown to a size where it is a local economic factor with important business and harbor hub functions.
(400m – 1000m)

Phase 3

City size leading economic factor on the shoreline.
(larger than 1000m)

Each phase comes with its own “range of possibilities and freedoms to negotiate”. Each phase has a different business setup that creates the beating economic heart of the venture. In phase 3 you follow basicly the economic and political model of Venice – with the addition that you do float can leave and therefore have a stronger position in negotiating and brokering power than VENICE.

The trick is that you need to keep the venture good business during all 3 phases and avoid that investors go away at some point. Hosting something extremly controversial is bad business, conflict is bad business, world open multicultural port hub with a lot of interchange is good business.

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