Sample revenue numbers


Wellness Industry:
The global wellness industry is a $3.4 trillion market, or 3.4 times larger than the worldwide pharmaceutical industry.

  • Healthy Eating/Nutrition/Weight Loss ($574.2 bil.) Fitness &
  • Mind/Body ($446.4 bil.) Beauty & Anti-Aging ($1.025 tril.)
  • Preventative/Personalized Health ($432.7 bil.)
  • Complementary/Alternative Medicine ($186.7 bil.)
  • Workplace wellness ($40.7 bil.)
  • Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate ($100 bil.)

The global wellness tourism market expanded to $494 billion in revenues in 2013, a 12.5 percent gain over 2012

The global spa industry grew from $60 billion in 2007 to $94 billion in 2013– or an annual 7.7 percent growth rate, even across long global recession years.



Marina revenue:
Shelter Bay business plan:

Some sample slip fees per month:
32 foot:
Anacortes 250.00
Cap Sante(Port of Anacortes) 282.73
La Conner(Port of Skagit) 193.63
Oak Harbor 239.04
Shelter Bay –Non Resident 216.00
Shelter Bay -Resident 147.20

40 foot:
Anacortes 380.00
Cap Sante(Port of Anacortes) 379.59
La Conner(Port of Skagit) 293.76
Oak Harbor 311.20
Shelter Bay –Non Resident 270.00
Shelter Bay -Resident 184.00

Range of Rates Per Lineal Foot (excludes Resident rates):
32 foot - $6.00-$8.84
36 foot - $6.75-$10.00
40 foot - $6.75-$9.50
44 foot - $6.75-$9.77

Sample Marina cost of replacing their current docks:

Sample Revenues and Expenses
•Cost of construction is $110 per square foot
•$0.50 per foot moorage rate increase for new finger piers implemented in FY 13-14
•8% reduction in maintenance expense each year as replacements are completed.
•Obtain $4.2 million in financing through three notes staggered over the course of the plan. Financing assumed at 10 years notes at 5%interest.
•Operations expenses inflating at 1.5%
•All marina moorage rates inflating at 2.0% for the duration
•Resident moorage rates increasing over 5 years to narrow the resident discount to 15% (4.6% annual increase)

Cash flow projections, utilizing the stated assumptions, indicate that revenues from the sample marina operation are sufficient to satisfy the debt obligation. At the end of Fiscal Year 2032, the loan(s) would be paid off,and the marina’s ending cash balance is projected to be $3.625 million.


Resort revenue:
Here is a sample business plan for an island resort/casino in Ghana:[1].pdf


Typo? I am not following, how can dividend insurance increase roi especially back to 2013? We will not qualify for tax benefits.


Just pulling out from a sample of a resort business plan.


We shouldn’t show an expected profit for the first couple of years or it will look too optimistic. Even the IRS expects losses up to 5 years. As a holding company, we make profits when each sub operation makes money. Those individual operations will have higher than normal costs for the first couple of years and lower than future profit from those operations.

By showing that we expect to run lean for the first couple of years, we will be telling others that we are not just dreaming but have done our homework. But that’s for the paperwork, I fully expect to begin seeing profits in the second year.