Risks and mitigation


Hi all,
I wanted to start a thread on risks and mitigation.

Risks from my initial pass of the business plan:
Governmental Interference
Effects of salt water (corrosion, etc)
Pirates or aggressors
Local crime

Feel free to add to that list, or respond to mitigation strategies for each of those.
Regarding psychology, I thought we had a good thread on seasteading.org, but please feel free to chime in there as well.


Market failure,
solution - we diversify into enough markets that a failure of any two would not be a problem.


We should probably offer a easy exit package to anybody so our offer can be tried on a low risk level…


The more unusual a project is the more important is the “easy exit” to have piece of mind.


Market failure could actually be a benefit :smile:
We would offer an alternative to traditional investments…

But yes diversification of target markets is a plus


we should have very specific answers when investors ask for “early exit plans” … i would consider a escrow-waypoint plan always a good starting point to allow a low level commitment entrance.

I also would offer early investors and shareholders a specific non public meeting room where their concerns and questions are handled on a personal level by the Marinea Group…it works like a “invited access only - forum”.


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