Preliminary business plan for MARINEA | oceanic business alliance

some parts of Marinea will consist in "urban c-shell and c-shell cluster concepts

C-shells piled up to a cluster ambient…

Some parts of Marinea will be dominated by greenery park ambients and promenades…

A picture how some parts of Marinea will look like

Looking out through the honeycomb truss shell structure of the lens…

Nice pics, these are getting close to things we can use. I assume because the next to last pic has stilts, this came from an outside source. May I ask that when anyone posts a pic that they like but from an outside source that they mention that it is not ours to work with. Just start the narrative with “outside;” that should do it and be very helpful to the rest of us.

Instead of explaining what ocean colonization is about to average land lubbers we might strictly focus on the 0,1 % of the 7 billion humans that perfectly understand ocean colonization have already read and Koen Olthuis, style media hype and are looking for a “realistic project capeable to pull it of” to put their eggs in there.

To those people we do not really have to “explain the obvious” like the benefit and limits of walkways on the water surface in the hurricane alley…and the destiny of “greenery and open gardens” on flat floating platforms when hurricane Berta categoy 5 comes in … what can happen 30 years after we set a starting point or a week after we start - but it will certainly happen at some point in the development - and we do not want to follow the example of New Orleans - prospering until the unevitable tail event comes in - then go extinct.

We might split our communication in a “media map for the housewife” full of lush gardens and greenery. And a media map for the marine engineer - where we adress “slightly different view points” on Marinea.

The key is to be prepared for all the different talks that will come up - we will not get an animal that gives milk and eggs at the same time. If we keep looking at a picture of a cow - bringing up the “issue” it does not give eggs while we bring up the “issue” it will not give milk when looking at the picture of a hen - we are not making progress. And we will not solve the “issues” either. What we should go for is identify correctly whom we are talking with - is it - about milk or eggs and show the “convenient picture” to the “correct guy” in the correct moment.

Our deposit of useable pictures is about 1500 pictures that can explain almost every aspect of Marinea to almost all kind of person…

Picture search starting point:

/ Lens shell pictures overview / / Ramform floating home pictures / / c-shell floating home pictures / / Floating concrete building methods / / shell cluster pictures / / investor proposal list /

Picture the inside and outside views of a seastead development:

/ picture inside views of a seastead development / / picture outside view of a seastead development /

One of the key components to this project is the research. Yes, telling people that we are putting together a research library to bring everything about the ocean into one place is very sell-able to governments and philanthropists, but the reality is that beyond all we think and say, beyond all of our emotional fervor believing our knowledge is the last word, we don’t know a damn thing for sure. Everything that we do , by necessity, is research.

Given this as fact, it behooves us to do the best that we can in this area as any mistake can be fatal. It will not be the end of the mission and I think we can learn to survive a class 5. Some quick ideas would be to sink the structure to the bottom, after all it’s only 30 feet deep. Super storm passes and we pump air into the tanks and re-float the structures afterwards.

Think of the walkways as a series of pontoon boats laid end to end like a train. They can be disconnected and sunk to be raised after the storm.

Another idea is for lightweight boardwalks to be built on top of floating pillars. If they get broken up, it’s pretty easy to replace them. So its just a question of build it to last or build it cheap to replace.

Mark, you expressed an interest in another name than walkway or pier, you mentioned avenue which is always good for the female buyers but I think boardwalk would attract just as well and won’t bump into the male way of thinking that ‘avenue’ isn’t vary nautical. What do you think? I associate boardwalk with the water.

My opinion is to go as cheap as we can at first. This would be a pontoon boardwalk with a roof to keep the sun off open sides. Later on we replace some of the main boardwalks with tunnels with windows so you can get to where you are going or just mall around and watch the fish.

@Bob, you are quite new to the idea of ocean colonization and you will be surprised what i have already figured out and a strong grip on when it comes to “solving the bottleneck of ocean colonization” - at least 95% of the things we will do in the construction phase1 are things where i have been there and done that already. So in this phase we will be far from “knowing nothing and start to figure it out” - this is why i will be in charge of the construction… on the long term in phase 2, 3, and beyond of course you are right - many things we do in Marinea will be “first of its kind” :point_up_2: - but like any resposible company we will definitly limit the “unkowns” subject to R&D (research and development) to some 15% of our business volume. Doing different would be irresponsible in front of our shareholders exposing the project to failure. What differes Marinea most from other “enthusisastic ocean colonization projects grouped around talk and wild ideas” is that we are a group where BUSINESS and SHAREHOLDER VALUE is written in major capital letters, and where people who have been there and done that sit in the “engineering advisory board” and take the key decisions…we are definitly not “floatie-goofers” trying to figure it out"…We are business people getting a foothold in ocean colonization…i know that you know that but from what you said in the post the 250 people reading this so far might have got another impression.

Thank you Wil, I think you just made my point better than I did. Wil has never actually made a lens, sure I think he can do it, he obviously thinks he can do it, but historically, he never has. Beyond our beliefs, there is the nasty little problem of, it has never been done like this in the same way before. In other words there is an element of doubt and risk until we actually do it.

Traders are risk managers, when you don’t see the risks, you can’t prepare for them. When you are absolutely sure, even when there is no tangible evidence to collaborate, you can not learn anything else than what you already know. This is an unmanageable risk.

A trader has to unlearn what he knows and test the idea so he can know for sure. I know nothing for sure, therefore I can evaluate without bias. This is the strengths of a trader. Not everyone can do this, it is the basic definition between Concrete vs Abstract Thinking.

Wil is a concrete thinker and only deals with the facts as they are presented. I deal with facts that are not visible. This is why we can not work together in agreement. We have to work together as separate parts just doing their individual function. Wil can not understand me as the things that I refer to are not tangible. In his mind, I have to be in error because what I said, “Nothing is knowable for sure”, doesn’t line up with his facts. Philosophy has no place in a construction zone. And construction people can not build a philosophy.

However, my position is unchanged at this point, we have knowledge but it is not complete as what we are doing, has never been done before they way we are doing it. This knowledge becomes sure only when it is also history.

(To clear up any misconceptions, Wil is a great person whom I admire for his dedication and persistence, in other words, I like him, even though he does think in a very different way than I do.)


A oceanic city like Marinea will by nature be a multicultural place where many ways to do things, many business styles, and many tastes will have to function in harmony - so let our project group be a reflection of that principle…

Well said. Very well said.

Marinea will be a GAMECHANGER on many levels technology, politics, social, architectonic, finance, transport…
It will be a catalystic project that brings other modern developments predicted by the enlightenment movement on fasttrack. Ocean Colonization is a complementary technology to Internet - what internet did for the information - interchangeable and mobile - Ocean Colonization does it for settlements cities and industry - making them global and mobile.

greenery laden small lens shape family house part of the Marinea cluster development

dome platform combination

cluster shell platform with park on top


Lens shell

Mary said to tell Mati, hooray!

@markstephan, @elwartowski, @Bob, @matias, @admin

As you can see in the statistics on top of this thread the “Preliminary business plan for Marinea” has been visited by now 358 times.

It is reasonable to assume that among those people - following our process with a certain interest - there might be individuals interested in buying shares in the first round and join our FOUNDERS group.

I was thinking about doing something special for these individals that show early interest for our project.

So i created the Marinea early share buyers program - room.

In this room the team who drives the Marinea Project will answer special questions of mentors, sharebuyers, and interested individuals in a non public space.

To join the meeting room please create a user on this forum - log in and request “entrance in the meeting room” to @admin

All users mentioned in this post already have access to the room…

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The business plan of space X - we should structure something similar for ocean colonization…

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Agreed. Pretty straight and to the point…
As we’d consider Elon Musk a potential partner, using a diagram similar to his would be appropriate :smile:
Let me add that to my list.

We need to make the point that we are solving the technology bottleneck and that we are leaders in a “disruptive technology” with great potential … making these points straight forward is probably more important than “explaining ourselfs to the totally uninformed” who is new to the topic of ocean colonization.

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