Preliminary business plan for MARINEA | oceanic business alliance


Middle East investors looking into floating structures

This is how the Marinea floating commercial port could look like. Floating load unload, transshipment, warehousing.

This is a already existing 7,2 billion investment in oceanic infrastructure…



another part of Marinea might be a bubble shell cluster structure like this one…


Much of Marinea will be just walkways and boat docking space…


another part of Marinea might just be a light honeycomb truss structure. What we want to tell people with the architecture is “this goes beyond yachting and boating” and “the future is here”. In some way Marinea expresses the “subdue to nobody lifestyle” in the same way as the contour of abramovichs superyacht.


We will not have to explain everything in detail - as it looks there is already a market of “early concept embracers” that know EXACTLY where this goes and needs to go… we do not need to explain - we just need to DELIVER - and build up credibility that we are the right guys to deliver - this can not be done on paper - it must be done afloat in a phase1 talk - but this is only my current opinion - any comment on that ?


another idea as parts of Marinea could look like…


scenes from a residential area… see more about C-shell housing more models and styles

scenes from a commercial walk / park area…

We will diferentiate from yachting boating marinas, in this basic point that living in Marinea will definitly not be “live aboard” - it will be urban living.

Our principal “product” will be solving the bottleneck by means of advanced building methods

And get a foothold in ocean colonization technology

We will have a lot of proposals for investors for particular projects within MARINEA to develop.

marina dock grid


Connections to land and seastead-seastead by hyperloop and underwater tunnels


A typical “housing scene” from the Marinea project can be something like this…


Artist impression of a floating city

Marinea in a future, full scale skyscrpers are possible on a floating platform…

See more about highrise building on land and on a floating platform…in the first steps highrise building will not be necessary as space is widely available on the ocean - but down the road we may go for highrise to project financial and economic power style Dubai to the world watching our development.


Check on the search engine presence of the Marinea Project

in text

in pictures:


I still love the hyperloop concept.
A definite target of our investment push should be Elon Musk…


That floating city is so stark looking… I think I see some trees, etc. but wondering why they decided to take the color out of it…


In the business plan we might target “visionary investors” that have a clear perception about the oceanic future of mankind and why we need ocean colonization to step out of current limitations. Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, are defitly on that list…

oceanic hyperloop global connections…

oceanic space ports, oceanic real estate, oceanic energy, oceanic transport, oceanic food,…big five of oceanic business…all this will “not yet be on the table” with the first lens - but it might be the background investors look at.

Like any frontier development business ocean colonization has “tremendous profitable business” written all over its development horizon…

Marinea is merely a starting point on this journey that provides investors a foothold in ocean colonization technology


Proposal : Focus the business plan on the (small) segment that is ready do invest right now instead of “explaining everything” to the faint hearted and doubtfull segment.

If somebody sees an “insolvable issue” - beep - next - this is not a customer. A potential customer askes: where do i wire what amount of money to be part of it.

Be a pioneer - make money on the new frontier - do not think this way …


picture lifestyle


the ramforms in the background - priceless !!! it is a picture as it could happen on a yacht anchor field - but with a twist…


I do like the comment that we should go after individuals that we won’t have to explain everything. It takes a lot of effort and expense to try and convert someone who doesn’t know they want to live at the sea…


Donald Trump once said if you have to “explain a lot” you are not talking to the correct person. The correct investor comes in “well informed already” the only thing you have to explain is “why i should go with you - not somebody else” - there are dozends of “seasteading aspirants” in the process of “touting media” already. TSI had the benefit of Friedmans fame and media contacts. - What is our focus argument that sets us “apart from the rest”.

We should have deep thoughts about that off record in the board room.…our answer as group should be solid.


We might just focus on a 1 page communication “what sets us apart from the rest” - being the rest - so what sets us REALLY apart ?

@markstephan, @elwartowski, @Bob, @matias, @admin, @octavian any comment? - if so in the board room please

/ Lens shell pictures overview / / Ramform floating home pictures / / c-shell floating home pictures / / Floating concrete building methods /


The search for preliminary business plan for Marinea is showing up on Google in front of 8.5 million other pages and has generated “60 interested readings” already after being visible for only 4 days…in some way we are talking to investors via internet already…