Model 43 mati c shell

lens shell, walkways, assembly,

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Profiting from the calm nature of the waters of Cartagena bay we enjoy absolute freedom of shape.

In the above images we see a residential arrangement of 10X10m platforms adapted to different purposes:

One basic sandwich house (first image) is a split level studio, or oft rather, of about 90 sq meters. with about 110m2 of outdoor space both in the upper deck and, lower, water level, wrap-around balcony.

On the second image we see in the forefront a house has leased water-surface around it to place a “yard” and an outdoor dining garden as well as a jetty for the boat, the tenders and all sort of toys. They are considering placing another guest house or maybe some rooms for the kids the “extension” platforms.

another concept

shell cluster

C-shell floating house design for protected bays

C-shell concept Light honeycomb shell floating houses | Wilfried-Ellmer-Group™ | Floating Home • Caribbean • USD 98K Budget |

The tower center on a floating platform Paul was talking about…

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