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Wilfried Ellmer

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Colombia is the C in CIVETS nations, fast growing, emerging economies, with potential to explosive growth, in the next years, called, Latin Americas Emerging Tiger Nation, Colombia is a “must look at” spot on the global investors “next to do list” …

We help international companies to get a foothold and grow fast in Colombia Latin America, Wilfried Ellmer

Euroean business Colombia


What we offer to you is the conquest of the Latin American market by taking advantage of our business network, built up in 20 years of Latin America business activity.

If you are ready to expand your business to South America start here:

  • Assign a Project Budget of only € 5000.
  • Open a Boardroom for a Fluent Communication.
  • Give Us your Existing Folders and Materials in English, German, or Spanish as Base Information to Start our Work.

In this first round to get to know each other we take your “Testbudget” and achieve an extraordinary success in Latin America for your company and your products.

All what follows down the road we will coordinate with you depending on your needs and goals as soon as you are “surprised and convinced” by our initial work.

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