Massive open ocean aquaculture projects human survival

Demographic developments suggest that without developing MASSIVE aquaculture projects only 1 of 4 families will have food on the table in the next 30 years…

This is a business that could work as “family business out on the ocean”.
Why global sustainability requires rocket fast open aquaculture progress:
Taming the blue frontier…

I have an open ocean aquaculture project ready for immediate start up in the Caribbean which started like this ,14 years ago the Tuna longline industry hit an all time low with the imposed US regulations for size limits and by- catch sanctions ,so owners and captains had to look elsewhere to diserfy their business due to committed bank loans ,mortgages and family responsibilities . They first started coming to the Caribbean and experimenting with dead baits such as mackerel and squid which had showed productivity for so many years . A few captains tried live Jacks ( seller crumenpthalmus ) with great success , which eventually led to every tuna Longliner installing high volume salter water pumps on their boats to keep their jacks alive . Right now the bait is received 4 days away ,which causes a loss in food,fuel and crew and not 100% likely to receive the bait ,each boat pays 5,000usd per boat which works to approx 1.00usd which catches a tuna of 80 to 180 lbs dressed and sells at 14 usd per lb . Where they get their bait the ppl who operate this does not have a long term plan for such a booming market . The difference with us is that we will be 8!nautical miles offshore in live aboards and we have biologists creating our fingerlings for the future of the business ,we opened Master Baiter Co. Ltd. Which created Twin Blue Open Ocean Aquaculture where we intend to cultivate and harvest for commercial sale not only jacks but,Mahi Mahi,grouper,snapper,sturgeon,Cobia,King and Spanish Makerel ,yellowfin tuna ,and an array of Finnish species ,we intend to release via media a percentage of grown out stocks into the ocean for the future of the program,we inten to form the rebuild the coral reef program ,we intend to start inviting local schools to visit for a day with teachers and parents for fishing from one of our pens . When the kids arrive they will be given a fish meal followed by a seminar on saving the oceans then followed by fishing then lunch before they depart .,we aim to include education in every school through the connection of child parent teacher catching a fish ,we also intend to promote all world organizations and universities saving the oceans to be come to our island for marine conservation conference and ecotourism ,feeding local schools for the under privilege and the poor is one of our intended goals ,this is a great project that has inspired anyone that looks at the data ,so I am in New York Seeking the right People who are in the Marine Sustainability for investing ,we are looking to raise 3 million usd for start we have orders in excess of 3,00,000 every month and growing we can pay the investor off in one year and give a 10 percentage ownership for life ,every two years we will purchase one tuna Longliner to eventually have our own fleet as an added bonus .


@richardrambharose, welcome to the network - this was a content rich post… i try to wrap my head around who you are and what your project is about - but i am fascinated already…can you give a couple of links to read up ?

@richardrambharose Richard, when we last talked you where in the middle of something - so the conversation did not lift off.

I hope all is good on your end - would you be open to explore projects now ?

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The big five business fields of ocean colonization: | oceanic transport | oceanic energy | oceanic real estate | deep sea mining | oceanic aquaculture |

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