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@matias, wonderful MARINEA is comming to life !

Indeed it is!










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solent fort

Wil, this is just general feed back, I don’t understand why you are posting pictures of something that we are not building. With the fact that Mary needs a month to make the video and webpage for the investor side, I am waiting for usable pictures of what we are building.

Possibly you had something in mind for this pic but without some description under the pic I am being lost as to why these pics are showing up.

Every week we lose getting the pics to Mary for the website, is a week delay in getting the web open for business. Naturally I am concerned for our time table, I am hoping to see some lens pics and marina pics with the lens in place.

It is kind of disappointing and frustrating when I see something has been finally posted to the lens folder and it turns out to be another picture of something alien that has no relationship to our project. Like I said, this is just feed back, post anything you like but we are being delayed.

this is a collection of lens shell pictures not limited to what we are building - it is about explaining things to third party with a picture…what a floating lens shell is about.

The round shape is ideal because it is aerodynamic and structurally superior to resist forces upon it. Round shapes are almost always stronger so less materials and lower cost.

Curves are typically more expensive but with spray concrete and airforms they can be much cheaper than flat forms.

Curved forms also have “sex appeal” because they are unusual. They are unusual because the cheapest form of construction is usually off the shelf flat plates and straight connectors.

Maybe we should be making small, fancy independent floating islands somewhere near the market (caribbean island nations), selling those to millionaires to make money, and using that money to build the cheaper units that can be purchased and assembled into the loating city wherever that ends up being.

@Bob Yes, but you gotta admit that fort turned private home or hotel looks a lot better than the Spratly Paracel islands I shared with you… :wink:

Hi @Aquaponic_Dave aponic_Dave, nice to meet you. I only know you built and understand the superior strength of sttuctures with no weak links (in relation to other links), that you understand how uniform distribution of load achieves a uniformly strong structure. Looking forward to working with you.
Yes curved is sexy which is why this is probably the least admirable yacht design I’ve encountered:

@admin Wil, No man’s land Fort reminds me of Fort Boyard near Fouras / La Rochelle. I had the privilege of kayakig around it, and knowledgeable folks in that province tell me it’s tragically famous for being completed after it’s military use went obsolete (because of longer range artillery). During its construction, first suggested by the King in the 18th c., it was said it was even more difficult to build than the Pyramids. (low) Tides played a vital role in its Herculean construction, it would have been much easier if they could have just float the thing instead of making it of solid stone, but it was the 1800s.

In the 1980s the film The Adventurers portrayed it as a possible hotel, As of now I believe it’s the site of a rather exciting reality TV show but sadly no hotel.
The 1800s in that same part of the world is where and when the floating breakwater that inspired Bucky Fuller was first conceived,

@matias, i see why you consider For Boyard relevant - it is something very close to a ocean sphere with a inner honeycomb structure division and an oculum… obviously dragging heavy construction materials trough wave beaten shallow water is a horrible task - the Rion-Antirion pylon solves building technolgy so much better…

The submerged breakwater is a great design - not built to take the brute force of the wave and stop it in a point - just big enough to make the wave topple over and dissipate its force by friction of liquid particles in a turbulent process…it works just like a natural coral reef - it needs not even be visible on the surface and mess up the view…

I proposed back in April to create a sort of atoll. “reefstead” does not mean Octavian’s monopoly over submerged ledges, in fact Kleindienst’s Seahorse incorporated that design before or prhaps atr the same time?

prow-ramform shaped semi submerged platforms which allow for a healthily oxygenated artificial shallow. The water temperature difference might even induce some upwelling.
ignore the villas if you want, or replace it in your mind with solid bubbles, the point is a breakwater that doubles as underwater garden. Atolls, shallow water, sell, look at Maldives and Tahiti.

these are different kinds of artificial beaches (wave diffusers) protecting Delta Sync’s precious and very fragile lego city:

I am sure any of those designs will be part of a floating city.


seagull view:

(shaded) rooftop view

@matias, excellent, wonderful, inspiring…

Thank you. This is a “street” level view of the central plaza/yard. Shaded and sheltered at will it offers outdoor respite from the elements and al fresco dining.

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double post - palce holder