Floating island Habakkuk ice island

In 1942 eccentric genius Geoffrey Pyke and Lord Mountbatten of Great Britain proposed what became known as Project Habakkuk: a plan to construct an immense floating island to transport fighters, long-range bombers, and artillery for use against Axis forces. No mere raft, the Habakkuk would have been 2,000 feet long and 300 feet wide, with nearly 20 times the displacement of the modern aircraft carrier Nimitz. Design specs called for the megavessel to be built of pykrete, a mixture of 14 percent wood pulp or sawdust and 86 percent ice, making it theoretically unsinkable due to its size and inherent buoyancy. Crazy as it sounds, the scheme might have worked - pykrete is cheap and strong and melts slowly. Pyke and Mountbatten got permission to build a 1,000-ton prototype chilled by an on-board one-horsepower motor and successfully floated it on Patricia Lake, Alberta. By then, however, the Allies were doing well enough with conventional weapons that the project went no further.

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