Exponential Growth of a Ramform Lens Cluster Floating City

I understand this design is still not perfect (the buildings should be lower, three stories and a sundeck not five), perhaps as such (but with a dome/lens)

As the floating city grows one side could specialize in heavy industrial and logistical activities while the other can focus on residential, light commercial and leisure.

My understanding Mati, is that ramform will be the model of the future as we move into deep water. I thought the long one to be more stable as the wider wings would have a larger resistance to deal with. Bowed as you have design it swept back wings to encompass a larger area just made sense. I intended to discuss the future of our project showing the ramform. The lens is experimental. It satisfies the emotional safety to those afraid of sinking. The lens can’t sink. But that is not the future. Recall, I also suggested the ramforms be lined up as train cars instead of side by side? This will allow the separate ramforms to be bridged and act as one larger unit.

Liked also the added apartments/office space on the walls. Even though the big ramforms are for a future expansion of the pilot, it is helpful to sell the project by showing and talking about our expected growth. As we develop our full plan, the public interest will continue to grow. Once the web pages (including the video) are finished, the real fun will begin. Radio interviews, press releases, forums, blogs and articles. We will drive the attention of the media to us and then invite them to do any story that interest them as a part of our project.

If you want to see how effective we are, watch the value of bitcoin when we announce that our currency will be in bitcoin. (Hint; buy what you can of it before we announce that.) However, it’s this added interest in our program that will build the deep-sea ramform. Your continued work is very much appreciated.

I don’t know who to ask for pics anymore but at some point I would like to have a scene of a floating gas station, fueling a boat and taking on drinking water. Now that is a normal occurrence at any marina with those services so there is undoubtedly already still shots for sale on the internet somewhere. So if someone sees one, please let me know, and if someone wants to make one as part of the Marina pics, that’s good also. Thanks.

Yes that is indeed a normal occurance in a marina and can be easily achieved by collecting relevant photographs and putting them in context of a clear point being conveyed.

With photoshop it can be combined with the image of a dome or lens in the background. That service we discussed some three weeks ago in one of our recorded meetings coming to the conclusion that we could either or have Ben do it, only he doesn’t work with jpgs or pngs.or buy those services from two outside contractors for 0.19 BTC

The lens itself cannot harbor a marina, only some gregarious real estate.
The shape of a lens with breakwaters to shelter the marina you mention was decided on August 6th

One suggestion for the pics in general, it’s sunny down there, dark skies are rainy. Can we have sun shine and blue skies? And Mati, that floating beach idea, that is genius. Right in front of the lens with beach chairs giving more surface connecting the two wings. Small shuttle boats on either side of the beach. When ever you and Wil start on the actual construction designs, I hope you will add that floating beach.

Yes we can have sunnier skies, and we can add some vehicles, some billboards on the buildings, etc
As I was saying in the email, these are “mock ups” that I do in 5 minutes each out of many clay models thought out over months.
When we select final pics to be used for commercial purposes those can be in fact tailored exactly to a marketing plan, with only some outside specialist help: very inexpensive photoediting for the pull outs - while the video would be entirely tailored to what we decide.

Once a selection of 6 views and a simply path for the video walkthrough is chosen, I can render the 6 images at high resolution with the skies and add ons of everybody’s chosing, and then have someone photo shop some other elements that already exist in reality such as people and marina activity.

(water can be turquoise instead of black, accidental effect of making the sky blue instead of textured)
see the future:

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Yes, this is more to the point that I hoped the real project would look like. Fuller of course but… this is my vision

There are 70 sailboats and a total of some 100 vessels in that picture. A lens alone cannot sustain that traffic even if it was within a natural harbor.
But I know what you mean, fill the empty spaces in the image (not the marina) with pictures that convey a specific marketing message. This is where photoediting comes in:

It might turn out to be 95% of the visual work. Many developments are showcased using only stock video of the lifestyle they try to present.

Mati, the morning jpg is perfect, better if you can add a beach in front of the lens… But I vote that this one be used for the full dressing. I didn’t see it before posting my last comments. This one talks to me so I think it will reach others as well.

Absolutely! Maybe a green slope cascading in those two corners on the side of the lens onto a beach, and a “main” jetty extending from the lens acting as a welcome pad. I’ll render those in the morning. You guys could make a simple txt entry (a post) with different scripts ideas to brainstorm for some minutes and vote as we just did with the logo which we now have :slight_smile: !

Wil, give me a rough estimate of what this will cost to build. I feel that this is something any investor would want to be part of. “Clear skies” better than morning.

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Marinea Floating Real Estate

It depends on the estimate of real estate floorspace squaremeters you estimate seeing on the picture. I can definitly build each squaremeter no matter if it is lens, dock, housing, at an average cost of USD 100 per squaremeter in light shell construction (no outfit included) the value of those squaremeter on the existing real estate market is about 102 times the cost.

From a investor perspective this means a dollar input in the marine share program converts to 102 dollar return on investment.

And this is not even talking of any of the secondary business like shop rent and marina business - it is just build and sell the real estate in itself - not engaging in any other business…

continued here

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I like the ramform because of it’s capability of being taken out to open water if we start to be harassed by a government.

indeed @freedomengineer All of the concepts and pilots presented at Nautilus are meant for the open waters, therefore solving the bottleneck of ocean colonization, except for the C Shells which can float in the shellter of a Ramform.

The beauty of Ramform Island is that it allows open ocean and open sky at the same time without the need to complete a large plate shape, but a progressive wedge into the fredom of the seas.

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@freedomengineer | @matias | Troi great to see that you found the Marinea site - this gives you a good picture what kind of talks come up in such a project…

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