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Hi all,
Just introducing myself here. I’m also on seasteading forum as CSeastead.

I have general interest in ocean business and development. I’m also blogging a little about seasteading.

Look forward to chatting with you all.


@Cal - Hello Cal, great to have you here, what are the topics of your interest ?

Wilfried Ellmer

Hi @Cal Nice to see you here.
@admin As I understand it Cal is interested in business and progress oriented seasteads near large urban centers. many key elements in common. I suggested #marinea:mar-intro

@matias I post there just now. Thanks for tip.

@admin I have general interest in seasteading mostly from a business angle. I’m also blogging a little about the topic.

@Cal , are you willing to to some kind of project ( phase 1 ). - What sets our group ( oceanic business alliance ) apart from other parts of the movement is that we believe “political discussion” is basicly “good for nothing” . Ocean colonization will follow the VENICE model. So be driven by business and investment - not by “amazing salon talk” … The main axis of development will be the subdue to nobody lifestyle… let us hear your thouhgts…

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What do you mean by project? I’m trying to blog and make media on business seasteading and opportunities. It’s a slow go at the moment. I could possibly make some write ups.

I’d love to build something but I don’t have the opposite at the moment.

Are there any projects in California going on?

Everything what is about doing something … ( oposite to TSI talking for 7 years - not floating out a single square meter )

would you like to join a group that is building something ?

  • would you be willing to compromize ? - and if yes - to what point ?

I’d be interested in joining a group building or testing something in California. Other then media I’m not too useful though. I try to write about actual projects.

I’m probably not too good of a fit to this forum. I’ll keep to TSI forum. May I stay to read?

@Cal - this is a network where everybody fits in somehow - [quote=“Cal, post:8, topic:8313”]
May I stay to read

sure no problem… when you see something that interests you just opt in…:point_up:

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I know this forum is into doing things. Is there anything blogging wise I can do. I’m trying to post about it to people who don’t know about the topic.

@Cal - i see your activity on twitter and seasteading - and i am very happy that you are member of our network - ocean colonization is also a “communication effort” we need to communicate what we do, what we plan to do - and you definitly can play an important role on that. - To start with i will put your account to member status. - Is that OK with you ?

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well of course. i m said to be a good visual communicator but when i write i rant. Wil is either oo brief or encyclopedic (check out
I think we are in need of a concize rational communicator. that s why i invited you.

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@matias@Cal • matias that sounds like a great thoughtline to me… we have 7,5 Billion individuals to communicate with - and our communication needs to be streamlined to bring the “right people” to our projects…


i believe we suffered some communication hiccups during 2015 with Marinea and though Im not familiar enough I ve heard Cal s podcasts and blogposts and already think of him as more in the same page as us than even Joe “Quirk”

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Let me know of topics you’d like written about. I try to write in a way someone who’s never heard of seasteading could read it. Twitter is awesome cause it could reach new people.
@matias images do great with the hashtag architecture

Here’s my latest

I want to do podcasts so a few can be on seasteading.

I’m working on a few other topics so I hope I can introduce seasteading to new people.

I’m working on this media/ blog thing. its a slow climb up but by metrics I see I’m growing.

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@Cal@matias | if you ask me for a “general focus” this is what i prefer:

topics i am interested in

solving the bottleneck
building methods
• All questions investors have when funding a project
• all communication needs either to clear a tech issue, straighten out a perception error, or lure investors to projects, the rest is “nonsense talk and time waste”…

topics i am NOT interested

• politics in all its forms (my politics is get rid of politics in all its forms - this is what diferentiates me most from the TSI universe which thinks politics should be in the center stage
• talks with school kids and the kind of questions they have… (why does concrete not sink…is it brittle…)
• talks with anybody who is not really interested in get a project started (but interested primaryly in “talking about” and worse “merley phantasising and arguing about” utopic futures and political systems…that are not on the table (in phase 1-3) anyhow.

I am also antipathic to all violence, weapon and defense talk in context with floating platforms - i don’t see why this should be different to a shopping center where a nice uniformed private watchman does the job perfectly.

What sums up to that 90% of what is actually talked on the TSI forums is pure nonsense im my opinion.
So far from repeating that we should diferentiate.
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Lol, @Cal as you can see @admin can be very humorous and objective at the same time.

this ambassadorial post encapsulates most of what differentiates the Institute from the Ocean Colonization movement.

when I show ‘viable candidates’ some designs I get these two preconceptions:

  • too expensive
  • underwater means super complicated

we could begin with the expensive misconception.
@admin without getting too specific, can we continue using the ballpark pricepoints described in Building Methods and Picture Ramform Context? Picture ramform context

@admin this is the reason I invited him

@Cal those’d be the numbers for the ‘bare structure’ akin to a lot of beachfront undeveloped land.

@matias[quote=“matias, post:17, topic:8313”]
ballpark pricepoints described in Building Methods

Sure those pricepoints emerged as result of real world pilot projects (ref) they are the closest thing to a "realistic approach to oceanic real estate cost " we have… and the data looks “extremly promising”.


I really apreciate the twitter support your give me…

Thanks !

Kindest Regards

Wilfried Ellmer

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Indeed @Cal !
More pics and interesting subjects ahead