Adapt the ORES sphere as habitat

Continuing the discussion from ORES concrete sphere energy storage solution:

The concrete sphere wind energy storage sistem ORES, is a nice application of large concrete spheres in the ocean, ocean colonization is another…

Concrete spheres of that size have a volume that can hold the equivalent of 70 city apartaments (80 squaremeter each) - for a underwater base…

A 30m diameter sphere would have 14.137 cubic meter space at a cost of 12 mio USD (according study below).

This place cost figures at 849 USD per cubic meter.

To speak in real estate terms - at a room height of 2,5m this would create 5654 real estate squarmeters. (70 city apartments 80 squaremeter each) divided on 12 floors.

The squaremeter floor space in this “underwater base” would cost about 2122 USD - that would be within US city center real estate prices.

Adapting one of that spheres for housing, place it near a established city center allowing the habitants to access the surface and the city with an elevtor looks cost feasible and doable from a concrete engineering point of view.

Cost of building oceanic real estate, building methods…

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